Seating Map

Provided at the request of our guests, this map shows both sides of our grandstands in the 'seating bowl'. Please note:

  • Where you see the wheelchair icons, those are spaces saved for people needing to sit in wheelchairs throughout the show. There are LIMITED SEATS in that row. Additional companion seating is located in the first row behind the wheelchair seating. In order to purchase a seat in the first row, one must purchase a wheelchair seat first.  To purchase, please contact our office during business hours @ (419) 668-5555.
  • No Alcohol areas - located in the last Garlits Grandstand (2C) on the Budweiser side of the racetrack. Or Section (3D) on the Summit side. If phoning our office to purchase tickets, specify the side of the racetrack you'd like to sit on as well as the no alcohol section, if that is where you'd like to sit.
  • The following sections have been converted from reserved seating to general admission seating for Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Nationals.
    Summit Side:  Thomas Section 4A, 4B, 4C
  • Due to recent fire and safety concerns, lawn chairs and/or seating alternative to bleachers is no longer permitted in the grandstands or anywhere in the seating bowl.
  • The Budweiser grandstands face west. This means as the sun sets, if you are sitting on the Budweiser side, the sun might be in your face. (That is, we HOPE it is... it means the weather must be nice!) If you think having the sun in your face would bother you, be certain you select seats on the Summit side.
  • Our pit parking area for show cars, changes from race to race depending on the overall space required etc. If you wish to sit on the side closest to the 'show cars' i.e. jet cars, funny cars etc., verify with our office prior to purchasing your tickets, which side will 'host' the professional category cars.
    If you have a question about something we have not covered here, please bring it to our attention. Perhaps by addressing your topic in this section, we will provide an answer regarding the same issue for another guest. Phone our office: 419 668-5555 Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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