Evan's Edelbrock Super Series #7 Recap

In Edelbrock Pro both Austin Lenz and Sean Dornan had awesome days park their rides in the final round.Austin Lenz, Pro Winner

In the first round, Austin lined up against Brian Green’s olds powered Cutlass; Austin put five tenths in his back pocket off the starting line and was able to ride his 10.378 on a 10.35 for the win light. Coming back in the second-round Heather Saalman gave Austin a pretty good race leaving .026 to Austin’s .025. At the big end of the racetrack Austin just got away with one going .385 on a 10.35, while Heather, right alongside, went .125 on a 10.09. It was in the third round that Austin really started to feel it, and unfortunately for Terry McKenzie he was just so happened to be in Austin’s way with both drivers run dead on their dials, however, Austin left the line with a two tenths advantage. Same thing happened the following round against Mike O’Rourke Jr. Both drivers again, running dead on their dial, however Austin once again left the line with two tenths in his back pocket. In the fifth round both Austin and his competition, Mike DuMonte, broke out at the big end with Austin only being under by seven thousandths, and his .004 light sure didn’t hurt. Austin then rode his semi-final bye into the finals against Sean Dornan.

Sean Dornan narrowly escaped a first-round exit against Kenny Case when Kenny dropped a .009 bulb on him, and was only able to escape via double break out being .019 under to Kenny’s .020. In the second round Kaytie Boyer did her best to spoil Sean’s night running dead two, unfortunately for Kaytie Sean took a bunch at the starting line and just wasn’t enough for her to turn on the win light. Sean had his work cut out for him in the third round when he lined up against our currently Edelbrock Pro points leader Damien Hazelton. Damien was doing what he could to try and extent his points lead as best he could but hit the tree a little hard, going red .001. There was a first gen Camaro showdown when Sean Dornan met up with Brian Hurst in the fourth round. Sean smacked the tree pretty good and took three tenths on the starting line allowing him to slide in safe. Coming back in the quarter finals Sean Dornan took the red light win against Mike Mullins to face the man on fire Nick Moss in the semi’s. The semifinal matchup between Sean and Nick was a good one; Sean missed the tree .044 while Nick saw it just right .015. At the big end of the racetrack neither driver was interesting in lifting as Sean took the double break out win running under .002 while Nick was under by .018.

The final round was everything we had hoped for. Austin took the small starting line advantage .033 to Sean’s .048., while at the big end Austin goes dead on his 10.34 with Sean going dead on his dial with a one.

In Edelbrock Super Pro Jim Stephens and Eric Manuel met for an all dragster finale.Eric Manuel, SP Winner

In the first-round Jim Stephens had to work his way through the always tough John Boes. Jim was ready though with an .014 reaction time and a 7.898 elapsed time. In the second-round Jim met up with the door car of Madie Fenn. Madie had him on the tree by only .003 but ran under by just .002 while Jim goes dead on with an eight. In the third-round Jim took out the front engine dragster of Bill Horvath with a .008 light and an elapsed time of 7.901. In the fourth-round Jim faced tough competition in Vito Gambino. Both drivers smashed the tree, Stephens .001 and Gambino .006, but unfortunately for Vito he ran under by just .011 allowing Stephens to turn on the win light running 7.890 on a 7.86. Jim picked up the bye to get through round number five and met up with Lisa Boes in the semifinals where Jim laid down his best pass of the night against arguably the hottest lady in Edelbrock Super Pro Lisa Boes. Lisa has had a great, and even on this occasion a great run but unfortunately just seemed to be in the way of Jim Stephens. Jim was .008 on the line and ran .865 on a 7.86 dial in to Lisa’s .025 dead zero run. This run placed Jim in the finals along with Eric Manuel.

Eric Manuel’s road to the finals started against Dennis Rock, and to be completely honest he probably got away with one here; actually, he definitely gets away with one here. Dennis was .006 to Eric’s .030, and Dennis ended up breaking out by only .002 while Eric ran a 7.437 on a 7.42 dial in. In the second-round Jim got slightly lucky again, this time against Stephen Miglets who was .004 red to Eric’s .035 green. In the third-round Eric faced another bad dude in Alex Miller who was .001 to Manual’s .004, and Eric picked up the win via double-breakout, and was only under by .009 and Alex was under by .026. Coming back in the fourth-round Eric picked up a red light win against Nitrous Nick Reber, as Nick was .006 on the wrong side of green. Coming back in the fifth-round Eric got lucky for the final time as Jeff Hura had him dead to rights on the starting line .010 to Eric’s .065, and only got away because Hura broke out by .001. Ouch. After that Eric took semifinal bye into the finals against Jim Stephens.

