Fog rolls over Fun Night.

A double diesel burnout purge added gusto.

NORWALK, Ohio – Oh, say. Can you see the scoreboard?


But the final round of Truck and Van lumbered down the track to its almost 18-second conclusion anyway at  $7 Fun Night on Wednesday, August 28, 2013 at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio.

Seth Hurst, Norwalk, hauled home the prize in a black 1998 Blazer after Len Searl, also from Norwalk, broke out in a red 1994 S10.

In Mod Stock, Andrew Taylor, Norwalk, lingered a little too long before engaging the second amber light on the tree in his red 1989 Firebird, and timed out, flipping the win light to Allen Lohr, Bucyrus, Ohio, in a 1969 Mustang.

Then Motorcycle wafted a wild one down the lanes. Eric Foght, Sulphur Springs, Ohio, popped a respectable 0.030-second tree, and missed the dial in the lanes by 0.470 second. Taylor Pennington, Bucyrus, Ohio, napped at the tree for 0.339 second, but handled the lanes to within 0.118 second of the dial.

Taylor Pennington won the package by 0.043 second!

A double breakout battle in Super Stock ratcheted the win to Rob Foss, Lucas, Ohio, in a 1984 S10, over Sierra Floyd, Wakeman, Ohio, in a 1984 Camaro.

Tooling to his third final round in three weeks in a 1998 Camaro, Spencer “The Instigator” Lacy, Norwalk, broke out by 0.009 second and flipped the win light to Hunter Swanger, Crestline, Ohio, on a 1989 Yamaha.

In Stock, Bill Taylor, Wellington, Ohio, launched a 1997 Grand Am in 0.060 second compared with 0.019 second for Robert Graber, Plymouth, Ohio, in a 1995 Integra.

But Bill Taylor made up for it in the lanes, crossing the stripe in 0.028 second over dial for the win, compared with 0.101 second over dial for Robert Graber.

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