IGNITE YOUR LIFE Seminar this Friday Night

Are you feeling disconnected from your spiritual path?  Are you looking for guidance?  Perhaps seeking a divine message or sign to help resolve a decision or to seek closure.

Vanessa Lowe, a lifetime Christian, discovered at a very young age she had been blessed with many divine gifts including the gift of sight; the ability to see past, present and future events.  

“There’s no better feeling, than the feeling I get when I touch someone’s spirit and soul, and give them answers to questions they have, whether they realize they have questions or not,” said Lowe.

She is hosting several guided readings here at the track, from 6-8 p.m. on July 21, August 11, September 8 and October 23, 24 and 25. 

Each seminar will be offered in a walk-in group setting; however, appointments are available for participants who prefer a private session.  The cost is $50 at the time of the guided reading, and participants are asked to pay in cash. For more information, call Lowe at 419-677-9696.

About Vanessa Lowe:

A lifetime Christian who believes God provides us with everything we need to survive in life, “He doesn’t make mistakes”.  She believes strongly in holistic healing. And had has taken the appropriate classes and training in the following areas:  reflexology, somatic emotional release, muscle testing, essential oils, vitamins, minerals and herbs, kinesiology just to name a few.  She is a life coach and uses energy work to heal.  In 1999, she received the status of Reiki master.  Through various courses and working with Nature’s Sunshine and others, she has extensive knowledge of herbs, vitamins and minerals.  She also has the availability of using a biofeedback scan.  This allows allows her to see what a person’s body needs or is lacking, with an accurate printout. 

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