Mr. Gasket change up!

Racers swap cars, bag first wins!Curt Valtman polishes his dragster at his Nationals debut.

NORWALK, OhioBrian Baehr's black and blue Malibu tooled to the Winner's Circle in the Mr. Gasket Pro class on Saturday, July 13, 2013 in the Mr. Gasket $53,100 Super Series at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio.

Evidence once again of Brian Baehr's huge heart, because Curt Valtman, Brook Park, Ohio bagged the win.

“This is the first time in 15 years,” Curt Valtman said. “It was luck; that's it. This isn't even my car.”

Normally racing his seven-second 2010 Diamond dragster in Mallory Super Pro, Curt Valtman traded rides with Brian Baehr, North Ridgeville, Ohio, and settled into the 10-second door car.

In the final round, Curt Valtman landed the Malibu on the finish line on the dial with a six. Meanwhile, Joe Oswald, Akron, Ohio broke out by 0.005 second in his orange 1969 Dart.

Brian Baehr's dragster adventure ended in the second round against Bear Motorsports pilot Chris Bear, Toledo, Ohio. Curt Valtman claimed responsibility for the early nod out, because a part broke on the dragster.

How sweet it is!Still, Brian Baehr enthusiastically agreed to trade again.

“It would have been cool to put both of them in the finals,” Curt Valtman said.

A previous swap benefitted a fellow racer.

In the Moser Engineering Gambler's Race at the 2012 Halloween Classic, Brian Baehr allowed A.J. Buchanan to borrow the Malibu when A.J. Buchanan's Mustang broke early in the day. Without a time trial, A.J. Buchanan raced the Malibu to runner-up against Nick Hastings, Shelby, Ohio, who drove James Ring's car in another unexpected switch.

On Saturday in Mr. Gasket $53,100 Super Series action in Mallory Super Pro, Randy Scheuer Jr., Toledo, Ohio, lined up his Bear Motorsports 2007 American Race Cars dragster in a final round showdown against Scott Sill, Madison, Ohio, in a 1999 Advanced dragster.

With a reaction time of 0.012 second and an Family fun!elapsed time of 7.478 seconds on a dial of 7.47 seconds, Randy Scheuer Jr. rounded out his run at 172 mph.

Scott Sill added a solid effort of his own, on his dial with an 11 at 171 mph, and a reaction time of 0.028 seconds.

“It felt good,” Randy Scheuer Jr. said. “Back to back! I won last weekend, too, at Milan (Mich.). The Car's finally working. I've had a gremlin all year. Just finally feeling good.

“I runnered-up earlier this year against the same guy,” Randy Scheuer Jr. said. “He beat me last race. I got him this time.”

In Accel Sportsman delivered on time by TFC Transportation, Marlon Howes, Livonia, Mich., pocketed the win in a yellow 2002 Trans Am when Blaine Hurst, Greenwich, Ohio broke out by 0.003 second in a 1977 Nova.

“It's my first win in Sportsman since I've been here,” said Marlon Howes, who owns two car washes. “I've been coming on and off since 1995, and the last two years pretty regularly.”

Cycle spark.Though denied the Winner's Circle in the past, the yellow Trans Am already proved a capability to string together win lights with a runner-up finish in the Sunday race of the 2012 No Box Bonanza, Marlon Howes said.

On Saturday a mix of circumstances led to the win.

“The car bailed me out a couple times,” Marlon Howes said. “And (the other guys) got a couple red lights, and when I needed to, I got a couple good lights.”

In Wiseco/Cycle Tech Super Bike, Ed James, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio rode his Suzuki to a reaction time of 0.020 second, and an elapsed time of 8.588 seconds on an 8.58 dial, at 141 mph for the win.

Meanwhile Kevin Adams, Brunswick, Ohio nearly caught him on his Suzuki with a 0.019-second reaction time and 8.326-second elapsed time on an 8.31-second dial, at 154 mph.

Lakewood Stock lined up a final round between Shannon Gill, Grafton, Ohio in a Toyota SUV against Wade Klun, Brunswick, Ohio on a street bike. They both raced to 16-second elapsed times at 83 mph, but Wade Klun broke out by 0.036 second.

In Bear MotorsportsStockin' in the staging lanes. Advanced Junior Dragsters presented by Wiseco, Thomas Summers, North Ridgeville, Ohio set up a solid run for the win in his 2010 RPC over Zack Manuel, Elyria, Ohio, who broke out by 0.002 seconds in his 2011 American.

Mechanical troubles sidelined Courtney Grisez, Vermilion, Ohio, who handed the win in the final round of Bear Motorsports Intermediate Junior Dragsters presented by Wiseco to Jacob Norman, Bellevue, Ohio, in a 2002 Motivational.

For Bear Motorsports Novice Junior Dragsters presented by Wiseco, Alexa Hurst collected a gold medal after Simone Walker, Fostoria, Ohio, broke out by 0.005 seconds.

Scoping the competition.For RACE RESULTS in the Mr. Gasket $53,100 Super Series on July 13, 2013 at Summit Motosports Park in Norwalk, Ohio, click on: Change up for first wins!

Staging with Shelby Mangus.

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