Introducing our Shakedown Dames

A quality Shakedown would be nothing without the muscles Dames.  We have selected two “Shakedown Dames” to represent the upcoming Summit Racing Equipment Shakedown at the Summit presented by Mickey Thompson Tires. They where chosen based upon quality of class and poise and both of our Dames have that! Miss Chelsi Clark

Miss Chelsi Clark, a student from the University of Akron and Miss Lindsay Klein, a student at Columbus State Community College were chosen to be the 2013 ‘Shakedown Dames’.

These lovely ladies will be on hand this weekend (October 4-6, 2013) for photo ops with fans, but their primary responsibilities will be to introduce each race class and class sponsors to both our live audience and to our live-streaming audience, courtesy of   The ‘Shakedown Dames’ will also present each class champion their loot in the winner’s circle on Sunday.  

Summit Racing Equipment Shakedown at the Summit presented by Mickey Thompson Tires continues the tradition that was started over 10 years ago by Dave Hance, bringing some of the best outlaw racing in the country to the drag strip that creates “Experiences of a Lifetime!”  

You’ll see plenty of action as these outrageous, ill-handling door cars skate dangerously down the quarter mile, dragging their bumpers on the asphalt along the way, occasionally changing lanes and swapping a little paint!  This is drag racing with an attitude...A win on your roof is still a win!

For more information about this event go to or call the office at  419-668-5555.

Miss Lindsay Klein



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