High School Nationals update!

Supremacy on the line…Samantha.

NORWALK, Ohio – Bring out the students and teachers with the meanest, baddest street cars.

Let’s see what you’ve got at the 25th annual High School Nationals on Sunday, May 5, 2013 at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio.

In honor of fifty years of fun at Summit Motorsports Park, in 2013 the High School Nationals goes retro, all the way back to the original format!

Everyone runs street legal cars, trucks or bikes.

The overall winner hauls home a six-foot-tall trophy, with the Norwalk trophy landing at the winning school. Trophies reward team spirit, too.

Jostens sponsors annual favorites such as the Smokey Burnout Contest, the Car Cram, and the Ugliest Working Wreck.

Now, about that instructors’ race…don’t be afraid to settle down in the classroom, look your teacher in the eye and ask the age-old question: “Do you have a need for speed?”

YoCobra Jet.u will know you asked the right person when a slow smile spreads across the face.

“Yes. Yes I do,” they say.

Be bold while asking around campus. Leave no faculty out.

You never know what mild-mannered teacher has an inner heart – just like 325 mph Top Fuel dragster driver and teacher Brittany Force – that rages for rumble.

It would be just like a school librarian to stash a Cobra Jet or a Viper in a secret garage. After all, they do their research.

Asking the question might help you find these things. That is, of course, if your school wants to win the 2013 Golden Anniversary season High School Nationals. There’s only one.

Speaking of bold classroom conversation starters, offer current events about the High School Nationals from the Summit Motorsports Park Website and stir up a rowdy discussion.Upper Sandusky.

In health class debate the benefits of drag racing on a track with fair rules and E.T. slips, instead of endangering each other and the public by racing on the street.

In history class, share nostalgia photos and stories about the 50-year anniversary of Summit Motorsports Park.

You might interest a science teacher with a video featuring Kalitta Motorsports Top Fuel driver David Grubnik: How a Top Fuel Dragster Works.

Once you see the drag racing gleam in the eye, tell the teacher since they made students work hard all year, it’s time for them to come out and play at the Park. It’s for the greater good.

Have your artsy friends post an instructor drag racing challenge in the teachers’ lounge.

Slip a note to the class president to read during announcements.High Performance School.

Form a group or event page on Facebook.com.

Call out the whole school. Together, a trophy may be won.

School supremacy, settled.

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