Evan's Edelbrock Super Series #8 Recap

On Friday nights, Super 64 Presented by McIlvain Race Cars Nick Hastings, Vic Ellinger, Steven Schmidt and Craig Adams worked their way past 15 of 2017’s best drivers in Edelbrock Super Pro, Pro, Sportsman and Wiseco Cycletech Superbike for the chance to take home ten thousand dollars.

The first pair of our runoff featured winners from Edelbrock Sportsman, delivered on time by TFC Transportation and Edelbrock Pro, with Nick Hastings and Vic Ellinger representing their respective classes. Nick was ready to rock on the starting line busting out a .001 light to Vic’s .020, while running dead on his dial in with a five for a .006 package while Vic ran under by .003 trying to keep up, essentially mathematically eliminated.

In the second half of our runoff Steven Schmidt of Edelbrock Super Pro duked it out with Craig Adams representing Wiseco Cycletech Superbike. This race was rather short lived as right off the bat Craig Adams hit the tree too hard, and leaving just .003 too quick, while Steven left the line with an .023 light and the win.

In the final of the Super 64 presented by McIlvain Race Cars Steven Schmidt and Nick Hastings gave us an awesome race. Nick left the line about five seconds before Steven as he was dialed 12.15 to Steven’s 7.26. nick left with an .022 light while Steven left with an .018 light, only giving himself an advantage of .004. At the big end of the racetrack Nick had no other option but to keep his foot in it as he saw Steven Schmidt’s rail approached at about 180 miles per hour, and ended up breaking out by about .007, while Steven Schmidt slide home at a 7.277.

I was not in the winner’s circle that evening, but I can only imagine the emotions on the track as Steven came back up to collect his check. With all the struggles they’ve dealt with this season, this one was well earned, and spoiler alert, his weekend was just getting started.

On Saturday night eight juniors from each of our Bear Motorsports Jr, Dragster, presented by Wisecocategory had the opportunity to race in front of a packed house at the 40th Anniversary of the Kelly Services Night Under Fire.

In Bear Motorsports Novice Jr. Dragster, presented by Wiseco Nick Peters, Peyton Novak, Alex Cooper, Vince Tiburzi, Roman Iocoangeli, Gabe Wojnowski, Alena Schafer and Aj Gramlich all represented the class, and Roman Iocoangeli and Nick Peters met in the finals.

Nick had to work his way past both Peyton Novak and Alex Cooper to earn his spot, while Roman took out Gabe Wojo and Alena Schafer.

In the final round, Roman had a pretty killer bulb putting Nick behind the eight ball almost instantly, and while trying to make up for it at the top end of the racetrack broke out by .001 giving Roman Iocoangeli the win in Bear Motorsports Novice Jr. Dragster, presented by Wiseco.

In Bear Motorsports Intermediate Jr. Dragster, presented by Wiseco Ava Lawson, Zach Smith, Tyler Crowell, Jesse Mitschke, Cruz Schafer, Ava Tiburzi, Brandon Buchanan and Zak Etzel all represented the class, while Tyler Crowell and Brandon Buchanan worked their way down to the finals.

Tyler took out Jesse Mitschke and Ava Lawson on his road to the finals, while Brandon worked his way past Zak Etzel and Cruz Schafer to find the final round.

In the finals, Tyler got beat by Brandon on the tree, but stayed with it through the finish line to go 8.951 on an 8.93 while Brandon did everything he could to stay with him, while unfortunately breaking out, and turning on the win light in Tyler Crowell’s lane.

In Bear Motorsports Advanced Jr. Dragster, presented by Wiseco Kevin Waite, Michael Crowell, Mackenzie Kerns, Noah Rambow, Kaitlyn Curtis, Aubrey Collins, Bryce Buehrer and Allyson Downs all represented the class, with Bryce Buehrer and Kaitlyn Curtis driving to the finals.

Bryce had to drive past Allyson Downs and Kevin Waite to get to the finals, while Kaitlyn had to take out Aubrey Collins, and Mackenzie Kerns to advance to the finals.

In the final round, Bryce Chopped the tree down on Kaitlyn, allowing him to run a 7.939 on a .90 to pick up the win, making the dead seven pass of Kaitlyn not enough for the win.

After two incredible days of racing we were left with a third and final day of incredible racing, with points, a Wally and a trip to the 2017 Bracket finals on the line.

