Junior Parents Needed for Fundraising Project

For 2016, Summit Racing Equipment Motorsports Park will be allowing the Jr Drag racing families to participate in a 50/50 fundraising program to help off-set the cost of traveling to The Eastern Conference Finals in Bristol, Tennessee.

Mike Ike will be taking the lead on this program. Mike and his family are longtime friends of Summit Racing Equipment Motorsports Park and have been racing Jr’s with us for the past few years. He can be contacted via Facebook @ Mike Ike and also @ 734-735-4037.

Below is a list of guidelines governing the fundraising.
   •    Participants will be responsible for signing themselves up using the provided link.
   •    In order to receive 100% of an equal share of funds, participants must sell 50/50 tickets at a total of 3 events. This will include at least 1 major event and 2 minor events. These are specified on the link.
   •    The 3 events must be completed prior to the ECF.
   •    If less than 3 events are completed prior to the ECF, the funds will be pro-rated. For example, 1 event, you will receive 1/3, 2 events, 2/3 and 3 events, 100%.
   •    Participants are responsible for their own entry fees on the days that they fundraise.
   •    When signing up to help fundraise, please be sure that you are able to work your entire shift.
   •    Fundraising money will be distributed upon arrival @ Bristol.
   •    This is only for those who would like to help off-set the cost of racing at the ECF. You do not have to participate in the fundraising to be part of the team.

To sign up click the following link:

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