Oh that zing!

Buschur Racing Shootout holsters the top guns!

NORWALK, Ohio – The 21st Annual Buschur Racing DSM, EVO and GTR Shootout ranged from zinging, popping track action to chillin' with long-distance friends August 16-18, 2013 at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio.

The racing drama included heartache and triumph, with little margin.

In Fuel Injector Clinic Quick 16, number one qualifier Kevin Jewer, Princeton, Mass., clocked a low elapsed time of the class at 8.163 seconds in his blue 1992 Talon, but bowed out in the semi finals.

Then Alex Posidelow, Howell, N.J., bagged the win in his blue 2005 EVO on a red light gift by Devin Schultz, 30, Hoffman Estates, Ill., near Chicago.

Devin Schultz owns Boostin Performance and lines up in a radiant red 1996 TSI Talon. In addition to hauling home a runner-up finish, Devin Schultz nailed the top speed at 170 mph in his seventh Buschur Racing Shootout.

“I've been racing cars since I was 16, when I got my license,” Devin Schultz said. “I'm the shop owner and performance engine tuner. I have a bunch of racers here who are customers.”

The Boostin Performance presence also emerged onto the Sport Compact Nationals scene in May at Summit Motorsports Park.

When Devin Schultz chose Sport Compacts as a hobby and a profession, he ran with a pack.

“All my buddies had them.”

Few but feisty, the GTR Eliminator class bettered both a low elapsed time set by number one qualifier Lucas English, Camas, Wash., owner of English Racing, at 8.640 seconds in a dark gray 2009 GTR, and a top qualifying speed of 171 mph by John Shepherd, North Lawrence, Ohio, in a 2011 GTR.

In the final round, John Shepherd and Jason Jimenez, Indianapolis, Ind., broke off the tree within 0.006 second of each other, with John Shepherd claiming the slight lead.

But wide open down the quarter mile, Jason Jimenez and his 2009 GTR fell just shy of the win, because John Shepherd mashed it to an 8.468-second elapsed time at a sizzling 173 mph.

In EVO Eliminator, Mario Verzillo, Carol Stream, Ill., nabbed the final round win on a holeshot in a 2005 EVO over Matt Smith, Winston-Salem, N.C., in a bright silver 2003 EVO.

Even though Matt Smith cruised the quarter mile in 10.430 seconds while Mario Verzillo logged a 10.552-second elapsed time, Mario Verzillo launched in 0.194 second compared with 0.398 second for Matt Smith. Two tenths mattered.

In the “must be nice” category, three competitors – Emery Kapral, Rochester, N.Y.; Nick Andy, Washington, Pa.; and David Buschur, Wakeman, Ohio – tried out the track in 2014 GTRs in the GTR Stock Appearing class.

And Daniel Miller, Dover, Ohio made the semi finals in the class in a 2009 GTR with a license plate identity clue: GODZLLA.

Nick Andy won the final round with a 0.296-second reaction time and a 10.472 elapsed time at 132 mph over Khary Paradise, Penfield, N.Y., in a 2010 GTR at 0.544, 17.843, and 63.

In DSM Eliminator, number one qualifier Adam St. John, Baltimore, Md., mashed his white panda 1991 Eagle Talon to a final round 9.941-second elapsed time at 142 mph for a win over Gabe Walters, Sturgis, Mich., in a flat black 1992 Plymouth Laser at 10.577 seconds and 128 mph.

Adam St. John's team name is Sick Performance Racing.

“It's a unique name,” Adam St. John said, “like, 'That was sick.' I've had this car for two years. I built it in my garage. I tune it myself: motor, tranny, everything.”

An audio visual engineer, Adam St. John hangs televisions, projectors and cameras in government buildings for Armor Home Improvements.

The track action launched as a new move about 18 months ago.

“I basically started from scratch,” Adam St. John said. “I've never raced before, ever. But I think I'm doing pretty good for a rookie.”

An over-the-road truck driver who hauls popup campers for D Bar D, Indiana, Gabe Walters figured 2013 logs Shootout number seven.

“It's fun here,” Gabe Walters said. “I like it.”

Gabe Walters' Laser doubles as a street car.

“I've had it about three years,” Gabe Walters said. “Had another for about eight years, and it got burned up. Usually I bring my semi loaded full of cars. Last year it was five cars and a camper. But a lot of my friends sold their cars.”

Was Tyler Hassing saving the best for last?

In Stock Appearing Turbo, Tyler Hassing, Allegan, Mich., slammed his 1993 Eagle Talon to a 9.637-second elapsed time at 145 mph for a where-did-that-come-from nod over William Breese, Hillsboro, Okla., in a 1992 Eagle Talon with an effort of 10.424 at 129 mph.

For Tyler Hassing's other two passes on Sunday, he logged a 13.466 and a 10.774 in elapsed times.

Then the Competition Plus EVO Stock Appearing class sifted Jeremy Keys, Raeford, N.C., to the top in a yellow and black 2003 EVO 8 with an elapsed time of 10.496 seconds at 136 mph. Tim Patrick, Fayetteville, N.C., and his white 2005 EVO 8 cruised in at 11.104 seconds and 133 mph.

Tony Yokubaitis, Tomington, Conn., won Bracket I in a 1992 VR-4 on a red light gift by David Perino, Hawthorne, N.J., in a 1981 Challenger.

