Evan's Edelbrock Super Series #6 Recap

Lisa Boes Queen of the Track

Our Mid-Season Championship saw beautiful weather and awesome racing. To top it all off we did Thermo-Tec Kids Night to celebrate Delbert’s birthday, a Finish Line Club dinner brought to you by Dornan’s Sales and Service and the Summit Racing Equipment King of the Track which saw our nightly winners in Edelbrock Pro, Super Pro, Sportsman and Wiseco Cycletech Superbike run off at the end of the night for title of King (or Queen) of the track and take home the highly-coveted Wally.

We get things started in our Bear Motorsports Jr. Dragster presented by Wiseco division.Vince Tiburzi Novice Winner

In our Novice Category Roman Iocoangeli battled past a group of youngsters to find his place in the final round. In the first-round, he beat Alex Cooper off the line to run dead on his 11.98 dial in. Coming back in Round 2 he was actually beat off the line by Nick Peters, but through some top end magic Roman pulled off the W going 12.05 on the 11.90 dial.

The other half of our final was young Vince Tiburzi. In the first-round Vince had a stellar light against Ian Gates to aid him in getting to the finish line first, 11.99 on the 1190. In the second-round, he lined up against Peyton Novak, where he once again had a stellar light, and picked up the round win going 11.97 on the 11.90.

In the final round of Bear Motorsports Novice Jr. Dragster presented by Wiseco Vince Tiburzi had a huge starting line advantage with a .014 reaction time, topping it off with an 11.909 on an 11.90 dial. Roman was under his dial by .008 in an attempt to make up for the lost ground on the starting line.

In Bear Motorsports Intermediate Jr. Dragster presented by WisecoJesse Mitschke Intermediate Winner Jesse “Fire” Mitschke battled through four rounds to find the finals. In the first round, she lined up against Antonio Iocoangeli. Fire was fortunate that Antonio was a little antsy on the tree and was .009 red while Fire was pretty late and just under her dial in by .003. In the second round, she battled it out against Lizzie Martel. This time Fire was read for the tree and took a good sized starting line advantage to the finish line for the win running 8.942 on an 8.90.

In the quarter finals, she met up with the always competitive Zach Smith. Unfortunately for Zach this round he missed the tree and watched Fire light up the win light going 8.92 on an 8.90. In the semi-finals, Cruz was next in line to try and put out the Fire but was unsuccessful. Cruzer was late on the tree allowing Fire to ride to a comfortable 9.002 on an 8.90.

Lined up alongside Fire in the final round was Ava Lawson. In the first-round Ava picked up a red light win as Zak Etzel was -.081, while Ava went 8.914 on an 8.90. The second was pretty similar for Ava against little Cannons, Brandon Buchanan. Brandon was looking for that great light but ended up -.021 and watched Ava cruise to another round win. In the semi’s, Ava met up with Lindsey Short; Both ladies left the line with killer lights but with Lindsey lagging behind just a bit she ran under her 8.94 dial in trying to beat Ava to the finish line. Ava finished the race going 8.962 on the 8.90 she was sporting all day.

In the finals with Fire and Alicia, Ava left the line a little anxiously and went .034 red to give Fire her first win of the season.

In Bear Motorsports Advanced Junior Dragster presented by Wiseco Aubrey Collins wheeled her way to another final round against Bayly Russell.Aubrey Collins Advance Winner & NHRA Jr Street Winner

Aubrey fought her way to a tough win in the first round against Derrick Wolfe. Derrick was .038 to Aubrey’s .039. In a tight race that went down to the finish line Aubrey came away with the win running dead on the number with a 7.978 to Derricks 8.248 on an 8.19. Coming back in the second-round Aubrey met up with Amanda Shaw. Aubrey was set on kill in round two with a .007 light on one end, and a 7.974 on a 7.97 for a .011 package. Unfortunately for Amanda there was not a whole lot she could do as she was really just in the way running under her dial-in.

Aubrey’s previous round light was enough to grant her the bye into the semifinals where she met Bryce Buehrer where she followed up a .007 light with a .008 light and a 7.98 on a 7.97 on the big end. Bryce ran dead on his dial but was too slow leaving the starting line and could do nothing but watch as Aubrey lit up the win light.

In the first round Bayly Russell fought past Kaitlin Zietlow in a heads up 7.90 race. Bayly left the starting line first which equated to the win at the big end running 7.926 on the 7.90 while Kaitlin ran under her 7.90 trying to outrun Bayly. Coming back in round number two Bayly and Dalton Conn both turned the tree red but Bayly earns the win with the -.003 to Dalton’s -.058. In the quarter finals Bayly went to battle alongside Sarah “Ice” Mitschke. Bayly, fresh off a red light win the round before picked up another this round against Ice. Ice was -.018 to Bayly’s .020 positive. Bayly, seeing the win light flashing, ran the car out on the big end going 7.897 on the 7.92. Into the semi-finals Bayly picked up the third consecutive red light win against Allie Harrison. Allie was pretty early and allowed Bayly to run it out again, this time going 7.919 on the 7.90.

