Here are a few reasons why...
Summit Motorsports Park
is built, and continues to operate on, principles established over 40 years ago and still adhered to by our entire Family. Among these guidelines is our steadfast dedication to continually improve this park, which remains privately owned. 

Each year, we evaluate our facility, identifying improvements we feel are most necessary. Even those that go unnoticed are typically surprisingly broad in scope. From the racing surface to parking lot tiles and drainage systems, from restrooms to ATMs, every aspect of the park our guests come in contact with is reviewed, repaired and consistently maintained. Fundamental to the entire process is the basic cleanliness of our facility throughout race days, as well as non-racing 'weekdays'. Our park's cleanliness is one of the top five subjects remarked upon on a daily basis, whether mentioned by sponsors arriving at dawn, or racers departing well after midnight. Our guests (and neighbors), are very appreciative of the care taken to keep our grounds free of trash, and the corresponding mess that co-insides with entertaining large crowds. 

Additionally, we seek ways to attend to the needs of our guests (both participants and fans), in the most cost effective manner available, through the goods and services we employ. An example of this is the free electric available to our racers in motorhomes, (a service we expanded in 2007). When paired with free camping for our drivers, racing becomes much more affordable for the average competitor, even in this northern Ohio vacation area. 

Equally important is our guarantee, which helps insure our guests stay in contact with us. By truly 'listening' to what folks have to say about their experience at our park, we are able to make solid, informed choices as to 'what our next project' will be. Whatever task we choose, one constant remains through every phase of maintenance, repair or development: Our commitment is to excellence! 

Guest Services
Guest Services are located on both sides of the track and serve as an information hub for all our events. Both locations are underneath the grandstands next to our merchandise stores. For our racers, for most events, payout is located in the Budweiser Side Guest Service.

FREE Parking!
Our grass lots are FREE of charge and are staffed by local volunteer groups raising money for various causes.

Restrooms & Showers
Full service, handicapped accessible restrooms are available on the Budweiser Side of the track. Showers are also available on the Budweiser Side of the track. Tickets are available at the concession stand. Showers are open early in the morning and remain open late to accommodate as many people as possible. Hours of operation are posted just outside the restrooms.

ATM Machine
Our ATM Machine is located in our Budweiser Guest Service location. 

For more information about the park, please see the A, B, C's of Summit Motorsports Park.

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