Evan's Edelbrock Super Series Recap #4

In the largely contested Bear Motorsports Advanced Jr. Dragster presented by Wiseco category Michael Crowell met Mackenzie Kerns in the final round.Michael Crowell - Advanced Winner

Michael Crowell was deadly consistent all day on the tree, with competitive reaction times ranging anywhere from .019 to .056, with his worst light coming in his fourth-round bye run where he went red.

Mackenzie was in darn near the same boat as she was very accurate on the tree in the first four rounds but was unable to keep up in the finals against Michael.

The final round that saw Michael line up against Mackenzie was a good one that resulted in a double breakout win for Michael Crowell. He was .022 on the tree and ran out a 7.859 on a 7.90, while Mackenzie was .071 on the tree and broke out 7.828 on a 7.90. The heads-up race made it obvious who left first and both drivers ran it out the back trying to be first to the finish line.

Mackenzie was able to move up the points standings into the number three spot with seven points, while Michael currently sits fifth with six points and one feature win.

In Bear Motorsports Intermediate Jr. Dragster presented by Wiseco Ava Lawson duked it out against Cruz Schaffer.Ava Lawson - Intermediate Winner

Ava Lawson registered a red light win in the first round against Jesse “Fire” Mitschke, then proceeded to tree Grant Welte in round number two. Starting in second round with her .042 light against Grant Welte, she registered the BEST reaction time in the class for the remainder of the event taking out Zachary Doell and strolling into the final round with a bye.

Cruz Schaffer beat out Jacob Wasko in the first round in a heads up 8.90’s race that saw the double breakout win go to Cruz’s advantage. In the second-round, Cruz was able to register another double break out win; this time against McKenzie Wolf. The third-round race was won on the starting line as both Cruz and Lizzie Martel ran dead on their dial, 8.900 on an 8.90 for Cruz and an 8.916 on an 8.91 for Lizzie Martel with Cruz seeing the win lights. Cruz registered yet another double breakout win, this time against the birthday boy, Antonio Iocoangeli.

In the final round between Ava Lawson and Cruz Schafer, Ava registered the better light and ran an 8.919 on an 8.90 while Cruz runs too quick going 8.836 on an 8.90.

This win propelled Ava to the top of our intermediate category with eight points and one feature win.

In Bear Motorsports Novice Jr. Dragster presented by Wiseco Gabe Wojnoski met Peyton Novak in the finals.Gabe Wojnowski - Novice Winner

Little Wojo’ lit up an .032 light against Roman Iocoangeli in the first-round win, enough to earn him the second-round bye. Following his second-round bye, he lined up against Aj Gramlich in the third round; and after winning another starting line battle made it down to the final round.

Peyton Novak had a similar path to the finals when he beat out Alex Cooper in the first round, points leader Alena Schaffer in the second-round, and at the same time earning the third-round bye into the final round.

In the finals, Gabe and Peyton both left green with about 3 tenths of a second advantage going to Peyton Novak. Unfortunately, Peyton ran under his dial with Little Wojo’ going 12.312 on a 12.30.

With his performance, Gabe was able to move up to second in points right behind Alexa Schafer who now stands with four points and one feature win.

Michael Crowell had himself a day as he was able to double up in both Edelbrock NHRA Jr. Street category and the Bear Motorsports Advanced Jr. Dragster presented by Wiseco category.

The final round saw Michael Crowell line up against Ryan Wagner. Both these young men were stellar on the tree all evening, with the latest light for both drivers being a .115, which unfortunately came in the final round.

Michael was .069 on the tree and went 11.214 on the 11.15, while Ryan Wagner was .115 and 10.52 on the 10.40.

The final round of Edelbrock Super Pro saw two very successful racers in the class, Randy Scheuer Jr. and Larry Gramlich, battle it out.Randy Scheuer Jr - Super Pro Winner

In the first-round Randy Scheuer Jr. lined up against another Gramlich, this time of the Matt variety. Both had good lights, Randy .014 and Matt .010, but Randy ended up snagging the win light on a double breakout win. In the second-round Jeff Hura had Randy by about two hundredths on the tree but was made up for at the big end when Randy went 7.418 on the 7.40 dial. En route to the final round Randy took out names like Steve Seredich, Rick Schneider, John Boes and Carl Keil.

Larry Gramlich began his road to the finals in round one against Belinda Foss when he advanced on a double red light win. In the second round he was once again the recipient of a red light win, and probably fortunate for him because he was pretty late on the tree for the Edelbrock Super pro category. In the third round Larry was dialed in with a perfect light and a 7.730 on a 7.72 against Tim McGuire. In the fourth round he was .002 going 7.739 on a 7.72; and with the .002 earned the bye in the fifth, and finally took out Ed Jirousek going 7.727 on a 7.71 to seal his place in the finals.

Randy Scheuer Jr. decided the finals would be a great time to unload a ten thousandths package going .008 and 7.402 on a 7.40 against Larry Gramlich, who ultimately broke out 7.715 on a 7.72 dial trying to beat Randy to the finish line.

Randy’s success moves him all the way up to the number two spot with nine points and one feature win.

Our two best packages of the day in Edelbrock Super Pro came from Madie Fenn and Mike Kubiak, who both recorded an eight-thousandths package. Madie’s came in first round against Justin Szpila as she was .000 and an 8.028 on an 8.02. Mike Kubiak was a little later in second round against Scott Sill when he was .003 and 7.455 on a 7.45.

