Sharon Rood and Vanessa Lowe Gain Gals of the Year Award

One of the many longstanding annual traditions at Summit Motorsports Park is to recognize a guy and gal — or two guys and two gals — and honor them for having a profound effect and making a positive impression on others, regardless of whether they’re a racer, a race fan or a rookie in the world of racing.

This year’s award recipients — Sharon Rood and Vanessa Lowe — achieved that after joining forces to take on the promoting, designing, organizing and running of last year’s Women’s World, the shopping extravaganza introduced to Blue Suede Cruise ten years ago to allow shopaholics to get their fix during the race rather than forcing them to wait until after the race.

They worked selflessly and tirelessly behind the scenes to put their stamp on an ever-evolving event, and as a result of their hard work and dedication, last year’s Women’s World boasted the largest draw in its long history and every space was filled with vintage clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, accessories, furniture and more.

And now, they’re in the process of incorporating a vintage fashion show and sock hop into this year’s Thirteenth Annual Blue Suede Cruise

By Mary Lendzion and Bill Bader, Jr.

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