The final round featuring Aubrey Collins and Bayly Russel was over before it even started. Bayly was ready to tree Aubrey but was just a little too ready and went red .009. Aubrey was dialed 7.97 all day was must have been holding some as she laid down the 7.902 on her final lap in the junior for the day.

We pick up some more junior action in Edelbrock NHRA Jr. Street with the already victorious Aubrey Collins and Michael Crowell meeting in the final round.

In the first-round Aubrey ran a good race and watched as her opponent broke out by a bunch as she marched on. In the semis, she took out Cody Frey with an .044 light and running a 10.034 on a 10.00 dial in.

Michael earned the bye in the first round with his reaction time in time trials, and met up with Bryce Buehrer in the semifinals. Michael left the round victorious as Bryce was a bit too ambitious on the tree, turning it .026 red.

In the finals, Michael actually had the starting line advantage with an .031 light to Aubrey’s .057. Michael fell off a bit though on the big end going 11.41 on the 11.26 and allowed Aubrey to slide in with the win.

Not a bad day for Aubrey picking up two class wins in one day, one in a big car and one in the junior.

Moving into the big car portion of the program, we begin with Edelbrock Pro, which featured a couple young guns in Frank McCullough and Nick Moss.Nick Moss Pro Winner

Nick came up against a tough customer in the first round as Ed Moreland tried to spoil the day. Ed left first with a .009 followed by Nick’s .019. In the second-round Nick came away the victor in another tight race against Bryan Workman. Upon further review, it was actually a real right race. Nick was .004 dead three for a .007 package while Workman was .018 dead one for a .019 package. Nick continued the domination the following round against Taylor Young with ANOTHER .009 package. Back to back .009 package. Ain’t. Bad. The next round he lined up against the big man on campus Matt Dadas going dead on. AGAIN. Dead nine to be exact with an .016 light. It’s not too often Matt Dadas is simply in this way but this was one of those times. Nick continued racing out of his mind into the next round where he took out our points leader with, get this, a .004 package. Is this even possible?

Frankie McCullough had a pretty good road to the finals as well dropping a .00 light on Jeff Fargo in the first round. Second round he was the first pair down with Chris Conn, who went red advancing Frankie to the next round. McCullough took another red light win in the fourth round against Mike Kelley, and then finally in the fifth-round Frank put together a killer .012 package against Katrina Moss in his first win of the night not produced by a red light. He then took the bye into the final round.

The finals got started off hot and heavy with Frankie leaving .017 and being followed by Nick .018. At the big end they Frankie was under by .011 as Nick drove by with the win light 10.063.

In Edelbrock Super Pro Lisa Boes worked her way to the finals against Ryan Pickens.

Lisa’s first round race against Bill DeBenedictis was pretty straight forward as she put two in her back pocket off the starting line and cruised to the win. The next round Lisa lined up against Stephen Miglets in a much closer race. Lisa was dialed in with a .004 and drove away with it on the top end with a 7.689. Coming back in the third round was her toughest matchup yet, Alex Miler. Alex was .005 to Lisa’s perfect light and slide in safe 7.691 on a 7.66. Alex put together a good lap but it wasn’t good enough for Lisa’s great lap. Tim Buckley was Lisa’s next victim in the fourth round; Lisa had not been late all day and this round was no exception going .007, dead nine for a .016 package. She followed that up with a perfect light against Don Kosanka’s red in the fifth round. Lisa earned the bye run into the semifinals round which carried her to the final round against Ryan Pickens.

Ryan kicked things off in the first round against Carl Baker. Pickens ran a tight race at both ends making short work of Mr. Baker and advancing to the second round. Second round he came out against Ken Kennedy Jr. where he ran even a tighter race going .001 on the line and running it out the backdoor 7.967 on the 97 as Kennedy was .003 red. In the third-round Ryan narrowly avoided defeat at the hands of Matt Dadas. Matt had him by a couple tenths off the starting line but was off his dial-in just enough to allow Ryan to slide in safe. Ryan earned the bye in the fourth round and advanced into the fifth round to take on Tim Schmidt. Ryan took a bunch of the starting line and the race was almost over before it began with Ryan ultimately picking up the win going 8.004 on his 7.97. In the semifinals, Ryan ran his closest race of the night against Eric Manuel. Both drivers left the line with identical lights with Ryan picking up the win at the finish line going 7.981 on a .98, while Manual ran a 7.377 on a .37.

In the finals, Lisa remained lethal on the tree with an .013 light, giving herself about three tenths off the line and allowing her to run 7.687 on the .67 dial-in and pick up the win. Although Pickens started out behind he finished the race going 7.984 on the .98 but wasn’t enough for the win.

With this win, Lisa moves right up the points standings to the top spot with thirteen points and one feature win.

