Results for Halloween Classic

After playing in the rain for a few days, drivers and riders rolled into the final day of racing at the week-long party known as the Halloween Classic presented by Harland Sharp at Summit Motorsports Park, Oct. 16-23, 2016.

As usual, they brought the heat on both ends of the track through several rounds of competition, and awaiting winners in most categories were the time-honored trophies sculpted in the likeness of a Gremlin with an expression that’s mischievous yet menacing.

In Hays Stock, Cody Carpenter of Lodi, Ohio cruised his Spirit to the win with a 9.65 on a 9.64 dial-in, while Jason Keller of Toledo, Ohio, recorded a 6.02 on a 5.79 dial-in for the runner-up. 

Chas Lang of Norwalk, Ohio trapped a 7.77 on a 7.74 dial-in to take a trip to the winner’s circle in Accel Sportsman Delivered on Time by TFC Transportation over Ralph Bower of Mt. Vernon, Ohio, who ran on his 7.57 dial-in but wasn’t as quick at the hit as his fellow competitor. 

The pressure was on in the highly competitive Lakewood Pro, where Wes Buckley of Toledo, Ohio and Jeff Spring of Newark, Ohio, lined up against each other. When the tree dropped, Buckley was off with an .041 and to the stripe with a 5.93 on his 5.94 dial-in, but Spring was a tick too quick, turned on the red light and took the runner-up spot. 

Quick Time Super Pro, where delay boxes are king, promised a heated battle between Randy Scheuer, Jr. of Toledo, Ohio and Dave Kinney of Canton, Ohio. Scheuer, Jr. was off the starting line with an .012 and to the finish line with a 4.73 on his 4.72 for the win over Kinney, who was 4.85 on his 4.83. 

The high-winding world of Wiseco/Cycle Tech Super Bike pitted veteran riders Rick McWaters of Bucyrus, Ohio and Joe Novak, Jr. of Monroe, Michigan against each other. McWaters wasted no time leaving the starting line, as he was .000 and 5.15 on his 5.11 dial-in for the win over Novak, Jr., who was no slouch with a 5.42 on his 5.40.

Graphics Inc Top Gun Shootout saw Ron Biondo of Macedonia, Ohio, push his ’94 Lumina to a 4.59 on a 4.52 dial-in to defeat Brian Yanchik of Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, whose ’96 Beretta turned off the timers at 4.80 on a 4.70 dial-in. Both drivers were close on the tree, with Bionda launching in .035 seconds and Yanchik launching in .033 seconds. 

In Trick Flow Specialties Ultimate Performer, Zack Manuel of Elyria, Ohio leaped off the line in .028 seconds and sailed to a 4.78 on a 4.76 dial-in to earn the win over Ron Barnhill of Fredericktown, Ohio, who dipped under with a 5.22 on a 5.23 dial-in.

In Injector Experts Last Chance, Roy Safreed, II of New Cumberland, West Virginia was 5.48 on a 5.44 dial-in to claim victory over Andy Kasinec of St. Clair Shores, Michigan, who was better at the hit but slowed to a 7.30 on a 7.24 dial-in.

A runoff between Quick Time Super Pro winner Scheuer, Jr. and Accel Sportsman Delivered on Time by TFC Transportation winner Chas Lang capped off the 2016 Halloween Classic presented by Harland Sharp, and while Scheuer, Jr. was ready with an .012 and flat-footed his dragster to a 4.69 on his 4.71 dial-in, Lang turned on the red before driving his door car to a 7.79 on his 7.72 dial-in.

Additional results from earlier in the week include the Callies Performance Products Wednesday Box Gamblers race, which Tom Ferguson won over Lisa Boes, and the Fleenor Racing Transmissions Wednesday No Box Gamblers race, which Chad Pocock won over Nick Hastings.

In the R&R Autobody Pageant of Excellence, winners were Justin Hardy’s dragster for Open Bodied; Jason Jenson’s 1965 Malibu for Full Bodied; Rick Locker’s ’68 ‘Cuda for Pro; Larry Strohscher’s Mustang for Sportsman and Tim Walker’s Hayabusa for Super Bike. 

In the Gordon Food Service Adult Costume Contest, Christopher Schneider won Most Original with his “Bill Bader, Jr. - Rain Master” costume, while Diane McEwen won Scariest with her “Nurse from ‘Silent Hill’ ” and Charlie Moore, Jr. won for his “Shi****’s Full” costume. Kara Jo Bowman’s “Armed and Dangerous” costume took Sexiest.

John LaVere pushed his Mustang to the furtherest and highest wheelstand to win the Trick Flow Specialties Bumper Draggin’ Air Show. 

Results for the Thermo-Tech Kid’s Halloween Costume Contest presented by Kelleys Island Venture Resort will be posted soon.

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- By Mary Lendzion




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