NMCA closes out a thriller weekend!

NORWALK, Ohio – Unpredictable, furious heads up racing laid the power to the pavement at the J.E. Pistons NMCA Muscle Car Nationals August 23-25, 2013 at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio.

Stunning scoreboards and smashed world records fired up excitement from class to class as the National Muscle Car Association treated Norwalk to its specialties: Muscle car rumble and speed.

In Atkins and Kooks Custom Headers Pro Street, racing drama lingered in the air all weekend.

You know, the stuff of world records.

On Friday evening the atmosphere settled into near-perfect racing conditions. While Clint “The Milkman” Hairston, Tulare, Calif., shot his orange 2009 GTO down the track for a world record 6.016 seconds at 245 mph, and Jeff Lutz, Callery, Pa., answered with a world record of his own at 5.930 seconds at 252 mph, Steve Summers, Utica, hit a red light which discounted the attempt in his white Z28 Camaro.

On Saturday, Steve Summers cruised into the third qualifying position with a run of 6.025 seconds at 245 mph., and Jeff Lutz added .09 to his speed to claim the speed record at 252.14 mph along with the elapsed time.

Meanwhile, Billy Glidden, Whiteland, Ind., changed a motor between rounds and towed the black Mickey Thompson car into the staging lanes as his pair took the nod for the third qualifying round.

Billy Glidden proved the hot rod could scoot – hitting 190 mph by the 1/8th mile – then shut it off, eyeing eliminations from the fourth qualifying spot.

Then Championship Sunday dawned warm and heated up quickly.

Billy Glidden bowed out in round one on a red light. Steve Summers broke the speed record on a first 6.010-second pass of the day at 253.56 mph.  Jeff Lutz answered with a 6.017-second pass at 250 mph. And Clint Hairston logged back-to-back 14-second passes in the first two rounds.

Can't you imagine Steve Summers talking to his hot rod: “C'mon, baby. Just give me a little bit more. You've got it in you. I just need a little bit more.”

In round two, Jeff Lutz pulled down 6.035 seconds at 251 mph; Steve Summers followed with 6.030 at 253.66 mph, jacking his record a little higher.

In the semi finals, Steve Summers took it easy on a bye run, while all eyes focus on Jeff Lutz and Clint Hairston, the first and second qualifiers, taking the tree.

They're ready!

Clint Hairston launched ahead 0.006 to 0.008. At the top end, Jeff Lutz kicked in the speed and crossed the stripe at 5.996 seconds at 251 mph, with Clint Hairston over the line at 6.118 seconds and 246 mph. Jeff Lutz collected another win light.

In the final round, Jeff Lutz, the dominator in the class from the first round of qualifying, lined up to finish the job.

They launched. They muscled the Camaros to a nose-to-nose finish. Jeff Lutz logged a 6.009-second elapsed time to Steve Summers's 6.022 seconds. The win light flashed to Steve Summers. With reaction times, both men raced to packages of 6.072 seconds. But Jeff Lutz hit 250 mph, while Steve Summers set another world record speed at 254.23 mph for the win.


Championship Sunday of the 7th Annual J.E. Pistons NMCA Muscle Car Nationals on August 25, 2013 at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio, revved up to exciting final rounds in other classes, too.

For example, Mickey Thompson Super Street 10.5 powered down elapsed times to the mid-sixes on 10.5-inch tires. These cars handle like beasts.

Mark Micke, Jefferson City, Mo., won the event in a blue Malibu on a run that included a reaction time of 0.083 second, a 6.496-second elapsed time and 229 mph against Willard Kinzer, Allen, Kent., in a black and purple 1998 Mustang at 0.055 second, 6.590 seconds, and 229 mph.

In ARP Nostalgia Pro Street, the hot rods sear the track with seven-second elapsed times.

The final round matched Joe Bucaro, in a sonic blue “Blue Monster2004 Mustang, with Skip Baskin, Covington, Tenn., in a 2010 Camaro with a whopping Chevy 638 engine.

Skip Baskin won the heads up charge down the lanes with an elapsed time of 7.277 seconds compared with 7.291 seconds for Joe Bucaro. But reaction time matters. Joe Bucaro bagged a holeshot win on a 0.006-second launch with Skip Baskin following in 0.039 second.

Give it up for Dwayne Barbaree and Phil Hines in Stainless Works Street Outlaw!

The final round fighters clocked identical elapsed times at 7.256 seconds. Dwayne Barbaree, El Dorado, Ark., mashed his black 1990 Mustang to 196 mph with Phil Hines, Lebanon, Ohio, putting the muscle to his copper 2001 Mustang for 192 mph.

The tree decided the win. Dwayne Barbaree launched in 0.012 second, compared with 0.035 second for Phil Hines.

In Aeromotive Xtreme Street, Bob Curran, Bartlett, Ill., in a bold blue and white 1996 Corvette, and Phil Smith, Granger, Ind., in a 2002 Trans Am, fought hard for every piece of pavement.

Their total packages differed by 0.026 second, with Bob Curran on top for the win with an elapsed time of 7.863 seconds at 177 mph, compared with Phil Smith at 7.919 seconds and 174 mph.

In Comp Cams NA 10.5 two 1992 Mustangs met for battle in the final round. Charlie Booze Jr., Marion, Pa., sizzled the track at 8.090 seconds and 167 mph for the victory over Don Bowles, Madisonville, Kent., who logged 8.139 seconds, also at 167 mph.