In Wiseco Cycletech Superbike Craig Adams and John Weisz went at it.Craig Adams Super Bike Winner

In the first-round Craig made short work of Randy King smacking the tree and taking care of business at the big end. In the second-round, Craig once again made short work of his opponent, this time it was the unsuspecting Michael Maday. ­Don Stokes was next in line for Craig Adams and he just kept doing what he does best; he smacked the tree and wrapped it up at the finish line. In the semifinals, Craig ran his toughest race of the night against Mike Wagner. Craig was .007 while Wagner .011, while the race was decided by a double break out with Craig running under 8.129 on the 8.06 while Mike ran under 8.276 on the 8.31.

John Weisz was the other half of our final and got things started with a pretty solid lap against Ryan Robaugh in the first round; .008, 9.071 on the 9.06. In the second-round, he was fortunate enough to pick up the red light win against Tim Walker as he was unusually late, but still rode away with the round win. In the third-round John’s night almost came to an end against Jim Chongris. John was beat on the tree for the first time all night by Jim, .009 to .022, but picked up the W via the double break out win. 9.091 on the 9.11 to Chongris’ 8.03 on the 8.05. Into the semifinal round now TruStart picked John as the winner over Ed James as he was -.011 to James’ -.057.

The final round almost seemed like just another round for Craig Adams as he rolled up to the starting line against John Weisz. Craig was ready to go with a .012 light, leaving the starting line with a few tenths to work with. At the top end, Craig finished things off running 8.129 on an 8.06, as John was 9.145 on a 9.07.

With this Craig moves up to the number five spot, with seven points and one feature win, while John Weisz is up in the number two spot with nine points.

In Edelbrock Sportsman, delivered on time by TFC Transportation Jaeden Durst wheeled his way to the finals against four door George Lampshire.Jaden Durst Sportsman Winner

In the first-round Jaeden Durst rode up in his street driven Cobalt to face off against Alyssa Galanek. Jaeden picked up the win at Alyssa ran under by just .010. Coming back in round two Jaeden faced off against Arnold Cantrell, and the ole’ Cobalt came away victorious once again with yet another terrific bulb doing it with the footbrake. In the third-round Jaeden met up with points leader Derek Simon and to everyone’s surprise hit the tree even HARDER going .016 and ending the night for the man at the top of the standings. Coming back for the quarter-finals Jaeden picked up a red light win against Bob Spishak; however, Jaeden was more than ready with an .019 light, going 16.81 on a .77. In the semis, Dale Boyer rolled up and did what he could to end Jaeden’s night but it was wasn’t enough. Jaeden came away with the double break out win and a trip to the finals in the Cobalt.

The other half of our final, four door George, had to fight his way past the Maniac Mike Willi; and did so on a double break out, only running under by .005. In the second round, it was George and Joe Galanek. After neither driver was too hot to trot off the starting line, four door George took his two tenths off the starting line and carried it down to the big end for the round win. George’s race next round was with Brandon Bennett, and presented a bit of a challenge, at least initially. Brandon had almost five off the starting line but due to some mechanical failure I suspect fell off at the top end and George drove around him to advance into the quarterfinals. In the quarters, George faced off against last year’s Sportsman champion, Jim Ring. George cut a great light and Jim did what he could to keep up but came up just short turning the tree red.

In the finals, George cut his best light of the night .004 to Jaeden’s .037, both guys were in such a hurry they broke up with the advantage going to Jaeden. Jaeden was only under by .002 but George was under by almost a tenth, and gave Jaeden the win.

This win moved Jaeden up to the number three spot with ten points and one feature win, while George is in a bit of a log jam in the number twelve spot with six points.

In Edelbrock Stock Doug Burgess rode his Harley to the finals against Randy King.

Randy took out Mr. Lang in the first round, and Vancouver’s own Larry Enticer in the second. Doug took the first-round win against Jacob Norman on the red light, and Perry Paugh in the second round with a tenth of a second advantage off the starting line.

In the final round Randy had a less than stellar light, and Doug had the advantage, however, Randy ran down dead on the number which was enough to give him the win in the finals of Edelbrock Stock.

In the NHRA King of the Track runoff the pairings were Super Pro and Super Bike, and Pro and Sportsman. The first half of our run off was Lisa Boes and Craig Adams. Craig smacked Lisa on the tree .007 to .029 but the big end is where Lisa made it count running 7.685 on the .65 while Craig ran out an 8.119 on an .05 to advance to the run off final against either Jaeden Durst or Nick Moss.

In the other half of our run off Nick Moss got beat off the line for the first time that night against Jaeden Durst. Fortunately for Nick there was far more room for error this time with Jaeden as his car slowed up about a tenth, and allowed Nick to fly through with just enough stripe at the big end to advance to the final.

In the run off final Lisa remained consistent with an .026 light, but unfortunately for Nick he was flirting with the tree all night and turned it .008 red. To add insult to injury Nick ran ole’ Molly down to a dead seven lap while Lisa was 7.677 on the .66.


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