Evan's Edelbrock Super Series #5 Recap

It only took until the last weekend of May but we FINALLY got one of those Aubury Collins, Advanced Winnerchamber of commerce days out at the racetrack. Not too hot, not too cold, sunshine and blue skies as far as the eye can see, it’s a beautiful thing, isn’t it?

In Bear Motorsports Advanced Jr. Dragster, Presented by Wiseco Aubrey Collins made it down to her first final of the season against Michael Crowell, who has already parked his American Race Cars Jr. Dragster in the winner’s circle here this season.

Aubrey had an interesting road to the final round, a road that consisted of ONLY female drivers, pretty cool, right? In the first round, she was the recipient of a red light win against Bella Compton, then proceeded to knock out Allyson Downs, Chyanne Fry and Mackenzie Kerns en-route to the final.

Michael Crowell had somewhat of a similar path to the finals getting through the first two rounds by way of red light, courtesy of Mr. Adam Retford and Ms. Kaitlyn Curtis. In the third round, he won a nail biter against Dalton Conn as both drivers were .002 on the tree, with Michael going 7.926 on a 7.90 to Dalton’s 8.207 on an 8.18.

In the final round, Aubrey came away victorious with an .020 light going 7.990 on a 7.99. Unfortunately for Michael, all he could do was sit and watch with his .064 reaction time going 7.916 on a 7.90.

In Bear Motorsports Intermediate Jr. Dragster, Presented by WisecoBrandon Buchanan, Intermediate Winner Brandon Buchanan met up with another Crowell, this time of the Tyler variety, in the final round.

Through the first couple rounds Brandon, a third-generation racer himself, took out some other third generation drag racers in Logan Buckley and Cadence Soucek. Once in the third round he lined up against Antonio Iocoangeli, who uncharacteristically missed the tree and watched Brandon drive away with the win light. Brandon kept up the trend of smacking his opponents around on the starting line in the semi-finals against Jonathan Seibenick as Brandon lit up the scoreboard 9.046 on a 9.02.

Tyler watched his older brother Michael wheel his way down to the finals and was up for the challenge himself. He took home a red light win in the first round, was all over the tree .007 in the second round against Brinasia Pollard and took out Ashley Etzel in the third round winning big yet again in the reaction time department. The .007 light he cut in the second round stuck with him all the way to the semi finals where he was finally able to use it, giving him that free pass into the final round.

The final round between Brandon and Tyler was unfortunately decided by a red light; Tyler, who was deadly all day was unfortunately a little too deadly, leaving before the green and turning on the win light for Brandon Buchanan, who to be fair was no slouch either, running 9.046 on a 9.02.

In Bear Motorsports Novice Jr. Dragster, Presented by Wiseco PeytonPeyton Novak, Novice Winner Novak beat out Roman Iocoangeli for the Jr. Wally.

Roman, with the help of his father’s Tupac socks, wheeled past Zach Moses in the first round and points leader coming into the weekend Alena Schaffer in the second. Roman was .006 to Alena’s .004 but was able to run closer to the dial in which saw him make his way to the semifinal round where he used the bye he picked up back in the first round.

Peyton Novak worked his way past Ian Gates in round one, Vince Tiburzi in round two, and last time outs winner Gabe Wojnowski.

In the final round Peyton Novak was the recipient of a red light win as Roman Iocoangeli left too early, completing Peyton’s pursuit of that Jr. Wally

In Edelbrock NHRA Jr. Street Ryan Wagner worked through all three rounds getting past Hailey Short, and Sarah Mitschke to save his spot in the final round. Zack Orwig, the other half of our final knocked out Michael Crowell, who had already won that day, and was the recipient of the bye to face Ryan in the finals.

In the final round Ryan took his huge starting line advantage and made it look easy against Zack Orwig going 10.409 on a 10.28.

In Edelbrock Pro a familiar face in Wes Buckley popped up in the final round for the first time this season and lined up against Cameron Groff.Wes Buckley, Pro Winner

Buckley took out Megan Kerns and Mike Willi in the first two rounds and came across a real challenge in Chad Sweitzer in the third round. Buckley cut his worst light of the night an .041, while Chad Sweitzer dropped a perfect .000. The only thing that saved Buckley here was going a 9.446 on the 9.44 while alongside Chad Sweitzer did his best not to let Buckley around him and ended up breaking out 10.063 on a 10.07. Following his close call in the third round he knocked off Mike Dumont with a .005 package and rode his by run into the semifinals against Lee Newmeyer. Buckley left the line first and went dead nine against Lee, as he unfortunately broke out 9.035 on a 9.05

Cameron Groff was dead bananas in the first round against Frank Ivancic Jr, then knocked off Gary Sterley, Brett Spring, John Gregory and finally Damien Hazelton to send his Cutlass to the semi-finals where he met up with Vic Ellinger. Groff, per usual, left the starting line first which led to Vic keeping his foot in it and breaking out by .004, all the while Cameron Groff rides his victory lap into the finals.

