One Pound of Velvet Ice Cream for a Dollar

Summit Motorsports Park spends nearly a quarter of a million dollars on fireworks each year, send over 6,000 different race cars down the track, host the greatest stars in drag racing including John Force and Don Garlits and feature racing's most extreme vehicles such as the earth quaking power of Chris Darnell's "Shockwave" 3-engine jet truck.

But do you know what the number one comment is when someone comments about Summit Motorsports Park? 'One pound of Velvet ice cream for a dollar!'

Since Bill Bader, Sr. came up with the idea of selling ice cream 'one dollar for one pound' back in 1987, fans have lined up at every race, patiently waiting 'forever' to taste the smooth, creamy, decadent delight in their favorite flavor.  Since all the Baders are serious ice cream lovers, they didn't want to sell a cheaper product just to save pennies. So this culinary gem isn't just 'any' ice cream! Only the thickest, most fattening, flavorful ice cream will do! As the story goes, one day, the Baders actually decided to test all the brands available locally, to determine which one truly delivered the best product. Of course lunch that day at the office was a blind taste test of various ice cream labels, in all sorts of flavors. Slowly they savored their unique lunch and tasted... and tasted... and tasted... until everyone agreed upon the ice cream good enough to bestow upon their revered Summit Motorsports Park fans! Even today, only Velvet Ice Cream is special enough to be hand selected by the Baders, is served.

Countless children and adults savor the opportunity to enjoy this cherished Summit Motorsports Park tradition! We sell over 50,000 pounds of Velvet ice cream each year, and are proud to do so!

It’s another way we say, “Thank you for coming!”



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