In the finals, Eric laid down his best lap of the evening with an .015 light to Stephens .020 light, with a dead on seven lap at the big end while Stephens runs under by .001.

With this win, Eric moves past Lisa Boes to the number one spot with eighteen points and one feature win.

All I’m gonna say it pays to be in the right place at the right time…

Craig Adams and Mike Wagner met up in the finals of Wiseco Cycletech Craig Adams, Super Bike WinnerSuperbike. In the first-round Craig took out Mark Wagner after beating him up on the starting line and seeing Mark run under by .006. In the second-round Craig ran a heckuva race turning Randy King into a spectator as he left the line .010 and ran dead eight. In the third-round Craig Adams took out young Kyle Dolamore with yet another dominating performance on the starting line running 8.154 on the 8.15, and his semi-final bye into the final round. Mike Wagner started off his evening with a red light win against Ed James who just missed it -.003. In the second-round, he won a tight race with Matt Short with there only being a difference of .005 starting line advantage going to Mike. At the finish line Mike ran an 8.406 on an 8.37 while Matt went 9.016 on an 8.95. Headed into the third-round Mike picked up the win when he looked over his shoulder to see Jeremy Hicks broke and pulled over somewhere around the 330. In the semifinals, Mike met Michael Maday and dropped an .013 light forcing Michael to run under by just .001 to break out.

In the finals, Craig remained dominant with an .003 light to Mike’s .038, while turning on the win light with an 8.127 on an 8.10, starting and ending his evening with a win against a Wagner.

With this win, Craig moves to the top of the points with twelve points and two feature wins, while Mike moves to the number four spot with nine points.

In Edelbrock Sportsman Delivered on time by TFC Transportation Larry Strohscher and our reigning champion Jim Ring duked it out.Larry Strohscher, Sportsman Winner

In the first round Strohscher lined up against our former points leader Derek Simon and ended up walking away with the red-light win. In the second-round Larry made it look easy running 12.094 on a 12.09 driving right around Alyssa Galanek. In the third-round Larry got away with one against Jaeden Durst. Jaeden smacked Larry on the tree and took almost .030 off the line. Although, at the big end Larry picked up the win going 12.108 on the 12.07 as Jaeden ran 16.981 on a 16.90. Larry got lucky again in his fourth-round matchup against Rob Thomas. Rob had the starting line advantage but ran under by .014 while Larry turned on the win light going dead on his 12.07 dial, and took his semi-final bye run into the final round.

Jim Ring had a couple close calls as well, specifically in the first round against Owen Hoover. Owen had him on the tree .009 to .037 but was a little more than .1 off his dial and Jim Ring slid in for the win. In the second round the same thing happened against Marty Bailey, who was .003 and had a little more than .050 on the starting line, but ran way off his dial at the big end and allowed Jim to slide in safe yet again. Jim turned his luck around a little bit the following round against Jeff Gates with a .007 reaction time and picking up the win 12.218 on a 12.15. The following round Jim was fortunate enough to pick up a red light win against Jordan Halbisen as he was very uncharacteristically late. Jim then worked his way through the semis on a double break out win against Joe Galanek, running under by .011 while Joe was under .013.

In the finals, Larry picked up the win with the better light and by running 12.039 on the 12.03 while Jim had to keep his foot in it to have a shot at the win light.

This win puts Larry right on top of the Edelbrock Sportsman delivered on time by TFC Transportation standings with fifteen points and one feature, while Jim Ring currently sits in the number three spot with thirteen points.Jacob Norman, Stock Winner

In Edelbrock Stock Jacob Norman met up with Lucas Balduf in the final round. Jacob left the line first with an .063 bulb and ran out to a 17.119 on a 17.08 to snatch the win away from Lucas who ran 17.037 on a 16.99.

In Edelbrock NHRA Jr. Street Michael Crowell lined up against Ryan Wagner in the finals. Michael took the win courtesy of Ryan’s -.006 red light.

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