In the final round Wes Buckley did the Wes Buckley thing and cut the tree down .004 while Cameron Groff did his best to keep up with a .015. Groff stayed in it and this time was the one to run under his dial .004 while Wes Buckley goes 9.455 on a 9.44 for the class win, which also moves him up to number three in the points standings.

In Edelbrock Super Pro the two names at the end of the night were Alex Miller and Scott Wasko, both of whom are pretty bad dudes in their own right, but I wanna take a second and talk about Alex Miller, who was undoubtedly our Ultimate Performer from the weekend. Dude averaged a .009 reaction. Yeah, through SEVEN ROUNDS OF RACING AVERAGED A REACTION TIME OF .009. What else even needs to be said here? Like, should I even continue on with this section cause I’m pretty certain we all know where this is going.

I would have to say that Alex’s close call came all the way in the semi final around against Dennis hall. The only time Alex was beat on the tree all night, he was .004 to Dennis Hall’s .003, and fortunately for Alex, Dennis ran under his 8.75 dial in by .001, ouch. Aside from this close call, dude was on kill all night; his worst light was a modest .020, and in the fourth round busted out an .008 package against the unfortunate Tim McGuire. Long story short his .009 reaction time average and deadly consistency took him all the way to the final round.

Scott Wasko has got a pretty good story of his own. How often do you see someone park their Mercury in the final round of Super Pro? As one of the slower cars in Edelbrock Super Pro, one would think he would be at an immediate disadvantage, however that did not seem to be the case for Scott on this day, taking out the likes of Scott Sill, Jon Berkel, Ed Jirousek, Dave Burghart and John Boes en route to his final round appearance.

It was pretty cool from the tower to see the dragster numbers dwindling, and Skeet and I both were excited to see an all door car final in the final round of Edelbrock Super Pro. Saturday’s recurring theme seemed to be that Alex Miller can’t be beat; he was .009 to Scott Wasko’s .034, and unfortunately something was wrong with Wasko’s ride as all he could do was coast on down the track and watch Alex Miller pass him up past the 1/8 mile. This win moved Alex up the points standings to the number four spot.

In Wiseco Cycletech Superbike Paul Samora, Super Bike WinnerPaul Samora met up with John Weisz.  The cool thing about Paul Samora is he’s doing it old school. I’m pretty sure he’s doing it with zero electronics and without a wheelie bar, which is way cool to see. He picked up the win light in the first round against Ed James courtesy of the double break out, knocked out Ron Raymond in the second round, Mike Chongris and Bob Robaugh on his way to the final round.

John Weisz is another guy who is out here occasionally doing it without a wheelie bar, and took out some big names in Matt Short, Roy Safreed, Ted Harvey and Perry Paugh to line up against Paul Samora in the final round.

In the finals Samora was .007 to the .021 of John Weisz, and although the race looked close in the first 60’ feet, mechanical issues ended the race for Weisz as Samora was able to coast on home for his first win of the season, and an day that saw him fourth in the points standings at the end of the night.

In Edelbrock Sportsman, Delivered on Time by TFC Transportation Jeff Gates met up with Derek Simon.

Jeff Gates had a very close call in the first and final rounds of the day. In the first round he had a real good .013 light but along side him Sam Anderson dropped a .001, however, both drivers ran down to the finish to break out, and see Jeff Gates off to the next round. After that he knocked off Desiree Oberg, Joe Chaplin, Mandi Delarec and Bob Spishak to find the final round.

His partner in the finals, Derek Simon beat out Sandy Hensley, Wesley Campbell, Jim Marcinowski to see the fourth round bye, then knocked off Len Searl to park the Camaro in the finals.

I had previously mentioned that Jeff Gates had two very close calls, once in the first round and once in the finals; in the finals Gates left the line .046 while his opposition dropped a perfect light. Fortunately for Jeff Gates and unfortunately for Derek Simon, Simon runs under by .010 to give the break out win to Jeff Gates.

This was Gates first win of the season and his first round wins registered of the season and moved right on up to the number seven spot, while Derek Simon sits atop the Edelbrock Sportsman, Delivered on Time by TFC Transportation points standings.

In Edelbrock Stock Perry Paugh parked the second half of his racing operation in the finals against Chuck Pollard.Perry Paugh, Stock Winner

Perry took out somebody who decided not to fill out a tech card in the first round, then Russell Safreed and Randy King to find the final round.

Chuck Pollard must have beat the buddy of whoever Perry beat in the first round as he did not fill out a tech card either. Then, took out James Cady and Doug Burgess to make it to the final round.

In the finals Perry Paugh, the fastest vehicle in the class ran down the fourteen second pass of Chuck Pollard to go 8.909 on the 8.80 to pick up the win as Chuck Pollard broke out.

And just like that it’s June and we are already through five Edelbrock Super Series’, with number six right around the corner on June 17th, however, I know I’ll be seeing lots of you this weekend at the 20th Annual No Box Bonanza!



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