Evan's Weekly Recap - April 22, 2017

NoviceAlena Shafer, Novice Winner!
Our Bear Motorsports Novice Jr. Dragster presented by Wiseco welcomed three brand new racers to the category, Aj Gramlich, Alena Schafer and Vince Tiburzi, all of whom made their way down to the semi-final round! Ultimately Alena Schafer secured the win over Aj Gramlich in the final round. Despite only being able to crown one a winner, there is certainly a lot of promise with the 2nd and 3rd generation racers coming out of the novice category.

IntermediateZach Smith, Intermediate Winner!
The winners circle for Bear Motorsports Intermediate Jr. Dragster presented by Wiseco saw former track champion Zach Smith’s freshly painted Halfscale Jr. Dragster parked there for the first time this season. Alongside him in the final round was Logan Buckley who was also piloting his new American Racer Cars Jr. Dragster for the first time this season. Zach a former track champion will certainly be one to watch coming up through the ranks, and Logan a third generation drag racer himself is also on to a promising season.

AdvancedKevin Waite, Advance Winner!
In Bear Motorsports Advanced Jr. Dragster presented by Wiseco, Kevin Waite and Noah Rambow duked it out, a final which ultimately saw Kevin Waite taking home the first Edelbrock Super Series win of the season on a red light. Both Kevin and Noah were green all day until the final round where Noah was a little too aggressive on the tree and ended up on the wrong side of green.

Edelbrock NHRA Jr. Street
Edelbrock NHRA Jr. Street is a great opportunity for younger racers to get a taste of drag racing out of their Jr. Dragster and in a big car. Saturday’s NHRA Jr. Street final was well contested between two promising drivers, Aubrey Collins and Michael Crowell. Although Michael had the better of the two lights he can too quick, as Aubrey Collins claims the victory going 10.36 on a 10.35.

ProEd Moreland, Pro Winner!
Our largely contested Edelbrock Pro Class saw great racing from beginning to end with drivers remaining consistent from 7:30 pm until 4:00 am Sunday morning. Fighting until the bitter end were Ed Moreland and Jaeden Durst. Both drivers were set on kill all evening, however, it always takes at least one lucky break to make it to the winners circle at the end of the night, Jaeden’s came in round 1, and Ed’s came in round 3.

In the first round Jaeden lined up against Doug Richards who had him beat on the tree, and after both drivers race their way down to the 1/8 mile Jaeden came away victorious with the double breakout win.

Ed’s came in the third round against Jeff Pishner, who was .021 to Moreland’s .052. Despite what happened on the starting line Moreland was able to run down the finish line first with a 6.53 on a .51, to Pishners 7.09 on the .04.

Aside from these two moments both drivers were out ahead on the tree and first to the finish line until they met in the final round. Unfortunately for Jaeden the evening had caught up with him when he was .005 red to Moreland’s .031 green.

It was definitely a treat watching Ed pull 60’ foot wheelies in his Monte Carlo all the way to the winners circle.

Our unluckiest loser in Pro goes to Mr. Nick Moss. In the first round Nick lined up against Joe Soucek Sr. who put together a cheeky 10 thousandths package to end Nick’s night early. Nick was .013 and ran a .52 on his 6.54 trying to get to the finish line first. A lap which in Nick’s defense was round win worthy.

Super BikeNick Shaw, Superbike Winner!
In Wiseco Cycletech Superbike Nick Shaw rode his hyabusa to a class win against Matt Short.

Matt’s lucky break came his first trip down the track in round 1 against Michael Maday. Maday was .013 to Short’s .022 but ran too quick keeping Short in competition and allowing him to race down to the finals.

Shaw’s lucky break came in round 2 against Kyle Dolamore who was way out in front off of the starting line but a double breakout win gave the advantage and round win to Nick Shaw.

The final round saw yet another double breakout win to the advantage of Nick Shaw. Short had the starting line advantage but was under his dial in .023 compared to Shaw running under by just .008.

There is no doubt we have the toughest group of bike riders in the area, and it never fails every pair that goes down the track leaves me feeling like less of a man.

Super ProSteve Schmidt, Super Pro Winner!
Some of the tightest racing we see on any given weekend comes from our Edelbrock Super Pro category, and despite the fact we’ve started a new season, the same old faces keep popping up. The finals of Edelbrock Super Pro saw Steven Schmidt and Aj Buchanan battling it out early Sunday morning.

Before we get to the finals, lets talk about Steven Schmidt. I’ve kind of discussed every bodies one lucky break to make it to the final round, Mr. Steven Schmidt made his own luck. All. Night. The furthest Schmidt ran off of his dial was .015. Couple that with the fact that his worst light of the night was .020, his performance really speaks for itself.

Unfortunately for Aj Buchanan I’m not sure there was anything he could do to stand in the way of Steven Schmidt and simply became yet another victim. Aj was also deadly consistent all evening was not only our runner up but our unluckiest loser as well. Take Aj’s evening to any other racetrack in the country and you’d find yourself cracking a cold one in the winners circle, but not at Norwalk. He was actually the first dude all night to tree Mr. Schmidt, but per usual Mr. Schmidt was only .011 off the dial in.

SportsmanNick Hastings, Sportsman Winner!
How do we talk about Edelbrock Sportsman without talking about Nick Hastings. He shows up late and still parks the winningest fox body of all time in the winners circle. He did not get beat on the tree one time, and the only time he broke out was by a tenth in a bye run in the quarter finals.

Nick’s competition for the evening, a man known as Cody until at least 5 in the morning, wheeled his little AMC Spirit past some pretty competitive names to the final round. By the finals we knew the young man as Cody Carpenter, and unfortunately for Cody he would need a prayer answered by the AMC god’s themselves to navigate past Nick Hastings.

In that final round Cody ran a 9.556 on a 9.54 but unfortunately for Cody, once Nick is out in front it is awfully tough to reel him in, and Nick Hastings found himself once again parked in the winners circle.

In our Edelbrock Stock category we saw two veteran drivers take to their grocery getters to duke it out. Derek Simmons  and Matthew Ball made their way down to the finals where Matthew Ball ultimately took home the hardware with an .070 reaction time and running a 10.89 on an .86.

In the first round Matthew Ball lined up alongside Shane and Gary Osborne who dropped a perfect light in their Rav4 but unfortunately was not enough to wheel the round one win. Derek Simmons missed the tree in round one but was saved by the red light of Jacob Norman; shockingly our two stock finalists made it out of first round by the skin of their teeth.

The final pair went down the track at 4:45 am Sunday morning, which at this point in my life really should not surprise me but yet for some reason it does. Despite the long hours it was awesome to be back in the booth with Skeet, as I’m sure you all are far more excited than I am, and just being back out at the track feels long overdue.

Thanks for sticking it out with us, we’ll see you back again next weekend!

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