Wes Buckley launched the power of a New Year’s resolution in 2012

NORWALK, Ohio -- Tradition led Wes Buckley to a major accomplishment in 2012.

Wes Buckley conquered a habit in 2012. What will become of 2013? Provided photoAnd Wes Buckley, 35, Rossford, Ohio, intends to find a focus for 2013 

New Year’s,” Wes Buckley said. “Usually I go hang out with friends at somebody’s house and party. I make a toast at midnight.”as his favorite holiday unfolds.

The annual toasting tradition draws on a creative side of Wes.

“I don’t know what it would be, but it will be something that strikes me at the time, I’m sure,” Wes Buckley said. “Last year it was to quit smoking, which I successfully did.”

The 15-year-entrenched habit kicked, Wes Buckley might need to dig for a follow in 2013.

While lavishing some Mr. Gasket Pro class preparation on his black-with-orange-flames 1984 Camaro, Wes Buckley eyes 2013 Mr. Gasket $50,000 Super Series competition at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio.

Wes Buckley launches his 1984 Camaro with sizzle! Provided photo

“When Norwalk isn’t racing, I go to other tracks in Ohio or Michigan,” Wes Buckley said. “I go racing every weekend no matter what, usually twice in a weekend.”

Wes Buckley’s smokey burnout trail rolled out early.

“My dad raced ever since I was a little kid,” Wes Buckley said. “So I grew up at th

About the age of 17, Wes launched a Dodge Ram in Accel Sportsman delivered on time by TFC Transportation in the Mr. Gasket $50,000 Super Series.e race track. I was 16 or 17 years old when they started with Juniors, so I kind of missed out on that.”

There’s a habit to text to your friends.

Perhaps 2013 unfolds as a year for major accomplishments on the dragstrip.

We at Summit Motorsports Park can’t wait to write the stories and tag you all in photos!

Race well; enjoy each round of the journey.Lining up for the thrill of going rounds! Provided photo

Happy New Year!

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