Snake and Mongoose Movie

Snake & Mongoose depicts the fierce rivalry between two competitive young men who revolutionized America’s fastest sport and competed with bravery, talent, and innovative engineering and through the years became the greatest of rivals and the best of friends. The independent film reveals their personal story as well Snake & Mongoose, the Movie, playing in select their groundbreaking accomplishments as they revolutionized entertainment sports marketing by enticing Mattel’s Hot Wheels division to sponsor them. Set in the heyday of the drag racing duo, Snake & Mongoose brings to life the colorful characters and legendary races that defined those exciting times.

Snake & Mongoose is directed by Wayne Holloway and features Jesse Williams, Blake, Hinshaw, Kim Shaw, Maxwell Perry Cotton, Fred Dryer, John Heard, Julie Mond, Leonardo Nam, Ian Ziering, Tim Blake Nelson, and Noah Wyle. The film was produced in association with Rhino Films and the NHRA. For more information, log on to

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