Two-Time World Champion wins Motorhome Race!

Ok, now that I have your attention, repeat General RV Mean Motorhome winner, AJ BuchananMatt Dadas and his team win the General RV Mean Motorhome Class A Race defeated previous Corn Hole Champions Dave Young and co-pilot John Kordeleski in one of the closest Class A motorhome races in Event History.  Ok…so maybe that it's a little white light also.  But what is fact, Young was so late on the tree there was no way he could make up the distance.  Young was RT .271 to Buchanan’s .033.

In the Class A motorhome race, Matt Dadas asked former Wheelie Champion Sweet William Worley to ride as his co-pilot.  Not sure why…this wasn’t the wheelie contest, just the General RV Mean motorhome race.  I guess, just having Sweet William present was like having a lucky rabbit's foot for a good luck charm.  Mike Szalay ran dead on his dial-in but was distracted by his co-pilot Eric Wieszkowiak who was doing his best to get the attention of Dadas, but Dadas the serious bracket racer that he is cut a better light and took the stripe at the other end.  

If you didn't witness these exciting races you missed a lot!  Sam-I-Am Lance sported his new uniform, but fortunately for the rest of us, our 'tutu's' didn't arrive!

Current Quick Fuel Technology Halloween Classic presented by Harland Sharp race results.Sam showing everyone his moves!

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