Ten Grand Nationals:

The thrills of good friends and great racing for three marathon days!

NORWALK, Ohio – The true beauty of the Ten Grand Nationals presented by Fleenor Transmissions isn't the size of the $56,000 purse.

With each colored tech card round call, the works of art you call race cars scoot into the staging lanes at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio.

Your dedication to your craft and the loyalty of your fabulous families are beautiful.

In a few moments, you'll suit up, hop in, tool to the burnout box, and roar to the tree. But for now, you're talking and laughing with a rival you'll try to beat.

At this point the Ten Grand Nationals presented by Fleenor Transmissions closed the books on the Friday, August 30, 2013 race as a rainout after completion of the third round.

The Saturday race rumbles on through this three-day marathon. Nothing sounds or feels like a chorus of well-tuned dragsters and hot rods. Because of you, it's beautiful.

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