Evan's Recap of the Edelbrock Super Series Championship Saturday 2017

So here we are; our Edelbrock Super Series Championship Saturday, where in darn near every class, anywhere from 2-6 competitors have a shot to be crowned Champion at the end of the evening.

We start bright and early Saturday morning crowning three Champions across our Bear Motorsports Jr. Dragster, presented by Wiseco classes. Novice Jr. Dragster was a two-horse race between Roman Iocoangeli and Peyton Novak. Roman came in to the day protecting a three-round lead with three feature wins, while Peyton came in with 11 points and one feature win. Peyton needed a couple things to happen to accomplish his feat of winning a championship. First and foremost, he needed it to be a four round, which has only happened twice this year. Being three rounds behind Roman and not having the tie breaker of feature wins, he needed to win the four-round race, while at the same time needed a first-round exit for Roman. Fortunately, enough for Peyton Roman went out in the first round to Nick Peters, but unfortunately for Peyton however, we only had enough cars for a three-round race; and after being eliminated in the second round by Nick Peters, who also took out Roman in the first round, we could definitively call Roman Iocoangeli our Bear Motorsports Novice Jr. Dragster, presented by Wiseco Champion.

As we move now into Bear Motorsports Intermediate Jr. Dragster, presented by Wiseco we highlight those competitors with a shot at the championship. Coming in leading the day was Ava Tiburzi with 19 points and one feature win, while Jesse “Fire” Mitschke came in at number two with 15 points and two feature wins, Zachary Smith was in third with 14 points and two feature wins, and rounding out the top four was Ava Lawson with fourteen points and one feature win. All year our intermediate category has been a five-round race, and as this past Saturday was no different all those competitors had a clear shot at the Championship. First round eliminated both Jesse “Fire” Mitschke at the hands of Braden Peters, and Ava Tiburzi at the hands of number three in the points Zachary Smith. Zach was ready for the first-round matchup going .001 .925 on the 8.90 dial-in, while Ava was a .018, going .921 on the 8.90, as Zach advances on the holeshot. In the second-round Ava Lawson lined up against Riley Cole ultimately picking up the double red light win, keeping up with Zach’s pace while coming within two points of Ava Tiburzi. Also, coming back for second round was Zach Smith, who picked up the red light win against Brinasia Pollard. In the third-round, we saw some separation as Ava Lawson just barely got by Brandon Buchanan as he left the line first, but Ava got through to the next round going dead zero on her dial in. Unfortunately for Zach he turned it red against Logan Buckley the same round, and allowed Ava Lawson to jump past Zach into the number two spot only two rounds behind Ava Tiburzi. For Ava to clinch the championship she needed to go the distance and pick up the feature win on the day. To Ava’s delight she picked up the bye in the fourth round and came back around in the finals to face off against Morgan Curtis, where she picked up the red-light win, and ultimately the Bear Motorsport Intermediate Jr. Dragster, presented by Wiseco class Championship. I would probably have to say that this intermediate championship was one of the most exciting to watch unfold, after all the shuffling that happened to see Ava Lawson move from number four to number one in the very last round was pretty exciting stuff to watch.

Our third and final Bear Motorsports Jr. Dragster, presented by Wiseco championship was given away in our advanced category, as coming into the day numbers 1-8 all had a shot at the championship if things went their way. Those drivers were Mackenzie Kerns at number one with 17 points and one feature win, Michael Crowell number two with 16 points and two feature wins, Aubrey Collins number three with 14 points and two feature wins, number four Kevin Waite with 14 points and one feature win, Kaitlyn Curtis with 14 points and one feature win, Noah Rambow number is with 13 points, Peyton Jimenez with 11 points, and finally Courtney Grisez with 11 points. Those in championship contention that got through first round were Courtney Grisez against Sarah “Ice” Mitschke, Aubrey Collins against Ryan Wagner, Mackenzie Kerns against Seth Jimenez, and Kaitlyn Curtis against fellow title contender Peyton Jimenez. After the first-round, Mackenzie kept her lead at the top while Aubrey, Kaitlyn and Courtney all kept up the chase. In the second-round Courtney and Aubrey went through to the third-round while Kaitlyn and Mackenzie bowed out, leaving the door open for Aubrey or potentially even Courtney to snatch away the title. Aubrey came within two points of Mackenzie at the top before she was taken out by Maximus Butcher in the quarter-finals on a break out. Aubrey was beat off the line and had to make up for it at the top end where she unfortunately ran too quick, going .940 on her 7.98 dial in. From there Courtney actually went on to win the race knocking out Maximus in the final round. Unfortunately for Courtney her effort was not enough as her five round wins gave her 16 points at the end of the day, just two points shy of Mackenzie Kerns at the top of the points.

Lots of late drama and tight racing made the Edelbrock Super Series Season Championship a pretty exciting affair in our Bear Motorsports Jr. Dragster, presented by Wiseco category, and after seeing how this program went down, I couldn’t help but be anxious for the conclusion of our Pro, Super Pro, Super bike and Sportsman categories.

As we move into the afternoon it becomes time to crown champions in Edelbrock Pro, Edelbrock Super Pro, Wiseco Cycle Tech Superbike, Edelbrock Sportsman delivered on time by TFC Transportation.

