New Tech Procedure

Beginning this Friday, for all Friday Test-n-Tune and Edelbrock Super Series points races, our tech will be in a stationary location on the Summit Side, in front of the hospitality chalet.  Racers can access this location by crossing behind the head of staging sign, proceeding west through the staging lanes and turning right at the UPS trailer.

All racers must go through tech, to have their car inspected and to turn in your completed and sign tech card.  Once a vehicle has been teched and receives a sticker, the vehicle does not have to be inspected for 3 months, unless something on the car has been changed or if the race vehicle has had an Extended Tech Inspection (an NHRA ETI).  However, racers must still turn in their completed and signed tech card to a Tech Official for each event at this location.

There are items that require SFI serial numbers and expiration dates, product names, etc.  We ask all racers to have this information with you when you come to tech to expedite the process.  A copy of the front and back side of the tech card can be seen here.



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