Shootout includes Camo EVO.

Buschur Racing EVO and DSM Shootout calls 'em out!

NORWALK, Ohio – The 21st Annual Buschur Racing EVO and DSM Shootout cranked up the rpms on fun for a young crowd on Saturday, August 17, 2013 at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio.

Finessing a sport compact for the dragstrip emerged into its own computer savvy art form, with plenty of been there, done that advice from the Manufacturer's Midway.

We even threw a bit of racing nostalgia into the mix!

A dark red front engine dragsterExpensive Noise, owned by Rudy Tomerik, Chesterland, Ohio – lined up at the tree for licensing runs by driver Frank Mazi, Eastlake, Ohio, for competition in the National Hot Rod Association.

“Years ago he drove a blown Opal,” said Sharon Mazi, Frank's wife. “He let his license expire. He didn't think he was going to get back into a car, and here he is.”

On Saturday evening during time trials, Frank Mazi and Expensive Noise logged an elapsed time of 7.414 seconds at 181 mph along with the gut-rumbling smokey burnouts.

One of the sport compact cars sounded like a rapid fire machine gun at the starting line, then went on to log a 10-second elapsed time to take the win light.

First round qualifications completed in the evening, with second and third round qualifications scheduled for Sunday morning, and eliminations following soon afterward.

In the Manufacturer's Midway, innovation and cutting edge technology shook hands with the computer generation.

Tom Dorris, Frederick, Md., offered Modular Tuning System Components through ECM Tuning and Innovate Motorsports.

Computers in cars run the engine, Tom Dorris said. But what if you want to add high performance components?

“We take those computers out and put new ones in with different things on them,” Tom Dorris said. “(Mechanics) can do it on their own. We give them the functionality in their laptop, so they can tune it themselves.”

The owner or tuner adds parts changes on the car to the computer program, Tom Dorris said, adding his company focuses on 1990-1999 DSMs.

“That's what we got started with,” Tom Dorris said. “That's what we were racing. It developed from that, 15 years ago or so. We're still doing it somehow.”

Tom Dorris competes in a white 1995 Eagle Talon all-wheel-drive turbo.

“I've had it 16 years,” Tom Dorris said. “I go to road courses. We do the autocross.”

Perhaps some people would like advice on the fuel system.

In a nearby booth, Fuel Injector Clinic, sponsor of the Quick 16, offers fuel injectors for all makes and models. They know how to move juice.

Also in the Manufacturer's Midway, MSA, My Shop Assist, Lewisville, Texas, specializes in software to help handy people organize and manage a shop.

Find them at, or on

A 2005 Mitsubishi EVO 8 painted “Camo EVO” in orange, gray and black, attracts a crowd at the pit. Click the Website link to check out a photo of Camo EVO.

“We built it to get a lot of attention,” said the owner, Allen McCrum, 23, Kalamazoo, Mich. “We wanted it loud. This is the first year we released this car. But we've been building it for awhile.”

The EVO sports a 4G64 2.4-liter engine, a fully built drive transmission, and upgrades on every suspension piece.

“It's a road course car,” Allen McCrum said. “It's sponsored by all the big shops here right now.”

Allen McCrum said vendors supplied advice on the EVO 8, as well as high performance parts and services, and dyno.

“This is our sixth year at this event,” Allen McCrum said, adding he started his business four years ago when he moved to Kalamazoo, Mich., because he knew virtually no one there.

“We started the shop on $200 as a fun thing,” Allen McCrum said. “It turned into this.”

Enlisted in the Army Reserves, Allen McCrum studied automotive for two years at Jackson Community College, then switched to Western Michigan University for 2 ½ years in automotive engineering and military science.

“I'm in the military police,” Allen McCrum said.

In addition to domestic repairs, Strictly Import Motorsports, 10432 Stadium Drive, Kalamazoo, provides import parts and services  such as swaps, tuning, engine builds, and head builds.

For a unique fun feature of the Shootout, instead of motorhomes, the Budweiser pits filled the grassy islands with seven to nine tents each.

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