In Edelbrock Pro Nick Moss kept his hot streak alive meeting up with Joe Oswald in the finals.

In the first-round Nick got away with one with Megan Kerns smacked him around pretty good on the tree. Megan was .008 but ran off her dial while Nick crossed the line on a 10.097 on a 10.07. In the second-round Nick came back to face off with Larry Shawberry. Nick got the best of his opponent on the starting line this round registering a .005 light and running 10.112 on a 10.10, while Shawberry ran a 10.059 on a 10.03. In the third-round Nick made it look easy against Lori Abshire with a .022 light and a 10.136 elapsed time on his 10.10 dial in. Nick’s fourth-round matchup was another young man who has been feeling it the last few weeks, Austin Lenz. Austin gave Nick a good race with only a .006 advantage going to Nick on the starting line. At the finish line Nick sealed the deal running .021 over his dial in, while Austin was .034 over. Brian Hurst was next in line for Nick after knocking Austin out. Brian had Nick on the ropes on the starting like going .006 to Nicks solid .012; but at the top end Brian ran under by .007 while Nick goes dead .004 to turn on the win light. Nick go through the quarter finals via a Tony Udovich red light, and slid through the semis with a bye run.

Joe Oswald’s route to the finals started with a red light win against Sean Dornan in the first-round. Joe’s second round win came against an un-named driver when he put four in his back pocket off the starting line and never looked back. Coming back for round number three Josh Brown was Joe’s next opponent. Joe once again won the battle on the starting line and the finish line running .05 over his dial while Josh ran .06 over his dial in. In the fourth-round Jeff Pishner gave joe a pretty race with a .007 light to Joe’s .009. At the top end, Jeff came out second best with a 11.142 on an 11.12 while Joe was 9.559 on a 9.54. In the round of ten Joe met up with Lee Newmeyer, who came out second best in a double breakout that saw Joe advance to the quarter finals where he picked up the bye into the semifinals. In the semi’s, Joe picked up the break out win over Mark Frazier, to meet up with Nick Moss in the finals.

In the final round, Joe was bested by Nick .031 to Nick’s .027. At the top end, it was just as close as Joe broke out by .001, running a 9.529 on a 9.53, while Nick ran a 10.106 on a 10.12.

With this win, Joe moves into the number nineteen spot with ten points and one feature win, while Nick Moss sits in the number two spot with nineteen points and one feature win.

In Edelbrock Super Pro Steven Schmidt wrapped up a dream weekend against John Boes. 

Steven’s day started off with a bit of good fortune against Alex Miller. Alex was set to kill with a perfect light to Steven’s .014, but both drivers kept their foot in all the way down the track and Steven came away with the double break out win. Steven was only .009 under while Alex was under by almost .050. In the second-round Steven was the recipient of a red light win from joe Kieffer who was .063 on the wrong side. Coming back for the third-round Steven knocked out an un-named driver who gave him a run for his money at the start, but at the top end broke out leaving the win light on for Steven. It was in the fourth-round against Jim Berschneider was when Steve really started to heat up. Even though Steve picked up the win on a red light, he still went out and laid down an .011 package, with a .006 up front running dead five on the back end. As if that wasn’t enough, in the fifth-round he picked up another red light win against Steven Davenport, while laying down a .005 package in the process, .003 dead two. Steve met some stiff competition in the semi’s as he lined up against Randy Scheuer Jr. This was one of the rare occurrences on the day where Steven was beat on the tree, but Randy had him .003 to .015. Randy was on pace to pick up the round win but ran a 7.465 on his .48, allowing Steven to slide in safe, sealing his trip to the finals.

John Boes began the day picking up his round-one win against Hunter Gillam. John made the win look easy with an .019 light and a 7.88 lap. Coming back for the second-round John was one of the first ones out again, this time with Kyle Quick, and again John made it look easy as Kyle had issues leaving the line. John was .024 running 7.801. In the third-round John met up with Rick Cermak. John was ready for Rick with a .008 off the start but Rick was red instantly turning on the win light for Mr. Boes. In the fourth-round John was faced with the task of getting around Dennis Rock, fresh off a 10k big check. John was un-phased with a .005 reaction time while Dennis was just behind .026. At the top end Boes sealed the deal 7.726 on a 7.71, while Dennis was just off his 7.98 with an 8.002. In both the quarter-finals against Tom Bumgardner, and the semi-finals against Walt Hout, John picked up the win via red light and parked his dragster in the finals against Steve Schmidt.