The final round of ACT Mean Street came down to number 1 qualifier Don Baskin, Covington, Tenn., in a red and black 1979 Mustang versus number 2 qualifier Brian Campbell, Loveland, Ohio, in a black 1998 Mustang.

Brian Campbell hit the stripe first, in 9.801 seconds compared with 10.043 seconds for Don Baskin, so Brian Campbell won.

In Lakewood EFI Rumble, Al Corda, Elk Mound, Wisc., left little room for negotiation when he landed his 2002 Corvette on his 10.50 dial with a two, claiming the win over Ronnie Hackleton, Hazen, Ark., in a 2010 Camaro.

Hawk Open Comp attracted a crowd! In the final round, Jeff “Rudy” Rudolph, Brownsburg, Ind., met his 10.53 dial with a five in a 1970 Nova. Meanwhile, Jon M. Pickering, Troy, Ohio, in a 1988 Mustang, crossed the stripe at 0.006 under his dial, tossing the win to Jeff Rudolph.

The NMCA Muscle Car Nationals also staged fun nostalgia races in their smokey haze, wheels up finest. Yeah, guys, we know you're serious racers. But it's fun to watch.

In TTI Exhaust Nostalgia Super Stock, Michael Sanders, Brook, Ind., in a 1968 Barracuda, kindly accepted a red-light final round gift from Don Solomon, Flushing, Mich., mashing a 1963 wagon.

Eaton Nostalgia Muscle Car lined up a 1963 Falcon driven by Cindee Hall, Deland, Fla., against a 1986 Mustang of Bryan Parker, Centerburg, Ohio.

Bryan Parker snatched the win, bringing the Mustang to the stripe within 0.017 second of his 12.00-second dial, compared with 0.070 second for Cindee Hall.

In Diablosport Hemi Rumble, the three 2005 Magnums that started the race, finished it.

In the semi finals, Jon Dalton, Ashtabula, Ohio, accepted a win in his Magnum RT with a Dodge 345 engine when Guy Dalton, Painesville, Ohio, broke out in a Magnum with a Hemi 366.

Stellino Savarino, White Plains, N.Y., entered the final round off a bye run in his Magnum with a Dodge 345 motor. Jon Dalton launched first on a 14.75 dial, then Stellino Savarino popped a red light by -0.001 second, handing the win to Jon Dalton.

In the Fastest Hemi Challenge, Jimmy Koutsoubis jumped off the start early for a red light in his 2007 Jeep SRT8, so Daniel VanHorn, Wantagh, N.Y., took a long light in his 2006 Charger, and accepted the win.

The Accel Sportsman bracket race concluded with a red light final round, also.

Doug Richards, Lorain, Ohio, left first in a 1986 Oldsmobile Cutlass on a 15.24 dial and cut a 0.008-second light. But with a 12.49 dial, Larry Strohscher, Curtice, Ohio, tripped the light red by -0.002 second in his 1966 Chevelle, gifting Doug Richards with victory.

In the Mr. Gasket Pro bracket race, Brian Hurst, Milan, Ohio, set his 1970 Nova down on the finish line on his dial with a six. But Victor Ellinger, Cleveland, Ohio, charged hard from behind at 133 mph and broke out by 0.002 second, so Brian Hurst won.

In the Mallory Super Pro bracket race, Rod Peck, Troy, Ohio, nudged up to the tree in a 2004 Mustang against Ken Hebert, Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada, in a 1995 dragster.

Can we talk? The Mustang's dial was 8.46 seconds, compared with an 8.61-second dial for the dragster. That's no slow pony.

Rod Peck landed the Mustang on his dial with a seven. Nice. Ken Hebert answered: On with a six. Better. Rod Peck bagged the win on a holeshot with a 0.020-second reaction time, compared with 0.034 for Ken Hebert.

On Saturday in three classes a fine selection of Ford Cobra Jets from across the country proved they're built for churning billowy smokey burnouts and roaring down a dragstrip.

In Cobra Jet Super Stock, number 1 qualifier Ray Skillman, Indianapolis, Ind., stole the show on a solo run in the first round with an elapsed time of 7.981 seconds at 173 mph in his 2013 Cobra Jet sporting a Ford 302 engine.

But the heads up final round tossed the win light to P.B. Candies, Des Allemands, La., in a 2010 Cobra Jet with a Ford 331 motor.

The roaring launch sent P.B. Candies and Ray Skillman down the track to log more than 170 mph., with P.B. Candies crossing the stripe in eight seconds flat, followed by Ray Skillman at 8.046 seconds.

In Cobra Jet CIC, Ron Matcham, Grafton, Ohio, won by almost a second in a 2012 Cobra Jet, with a launch in 0.009 second, a dial of 9.85 seconds and an elapsed time of 8.780 seconds at 153 mph. Meanwhile John Calvert, Lancaster, Calif., assembled this run: 0.013, 10.65, 9.687, and 136 mph.

In Cobra Jet Top Stock, Michael Harris, Telford, Pa., snatched a holeshot victory in a 2013 Cobra Jet showdown with Chris Holbrook, Livonia, Mich. Even though Chris Holbrook won the lanes by a margin of 8.740 to 8.756, Michael Harris launched in 0.011 second, compared with 0.068 for Chris Holbrook.

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