And in Bracket II, William Langdon, Powell, Ohio, bagged a trophy in a 1994 3000 GT by a total package difference of 0.055 second over Jared Crowden, Greensburg, Pa., in an 8 Bolt Racing 1999 Eclipse.

Way to turn in an exciting final round, guys!

In the staging lanes, Trey Langdon, 23, Powell, Ohio, a Ford technician at Germane Ford in Columbus, lined up in a red 1994 3000 GT Mitsubishi he's owned for six months for time trials and fun.

“Oh, yeah,” Trey Langdon said. “It's a good time. I came up here last year, but I didn't race. I've done time trials before, but I'm racing just to support the event.”

Drew Jones, Rome, N.Y., an IT specialist for Unisys, waited for the call for DSM Eliminator in a 1990 Eagle Talon with a “V8 K1LLN” license plate.

The street car does 150 mph.

“I've been racing 10 years,” Drew Jones said. “Had this car five years. I just want to go fast. Racing is fun. I like smoking V-8s. I've always had this style of car. I've had three of these cars, all the same year, white and black.”

In the Budweiser pits, Jay Cooper, 32, Pittsburgh, displayed a second-place Buschur Racing piston trophy in DSM Max Effort, which involves drag racing and autocross, earned this year on his first visit to the Shootout.

The Domination Chassis sponsored car, a black, chopped 1990 Eagle Talon driven by Jay Cooper, looks like a great candidate for the Summit Racing Equipment Shakedown at the Summit presented by Mickey Thompson Tires October 4-6, 2013 at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio.

“This car was built for Chump Car Endurance racing,” Jay Cooper said. “They're 24-hour or more races. We made it quite a bit lighter when I chopped the roof off. It's more aerodynamic now. But it's a completely stock engine and suspension.

“We turned the boost up for this race,” Jay Cooper said. “But on the road circuit we run stock. I had the fastest autocross time at 30.5 seconds.

“We built it over last winter,” Jay Cooper said. “David Buschur built the engine. This is the fourth race we've been to. The other three were road races. They're closed circuit. It's not a public road, but it is a road course. The shortest one we do is seven hours long.”

The team effort goes on the road as well as in the pits.

“There's a four driver minimum,” Jay Cooper said. “There are driver changes every two hours, fuel stops, tire changes, everything that can go wrong with a car in 24 hours of all out racing. In Daytona we'll get up to 150 mph when we run the Rolex 24 circuit.”

Jay Cooper owns Domination Chassis, a racing fabrication and service shop in Pittsburgh.

“It's probably one of those things my parents should have told me not to do,” Jay Cooper said, “but I was stubborn back then. When I was 22 I got enough money together to rent a warehouse and buy a welder and start working on cars. Since then, lots of books and lots of practice.

“We started in 2003. One year later to the week, hurricane Ivan put my shop four-foot-eleven under water,” Jay Cooper said. “Ruined everything. The government gave me a tetanus shot and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and I cleaned.

“Got back on our feet and I kept on working on my craft,” Jay Cooper said. “I kept at it, trying to earn respect of my peers. In the meantime, gotta make a living.

“Now we're at the point where I've got four people working for me,” Jay Cooper said. “Since the flood we grew through the recession, and I have a very good reputation in Pittsburgh.”

Two men standing near the starting line area lived through part of the muscle car era. Their attraction to the Buschur Racing DSM and EVO Shootout links to personal experience.

“I have one,” said Kenny Tomlin, 61, Edinburgh, Indiana. “A DSM, red and black 1994 Eagle Talon turbo with 550 horsepower. It can be a daily driver. I'm not racing it. I just came to watch today.”

Kenny Tomlin bought a Sport Compact through the influence of his son, Ryan Tomlin, 28.

“My boy got into it. He races,” Kenny Tomlin said. “But he isn't here today. He has other commitments so he didn't get to come, but I did.”

A first visit to the Shootout left an impression on the Amtrak electrician, now retired.

“I like it,” Kenny Tomlin said. “I always did like drag racing.”

John Hopkins, 50, Indianapolis, Ind., an IT manager for a medical gear company, won first place in the 1998 Diamond Star Shootout Autocross.

“I've been coming here for a long time,” John Hopkins said. “They ran autocross on the Summit side of the track then. I've been here every single year except for about two since 1997.”

John Hopkins finesses the autocross in a black 1995 Eagle Talon with a 650 turbo and all wheel drive.

“I'm not racing today,” John Hopkins said. “It's at home, broken.

“There's some really quick cars here now,” John Hopkins said. “I haven't seen this many eight-second cars.”

He emerged early on the DSM scene.

“I bought a '90 Talon in 1989,” John Hopkins said. “It was brand new. I didn't race that one. I started racing the '95 in '96.

“One year I had to work in Chicago for two days before the event,” John Hopkins said. “I drove it from Indy to Chicago to here, raced it, and drove it home. It barely made it home.”

“My daily driver is a 1997 version of the same car,” John Hopkins said. “It gets all the hand-me-down parts from the race car. I have a 1997 Eclipse Spyder Convertible, candy red. It's turbocharged, too. Right now it's all stock. If I start modifying it, I'll break it.”

“I've got friends who come here every year. I've got friends who are sponsoring this event,” John Hopkins said, adding that's his favorite part of the Shootout: “Seeing all the friends I only get to see once a year. You talk to them online, but you don't get to see them very often.”

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