The classes unluckiest loser this week goes to Mr. Keith Gerlach as he was .001 to Kirby McClennan’s .009, but unfortunately ran under a 7.44 going 7.439.

In Edelbrock Pro Brian Graham and Damien Hazelton worked their way through a large field of cars to make it down to the finals.Brian Graham - Pro Winner

Brian Graham picked up what I believe to be his first ever win here at Summit Motorsports Park earlier on in the week at our Wednesday Fun night, and that momentum stuck around for the weekend.

Brian was simply better than the guy in the other lane all night. He did not go out and set the world on fire, he wasn’t .00’s every round, he wasn’t dead 0 every round, he was just flat out better than the racer next to him; he flew under the radar all night and saved the best for last.

Damien Hazelton on the other hand, was really working the tree all evening. He was no later than .018 in eliminations, aside from a bye run and the finals.

So, when these two drivers meet in the final round, what do you think happens? Brian Graham was .003 on the tree and went 10.498 on a 10.48, while Damien Hazelton was .055 on the tree and went down and ran a 9.850 on a 9.85. Brian Graham undoubtedly saves his best for last triggering the win light at the end of the night, while Damien was hot on the tree all night and just came up short in the final round.

That’s why ya run the race, right?

The best package of the night came from Rick Cole Jr. in round two when he was .009 on the tree, and ran 9.261 on a 9.26 for a grand total of a ten thousandths package.

Despite only one winner the race certainly was kind to both Brian Graham and Damien Hazelton as Brian moved up to the number one spot with ten points and one feature win, while Damien moved up to the number two spot with nine points.

In Wiseco Cycletech Superbike familiar faces of Tim Walker and Rick Poole worked their way down to the finals.Tim Walker - Super Bike Winner

Both guys had a pretty straightforward trip to the final round. Tim Walker took out Jimmy Muntain in the first round and Jim Brafford in the second round, who just so happens to be our Wiseco Cycletech Superbike unluckiest loser when he was .002 and went down and broke out 8.499 on an 8.50. He then got the buy in the third round, and a competition single into the finals when Ted Harvey had some mechanical issues.

Rick Poole navigated past 2016 Wiseco Cycletech Superbike champion Rick McWaters in the first round when Rick was -.001. In the second round took out Paul Samora, and even went as far as beating his own son, Austin, in the third round! Rick’s worst light of the night came in the first round against McWaters, and after that was either .015 or .00 something. In the semifinals, the trend continued as he was .003 on Eric Harmon.

In the final round, both drivers were set to kill, as Rick had been flirting with that fine line all night. Unfortunately, went red, and Tim Walker was perfect.

Tim Walker was able to bypass Nick Shaw as the points leader with nine points and one feature win.

In Edelbrock Stock delivered on time by TFC Transportation welcomed Thomas Summers and Derek Simon to the final round.

Thomas Summers had himself an evening, with his worst light in SPORTSMAN being an .025 in the first round against Brandon Bennett. In the second round, he was .012 against Dale Boyer and was .012 again in the third round against John McEwan. In the fourth round, he felt he could do a little better with a .007 and then in the fifth was .004. Are you seeing a trend here?

Derek Simon worked his way through some pretty tough competition including taking out Sandy Hensley in the first round, Jaeden Durst in the second round and Andrew Coffey in the third round. Fortunately for Derek, his light in round three was enough to give him a bye into the semis where he eventually knocked off Jennifer Cooper to seal his place in the finals.

In the finals, Thomas Summers was able to knock off a .001 light, running down to a 12.999 on a 12.95, while Derek had run under the dial 15.248 on a 15.32 trying to get there first.

It was kind of cool looking at the run sheets seeing Thomas improve slowly but surely and then, all of a sudden, put it all together for the Edelbrock Sportsman delivered on time by TFC Transportation win.Thomas Summers - Sportsman Winner

With that win, Thomas was able to move up to the number one spot with nine points and one feature win, while Derek Simon moved up to the number two spot with seven points.

In Edelbrock Stock Randy King made it down to the finals to face off against Danny Hagar.

Danny had his act together all night with good lights, but in the final round against Randy King, he tried too hard on the tree and ended up red. Randy ran a 9.794 on a 9.72.

We were fortunate enough to be celebrating two different company days last Saturday. First, Kubota Orange days from our friends at Krystowski Tractor Sales and second was the Owen’s Corning company day headed up by Don Kosanka.

As part of the Owen’s Corning day, employees were able to come out and spend the day at the track, and even participate in their own race.

Hali Kosanka, last year’s winner, made it down to the finals again this year after defeating John Hernandez and his 2013 Camaro.

The other half of the final was Jen Common in her 2016 Explorer, and she knocked out Todd Carlson and his 2013 Mercedes in the first round.

The finals were pretty cut and dry as Jen red lit and Hali Kosanka was able to retain her title as “Owens Corning Champion”.

Despite the fact that Murphy’s Law always applies to Summit Motorsports Park, it was an awesome weekend. We had a pit area full of cars, beautiful blue skies all day and everybody made it home safe and sound. We won’t be seeing all of you this next weekend at the 11th Annual Cavalcade of Stars presented by Budweiser, however, the 5th edition of our Edelbrock Super Series follows the very next weekend on May 27th!

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