Daily Race Results for Fun Ford Reloaded 2


It may have been opening day for Trick Flow Specialties Fun Ford Reloaded 2 at Summit Motorsports Park, but Box and No Box drivers taking part in the Friday Night Shootout on July 7, 2017, proved they were ready to tackle the tree and the top end. In No Box, John Gregory, who’s no stranger to the winner’s circle, was consistent at the starting line and the finish line round after round in his 1993 Mustang. He recorded an .024 and ran a 9.63 on his 9.62 dial in the final — the seventh round — to find victory over Alan Hellman, who was .049 at the hit and 9.91 on a 9.91 in high gear in his 1971 Maverick.

In Box, Rick Sayers was .00 in his 1964 Comet in his first three rounds of eliminations, and .018 in the final — the fifth round — to take the win with a lifting 11.70 on his 9.53 dial after Roger Schultz left a tick too early in his 1970 Maverick and turned on the red light.


The cars were flying in Fast Ford, but after five rounds of eliminations, Rick Bailey blasted to an 8.51 on his 8.44 dial in his 1966 Mustang to find victory over Jon Pickering, who was a tick quicker than Bailey at the hit, but broke out with a 9.49 on a 9.50 dial in his 1974 Mustang II.

The Quick Ford final pitted Shane Burr and his 1978 Fairmont against Randy Conway and his 1984 Ranger, and Burr, who was more than ready when the tree dropped, blew to the win with an 11.61 on his 11.57 dial over Conway, who broke out with a 10.33 on his 10.37 dial.

Street Ford saw John Septaric sail to a 15.20 on his 14.85 dial in his 1995 Mustang to oust Duane Jennings, who posted a 12.19 on his 11.40 in his 2007 Mustang GT.

Chock-full of character cars were running rampant in Nostalgia Ford, and when everything was said and done, David Remus drove to an 11.84 on his 11.83 dial in his 1965 Comet to defeat David Fuszner, who was 12.59 on a 12.58 dial in his 1957 Custom 500.

True Street put the spotlight on a magnificent collection of muscle, and leading the pack was Mike Moss, who was the overall winner with an 8.81 average in his 1989 Mustang. David Best drove to the runner-up with a 9.94 average in his 1991 Mustang, and Kimberly Walter was focused on her way to the 10-second win in her copper-colored 1966 Mustang. Ashley Humphreys hauled to the 11-second win in her 2012 Mustang GT, while Matt Parker pushed to the 12-second win in his Mustang and Kevin Lunn landed the 13-second win in his 1987 Mustang. Pat Tyner took the 14-second win in his 1998 Mustang and Jimmy Cleveland captured the 15-second win in his 1991 Mustang GT.

Frantic Four put the focus on Ron Barnhill, who blasted to a 7.92 in his 1998 Mustang to claim the win over Steve Higel and his 8.03.

Old school cool was crushing it in the Y-Block Shootout, but holding on through the final was Harry Hutten, Jr., who earned the win in his 1960 Mercury with a 12.64 on a 12.69 dial over Dennis Leeking, who was 18.14 on an 18.28 in his 1954 F100 in the double breakout race.


The Fast Ford final featured Ron Barnhill and his 1998 Mustang and Jon Pickering and his 1974 Mustang II. When the tree dropped, Barnhill was off the line with a .004, lifted to an 8.51 on his 8.21 dial to avoid breaking out and won over Pickering, whose car wiggled a bit and clocked an off-pace 10.03 on his 9.50 dial.

In the Quick Ford final, the focus was on John Gregory and A.J. Buchanan, whom were both crowned King Ford at NMRA events at Summit Motorsports Park in recent years. Gregory won the double-breakout race by recording a .009 reaction time and driving his 1993 Mustang to a 9.56 on his 9.57 dial, while Buchanan blasted to a 9.95 on his 9.97 dial in his Trick Flow Specialties-backed Fox body Mustang.

In Nostalgia Ford, where old school cool is never-ending, Larry Kortkamp and John Feistritzer each turned on a red light in their 1964 Ford wagon and 1957 Fairlane respectively, but Kortkamp, whose reaction time was -.012, took the win and put up a 10.96 on his 10.96 dial while Feistritzer put up a 12.53 on his 12.42 dial.

Street Ford put the spotlight on Daniel Imhoff and Ryan Cree, and when it was all said and done, Imhoff earned the win after recording a better reaction time in his 1988 Mustang and driving to a 14.29 on his 14.28 dial while Cree cruised to a 14.00 on his 14.00 dial in his 1988 Ranger.

The Quick 16 final welcomed John Kammeyer and his 1995 Mustang and Brian Bell and his 1993 Mustang to the starting line, and Kammeyer cruised to an 8.30 on his 8.32 dial — and the win — when Bell turned on the red light before driving to an 8.23 on his 8.23 dial.

The Y-Block Shootout saw David Fuszner and his 1957 Custom 500 take the win over Vic Correnti and his 1955 T-Bird by recording a 12.62 on his 12.45 dial to Correnti’s 12.16 on his 11.80 dial.

In the highly-anticipated King Ford runoff featuring drivers who won on Saturday and Sunday in Fast Ford, Quick Ford, Street Ford and Nostalgia Ford, Daniel Imhoff ran right on his dial — 14.25 — to earn his place on the throne while John Gregory recorded a 9.62 on his 9.57 dial.

Among those celebrating and congratulating Imhoff on his accomplishment as he took his seat on the throne was 2016 King Ford, Brian Foecking.

- Mary Lendzion


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