Roadkill Zip-Tie Drags Rolls into Summit Motorsports Park

By Mary Lendzion

When the Roadkill Zip-Tie Drags sponsored by Dodge rolls into town June 30-July 1, 2017 at Summit Motorsports Park, the spotlight will be on classic cars and the speculation will be on whether or when they'll break down.

Hilarity happens when David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan - hosts of "Roadkill," an automotive Internet show produced by Motor Trend and Hot Rod magazine - and cast member Elana Scherr muse about what might break, what broke and how badly it broke. 

Scherr talked with Summit Motorsports Park recently about "Roadkill," which airs on Motor Trend's YouTube channel and Motor Trend On Demand and is featured in the quarterly magazine "Roadkill," about what to expect at the event. In addition to racing, it will feature camping, bonfires, a drive-in theater, swap meet, giveaways, Hooptie Challenge and more. 

What kinds of cars can fans expect to see at this event? 

All kinds! At our first event, we saw a semi truck race a VW bug, a minibike race a go-kart and all kinds of muscle cars and hot rods in every form of finished and beater. There were also some unexpected cars, like Volvos and station wagons. 

What was one of the more memorable cars you saw at the event's debut in Arizona in January?

In the car show, there was a 1962 Mercedes 404 Unimog ambulance belonging to Robbie Laity, a Tucson local. Robbie told us the truck was running the stock M180 engine "with civilian ignition conversion," and a whopping 85 German horses behind its mesh grille. "The drive was interesting to say the least," says Robbie. "Roadkill style, the 30 minute drive to the drag strip was the first time I've had that truck on the road around other vehicles so I was somewhat nervous. I was not sure if I would even make it there without breaking down but for the vehicle's first trip and first car show, it did very well." He's been learning a lot from rebuilding carbs, drum brakes and working on the old engine. He plans to convert it into a day camper and portable workshop once all the mechanicals and rust issues are addressed.

What was the most popular component of the event's debut in Arizona, and what do you anticipate being the most popular component at this event at Summit Motorsports Park? 

The Test N Tune Fun Run drag passes were the most popular part of the debut event, because it was no pressure, and lots of support for folks who were new at racing, or a little rusty. The Q&A with Freiburger and Fin was also a big hit, as people got to ask the guys all their questions about the video series and the Roadkill cars.  

Is it true a car caught on fire at the event's debut in Arizona, and was it intentional or not intentional? 

Totally true and totally not intentional! We're still not quite sure what happened. It's possible someone hit or left the fuel pump switch on in the Impala, and it leaked a bunch of gasoline. Anyway, we were really lucky it wasn't a big fire, and everything is up and running again...for now.  

Who can take part in this cleverly-designed event?

Anyone! Everyone! All makes, models, years and styles of cars are welcome, as are motorcycles and go-karts, although check with the track if you're hoping to race something other than a car. The car show is open to absolutely any and all, and you can register online at or show up at the track on Saturday and join the fun. 

Summit Motorsports Park is at 1300 State Route 18, Norwalk, Ohio.  For information, please visit or call 419-668-5555.

Photos by Wesley Allison

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