In the final round, both drivers were well matched on the starting line, Steven was .011 and John was .015; however, at the top end of the racetrack is where the drivers were separated, as Steven ran dead on his dial in with a two, while John broke out by .007 trying to keep up.

With this win, Steven moves up to the number two spot with nineteen points and two feature wins, while John sits in the number four spot, right behind Lisa, with eighteen points.

In Wiseco Cycletech Superbike Ed James worked his way down the finals along with young Michael Maday.

In the first-round Ed picked up the double break out win over Tim Walker, running under by .019 with an .019 light. In the second-round Hunter Swanger was having some issues as Ed ran away with a pretty easy round win. Coming back in the third-round Ed laid down a lap going dead eight while his opponent, Roy Safreed II broke out by .010. In the quarter-finals Ed picked up the bye run, to face Jim Chongris in the semis. In Ed’s matchup against Jim, Ed came away with the starting line advantage .022 to the .099 of Chongris. At the top end both drivers slowed up and James slid through first with a 8.62 to Jim’s 8.044 to advance to the final round.

Michael Maday’s day got started with a TruStart win over Brent Hageman. In the second-round Mike made it look very easy against Randy King, who had some difficulty getting off the starting line, and Mike wrapped up the race with a 9.553. In the third-round Michael met up with Jason Keller. Michael was .021 to Jason’s .036, at the top end Michael was 9.528 for the win over Jason’s 8.123. IN the fourth-round Michael picked up another red light win against Tj Davis who just missed the tree .012. Michael picked up the bye in the semi-finals giving him a free pass to the final round against Ed James.

In the final round matchup Michael came away with the advantage on the line .016 to Ed’s .031. Down track Michael wrapped up the race running 9.536 to Ed’s 8.644.

With this win, Ed James moves up to the number five spot, with ten points.

In Edelbrock Sportsman, delivered on time by TFC Transportation Larry Strohscher battled down to the finals against Tom Hutman.

In the first-round Larry Strohscher was involved in a real good drag race against Doug Richards. Both drivers left with an .026 light but Doug ran too quick on the big end allowing Strohscher the win on a 12.050 pass. In the second-round Larry picked up the red light win against Lisa Gallegos, but earned it with an .015 light running 12.07 on the .03. In the third-round Larry narrowly avoided an early exit against Brittany Dumonte. Brittany put two in her back pocket on the starting line, but both drivers stayed in it through the finish line and Larry walked away with the double break out win, running under by .022 while Brittany was under by .024. In the fourth-round Larry met up another sportsman hitter Thomas Summers. Larry actually got away with one here as Thomas had him but a bunch on the starting line but ran too quick on the big end, and allowed Larry the win light and a trip to the quarter-finals. In the quarters, Larry picked up another break out win against Jim Pidgeon. Jim had him on the tree by just a few but ran under by .003 and wrapped up his afternoon. In the semifinals, Larry faced off against Owen Hoover and tree’d him pretty good, allowing Larry to run 12.084 on the 12.04, sealing Larry’s place in the final round.

Tom Hutman started off his day against an un-named driver in a nineteen second car and made pretty short work of him to move into the second-round. Coming back for round two Hutman picked up an easy win against Robert Callipare, taking a bunch on the starting line and never looking back. In the third round Hutman dodged a bullet named Steve Gomez. Hutman was way late on the tree but was saved by the .008 red light of Steve Gomez, and was able to drive into the next round. In the fourth-round Hutman picked up the win light in a good race against Roy Dean. Hutman cut the tree in half on Dean and finished him off on the top end going 12.631 on a 12.60. Hutman picked up the bye in the quarter-finals for a trip into the semis against Chris Kern. Hutman was just a tick late, but Kern bit off more than he could chew on the tree and ended up with a red light, allowing Hutman a free pass into the final round against Larry Strohscher.

In the final round, both drivers were within .006 of each other on the starting line, and on the end Larry ran 12.06 on the .05, while Hutman took too much stripe, running under by about .05.

With this win, Larry moves to the top with twenty two points and two feature wins.



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