Wally time!

Wes Buckley claims 2013 NHRA King of the Track Wally. Each year, there's only one.

NORWALK, OhioWes Buckley savors King of the Track honors with his Wally. –  Wes Buckley nosed his flaming 1984 Camaro up to the tree against a royalty blue, long-and-lean speed beast driven by Stephen Miglets on Saturday, June 29, 2013 at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio.

The burning issues worthy of pitting a Mr. Gasket Pro door car against an eight-second Mallory Super Pro dragster included one 2013 NHRA King of the Track Wally, the bragging rights, and the fun of it.

The winners of four classes in the Mr. Gasket $53,100 Super Series -- Mallory Super Pro, Mr. Gasket Pro, Wiseco/Cycle Tech Super Bike, and Accel Sportsman delivered on time by TFC Transportation -- raced off for the title of National Hot Rod Association King of the Track presented by Summit Racing Equipment.

Wes Buckley, 36, Rossford, Ohio claimed the whole bundle on a holeshot over young upstart Stephen Miglets, Sheffield Lake, Ohio.

“It felt like it was going to be my day,”  Wes Buckley said. “The week was going pretty good, and I won two tough races early in the day.”

On the job, Wes Buckley drives truck for Carter Lumber, delivering merchandise to stores.

Blue Corvette moment.Mashing metal since 1996, Wes Buckley bagged his second Wally with this NHRA King of the Track, along with his 61st event win, including a Summit Motorsports Park track championship, three championships at another track, and a 2007 IHRA Bracket Finals.

For about four years Wes Buckley sizzled the track in the 1984 Camaro.

“I've won races in four or five different cars over the years,” Wes Buckley said. “We've taught (the '84 Camaro) how to win, too.

“We've done all kinds of things to it,” Wes Buckley said. “We took it apart and put it back together again. My dad does all the work on the car.”

Wes's father, Tim Buckley, pilots a seven-second dragster, “Fast Buck,” in Mallory Super Pro. If it weren't for Stephen Miglet's stopping Tim Buckley several rounds earlier on his march to the top of Mallory Super Pro, King of the Track could have been a Buckley-Buckley match up.

Perry Paugh and crew chief Wade Klun strategize a run against a dragster.That sounds like fun!

Two other Mr. Gasket $53,100 Super Series class winners competed in the NHRA King of the Track runoff: Perry Paugh, Oakwood Village, Ohio, winner of Wiseco/Cycle Tech Super Bike on a 2007 ZX14 Kawasaki Ninja, and Joe Childs, Bellville, Ohio, winner of Accel Sportsman Delivered on Time by TFC Transportation in a snazzy red Firebird.

Joe Childs, the reigning track champion in Accel Sportsman Delivered on Time by TFC Transportation, hit a red light in the semi-final round against Wes Buckley.

Perry Paugh met Stephen Miglets in the semis, and set up an 8.99-second dial on his Kawasaki compared with the dragster's 8.54-second dial. But Stephen Miglets edged out the motorcycle for the trip to the finals.

“The last event I won here in Super Bike was in 2003,” said Perry Paugh, 41. “It's been a long dry streak. I've been racing 22 years, since I was 19. It's my obsession. I don't know any other way to put it.

“I've been going to the race track since I was 12 with my uncle,” said Perry Paugh. “When I could afford it, I started on my own.

“I own 12 motorcycles and five drag bikes,” Perry Paugh said. “I don't have any kids. I never married.”

Perry Paugh's obsession tools the track with the help of sponsors such as Dougherty's Motorcycles, Majestic Turbo, Drabik Machine, “and my crew chief and racing help from Klun Family Racing,” Perry Paugh said.

A motorcycle mechanic for 20 years Mike Carroll waits for the next round.at Dougherty's, Perry Paugh lives his cycle obsession.

“I'm a kid in a candy store,” Perry Paugh said.

Considering the climate, race day seemed less than promising.

“It started off we thought we wasted money in fuel coming out here,” Perry Paugh said. “We didn't even think we would get first round in, let alone the race.”

Then the sun changed everything, and win lights brightened Perry Paugh's lane.

“A little skill, a little luck, anybody here can win on any given day.”

For RACE RESULTS from the NHRA King of the Track and Mr. Gasket $53,100 Super Series on June 29, 2013 at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio, click on: Go for it!

For regular Mr. Gasket $53,100 Super Series action in Mallory Super Pro, Stephen Miglets, Sheffield Lake, Ohio, mashed his dragster at the tree and sliced a little off the top to haul in the win over Mike Carroll, Olmsted Township, Ohio in a 1968 Camaro.

Wes Buckley dominated both ends of the track in Mr. Gasket Pro, leaving the tree with a 0.007-second edge over Steve Obertanec, Lodi, Ohio, and landing his 1984 Camaro on the finish-line stripe on his dial with a 0.002-second margin.

Steve Obertanec stages his speedy little Gremlin.Perry J. Paugh snapped a 10-year winless draught with the help of Rick McWaters, Bucyrus, Ohio, who tripped a red light by -0.001 seconds in Wiseco/Cycle Tech Super Bike.

In Accel Sportsman delivered on time by TFC Transportation, Joe Childs, Bellville, Ohio followed a win light down the track on a red light foul by James Ring, Sandusky, Ohio.

A double breakout sifted Bryan Yaeger, Lodi, Ohio to the win in a 1976 Oldsmobile Omega over Austin Poole, Mansfield, Ohio on a 1980 400 motorcycle in Lakewood Stock.

In Bear Motorsports Junior Dragsters presented by Wiseco, Scott Chitty, Uniontown, Ohio enjoyed a red light gift in the Advanced class from Taylor Young, Amherst, Ohio.

Stephen Crowell, LaGrange, Ohio, unwrapped a final-round red-light gift win from Sadie Anderson, Norwalk, Ohio, in Bear Motorsports Intermediate Junior Dragsters preseted by Wiseco.

Then there was the mini pirate. Bryan Buchrer, West Unity, Ohio won Bear Motorsports Novice Junior Dragster presented by Wiseco on a holeshot over Allyson Downs, Mansfield, Ohio.

With a class call for adult eliminations, Jim Laney, Port Clinton, Ohio, tooled his Steel Horse Mustang to the staging lanes with his grandson, Brennen Moyer, 5, riding shotgun.

“He loves it,” Jim Laney said. “He doesn't want to come out of there. Three more years he will get to try out a Junior Dragster.”

Jim Laney's grandson knows where he belongs.

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