The foundation of Summit Motorsports Park is: Provide family oriented motorsports entertainment at an affordable price!  While we all strive to follow this premise, over time, certain traditions became special favorites for us…

Kelly Services Inc Night Under Fire
Kelly Services Inc Night Under Fire is the signature event of Summit Motorsports Park. It is the largest, single day drag race in the world and the longest! Our guests not only come from all over Ohio, but the remainder of the United States and Canada. Sometimes we even entertain guests from across the ocean! Night Under Fire is a sight, sound, and feel, extravaganza! People are mesmerized by the flames and fireworks, the ear crushing sound of the jet powered cars and the nitro belching Funny Cars. Some are literally moved out of their seat by the pulse of the cars going down the track! Night Under Fire has a look and feel all its own. Kelly Services Inc Night Under Fire  is the exclamation point on the Summit Motorsports Park Experience! 

Halloween Classic
In 44 years, our Halloween Classic presented by Harland Sharp has become the largest sportsman drag race in the World. The Classic welcomes over 1,500 race cars each year in a eight-day marathon. The first race is on Sunday - opening day!  The week progresses with time trials daily, and various bonus or gamblers races late in the afternoon. It really is for the most part non-stop action. As we move into the weekend, it all culminates in a forty eight hour marathon of drag racing which stops only for Saturday Evening and Trick Flow's Fright Night's “Witching Hour”. At that point, everywhere throughout the park, all vehicular movement is halted so kids can go trick or treating from trailer to trailer! Can you imagine collecting candy from 1000+ cars/race trailers?!? Actually, we've never seen anyone make it to every single trailer but the trailers are ready for it! The witching hour is highlighted by an infamous Wheelie Contest, where it is highly likely that someone will 'wheelie' all the way over onto their roof! Whether you come for the racing, the food, or the fellowship of 1500 closely knit race teams, the Halloween Classic presented by Harland Sharp is a must attend for racers all across the United States and Canada. 

Blue Suede Cruise
Celebrating it's 16th anniversary in 2017, the AkzoNobel Blue Suede Cruise has in a very short time, landed on the calendars of thousands of Hot Rod enthusiasts all across this Country. Our immaculate grounds transform into a 50’s style sock hop. The Blue Suede Cruise brings together a long list of nostalgic drag racing cars and celebrities, while playing host to some of the hottest '60's era' drag racing! The biggest thrill for car show participants is the exclusive chance to run on the famous Summit Motorsports Park Quarter Mile. 

Delbert Dragon
A thousand years ago, before Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue and settlers trekked across the nation in search of beaver skins, mountain ranges, and more room; there was a dragon who settled on the future site of Summit Motorsports Park. Despite Bill Bader’s initial attempt to rid the property of the reptile, Bill finally relented and allowed the dragon to call the racetrack 'home'. His name is Delbert, and he surfaces from his underground cave at specific times during the season to welcome his favorite people, the children.

The Sunshine FlagSunshine Flag has flown every since 1993!
Sewn by Patricia Varner in 1993, the Sunshine Flag flies high above Summit each year during the Quick Fuel Technology Halloween Classic. The Sunshine Flag was a gift from Pat Varner after enduring a particularly bad snowstorm during Classic XX. Bill Sr. asked everyone to come back the next week and during the interim days, Pat sewed the flag for Norwalk. “We got back to Norwalk,” Patricia said in December of 2005, "And I said to Bill, 'Here - maybe this will get us through the week'. And it did!” The Sunshine Flag flies at the Classic as a constant reminder that for the sun to shine, maybe we all just need to believe.

Our Team
Beneath each name on every team member's name tag, is the number of years they have worked at our park. We are very fortunate to have a strong retention program that keeps our team members coming back to our park every April. Some folks have been with us for over thirty years! Take a bow! YOU are part of what contributes to team members wanting to return year after year. Your friendliness and consideration makes a difference! So THANK YOU!

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