Edelbrock Pro has a pretty cool story as far as those in championship contention are concerned. Coming into the day we had six competitors in line with the potential to walk away champion, Damien Hazelton came into the day number one with 26 points, Victor Ellinger with 23 points, Lee Newmeyer with 21 points, Sean Dornan with 21 points, Nick Moss with 20 points and one feature win and Jaeden Durst with 20 points. Kind of crazy to think the odds are pretty good that we’re going to have a champion that has NOT recorded a feature win this year. So, diving into the day let’s take a look at how things shook out because things got hot and heavy early. In the first-round four of our six championship contenders were successful. Damien Hazelton got through on Brian Klippel’s red light, Sean Dornan beat our Mike Mahley, Lee Newmeyer beat out Marvin Rios in a close race and Jaeden Durst got through putting almost .5 in his back pocket off the starting line. That being said, Vic Ellinger in the number two spot got taken out by Terry Jackson III while Nick Moss went out on a .009 red light against Paul Stephens. Coming back in the second round, Lee Newmeyer, Sean Dornan and Jaeden Durst all kept up pace with Damien Hazleton on the top spot, however, the excitement continued in the second round as Lee Newmeyer, Sean Dornan AND points leader Damien Hazelton all got knocked out, leaving the door wide open for young Jaeden Durst to move himself right up the points sheet. Fortunately for Damien, that first round win was enough to clinch that top spot from Jaeden. Although it wasn’t good enough for the top spot, but Jaeden’s work during the Season Championship was enough to move him up past Vic into the number two spot. AJ Buchanan was another one making a huge move from number 16 coming into the day, ultimately landing in the number six spot. A lot of movement happening in Edelbrock Pro, but ultimately the day finished as it started at the top, with Damien Hazelton being named your 2017 Edelbrock Pro champion.

Let’s move now to Edelbrock Super Pro for some more exciting Edelbrock Super Series Season Championship action. Coming into Championship Saturday we had four races in contention, Eric Manuel number one with 29 points and one feature win, Steven Schmidt with 27 points and two feature wins, Lisa Boes with 26 points and one feature win and John Boes with 26 points. Diving into first round things were wide open right off the bat as Eric Manuel left just .005 red against Bill Horvath opening up the door for Steve, Lisa and John. Unfortunately for Steve, just a few pairs after watching Eric go red, was late on the tree against Alex Miller and saw himself exit early as well, leaving it up to Lisa and John Boes. Tallying points after first round, Lisa and John Boes both sit with 27 points, tied with Steven Schmidt, only two points behind Eric Manuel. All Eric could do at this point is sit, watch and wait to see what happens in the second round. First pair out in the second round was a high-octane matchup between two former track champions in Chris Bear and John Boes. Both drivers were giving it everything and unfortunately John gave just a little too much going -.003 red giving the win to Chris Bear who was .012 going .760 on a 4.74. With John exiting early in the second-round Eric could breathe just a little bit, but still knew that Lisa had yet to come up, and when she does she’s lined up against Dave Burghart. In one of the most exciting races of the night, Lisa left .006 to Dave’s .014, Dave runs out, dead on his dial in with a four.  While Lisa unfortunately ran off her dial in 4.836 on the 4.79. and with that crowns Eric Manuel your 2017 Edelbrock Super Pro champion.

As far as the point spread is concerned, our tightest class of the day may have been Wiseco Cycletech Superbike where the top three all sat one point away from each other. Craig Adams was on top with 19 points and three feature wins, Rick Poole was in second with 18 points, Tim Walker had 17 points with one feature win, and John Weisz wrapped up the top four with 14 points. In the first round all four of those competitors in title contention won, John Weisz won over Steven Dolamore, Tim Walker won over Scott Sheppeard, Craig Adams beat out Don Stokes and Rick Poole beat out Ed James. Fun fact, John Weisz was the only rider in the top four that did not advance through first round via a red-light win. We had the same sort of deal coming back in the second round as well as three of the four riders advanced into the third round, unfortunately leaving behind Rick Poole as he couldn’t put a good enough lap together to take out Mike Wagner. This was a huge round for the championship as Rick Poole, only one round away from Craig, was knocked out allowing Craig a little bit of breathing room. In the third round, the quarter-finals of the night, John Weisz and Craig Adams lined up against each other in a race that John Weisz needed to make up the ground. Off the line, John was .016 to Craig’s .018, and amazingly at the top end both drivers were DEAD on their dial in, John dead on with a five and Craig dead on with a 9. Although John was able to make up a little bit of ground, he was unfortunately already too far away from catching Craig after his first two round wins, and ended up finishing in the same number four spot that he started the day in. Third round also saw the exit of Tim Walker at the hands of David Ligouri, and it was at that point we could finally crown Craig Adams our 2017 Wiseco Cycle Tech Superbike champion.

Moving now into our final Edelbrock Super Series Championship category, and probably least compelling category coming into Championship Saturday, Edelbrock Sportsman, delivered on time by TFC Transportation. Larry Strohscher had this thing locked up coming into the day with 30 points and two feature wins, while Jaeden Durst, in the number two spot, sat eight points behind him with 22 points and no feature wins. Our Edelbrock Sportsman, delivered on time by TFC Transportation category this season has only seen one seven round race this season, so the odds of it being an eight-round race were darn near at zero percent. That being said, Larry Strohscher came into the day on top, and after going two rounds was able to cement his place as 2017 Edelbrock Sportsman, delivered on time by TFC Transportation Champion.

And with that, our 2017 Edelbrock Super Series has come to an end. It was an exciting season right down to the very last round, with some really fun storylines, and some new young drivers coming through the ranks, there is no doubt the 2018 Edelbrock Super Series will be even bigger and better!

See you guys at the Cometic Gasket Halloween Classic XLIV, presented by Harland Sharp!


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