Night Under Fire Fireworks Replaced With Tea Ceremony

Norwalk, Ohio April 1, 2013 -- In a surprise April 1st announcement, track officials at Summit Motorsports Park revealed that the traditional R&R Auto Body Night Under Fire fireworks display at the Auto Plus Night Under Fire will be replaced with a traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony.

The announcement was held jointly with Bill Bader, Jr., president of the famed track, and General Manager John Force, along with representatives of R&R Auto Body and Celestial Seasonings Tea.

John Force, general manager of Summit Motorsports Park
"Frankly, it was about time," said Bader. "It's our 50th anniversary year, and I got so tired of fireworks it was time to make a change. All I hear is 'bang, bang, bang'."

"I agree," echoed Force. "It's real tough making that last pass down the track at 300 mph and having those loud noises go off right in the middle of the run, it just ruins the concentration! Enough already!"

Bader continued to explain, "Our friends at R&R Auto Body..."

"Now, just a minute, Bader," Force jumped in. "I have more to say. I mean, who doesn't enjoy a bit of tea after a tough day of racing? It just makes sense! I love tea. Don't you, Bader?"

Bader continued, "Our friends at R&R..."

"Hold on Bader," said Force. "Wait a minute! You know, years ago, after a whole day of driving the old hot rod, we never had time to just stop and clear our minds. This Tea Ceremony is just the thing!"

Track officials revealed that following the last pass of the evening, instead of fireworks lighting the sky, all the lights will be turned on and fans will be invited down to the track to kneel and have green tea while practicing Zen meditation.

Bader concluded with, "My dream would be to have 35,000 people on the track at Summit Motorsports Park, enjoying a nice cup of green tea, quietly meditating."

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