B Guarantee



Summit Motorsports Park is committed to providing entertainment for people of all ages in a comfortable environment, and to present the best show at the best price.

That is promised in the Bader family's "B Guarantee," in which Summit Motorsports Park president Bill Bader Jr. states:

"As owner and operator of Summit Motorsports Park, we, the Bader Family, together with our team, promise to present to you, our guest, the best show possible at the best value possible! Should we fail you in any way while you are at our park, help us improve your experience by resolving your issue on the spot. Just go to one of our two Guest Service stations (one on each side of the racetrack), and explain your situation. We will do all we can to help."

Guests can also reach out to Bader Jr. at wab@SummitMotorsportsPark.com or 419-668-5555.