Sport Compact Nationals

Drivers go after the speed beast.Friends talk about wheels.

NORWALK, OhioFinesse and savvy sifted drivers to the top of competitions at the Sport
Compact Nationals presented by Buschur Racing on May 26, 2013 at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio.

Great color, a hearty smokey burnout and number one front-wheel-drive qualifier rolled up to the tree in a 1993 Honda Civic owned and driven by Paul Armstrong, 30, Logan, Ohio.

“I've been racing 13 years,” Paul Armstrong said. “Started with bracket racing. These are harder to get down the track. The challenge to get a front wheel drive down the track fast is something different.”

Paul Armstrong calls the eye-catching color he painted on the Civic a blue-green Kameleon, with a base of green and blue candy color on top, the color changes with lights and angles.

Slow Motion Motorsports, Sunbury, Ohio installed the Civic's performance perks, said Corey Parrish, 32, Westerville, Ohio, owner of SM Motorsports, as he watched Paul's final round in the Front Wheel Drive class.

Corey Parrish and Paul Armstrong.“I've been working on this car for eight years,” Corey Parrish said. “We fully rebuilt the motor and added a big turbo. Our shop had about a dozen cars here today.

“I got second place in True Street in a 2003 Mitsubishi EVO,” Corey Parrish said. “I've had it two years. It's my daily driver.”

Paul Armstrong laid down a hearty front-wheel-drive smokey burnout, then motored the Civic down the track like a bloodhound on a scent, and bagged the final round win with an elapsed time of 10.217 seconds and 136 mph.

“It felt good. It ran clean,” Paul Armstrong said in the pits while clutching his trophy. “I met Corey in 2006 at NDRA. He's gotten a lot bigger since then. In my eyes he's the best tuner around, the best fabricator.”

The sweet paint job on the Civic rooted in Paul Armstrong's former occupation as an automotive painter. Now he creates highway signs Fans stand on wall.with vinyl decals for Osburn Associates in Logan, Ohio.

“Nothing spectacular for my day job,” Paul Armstrong said.

The final round in All Wheel Drive matched number 7 qualifier Dick Greage, Akron, Ohio in a 1992 Talon, against number 8 qualifier Matt Wheatley, Anderson, Ind., tooling the track in a 2003 EVO.

Dick Greage pulled out a hole shot victory with a 0.235-second reaction time, an elapsed time of 10.079 seconds and 136 mph, compared with a 0.624-second reaction time for Matt Wheatley, and a 9.864-second elapsed time at 151 mph.

When IDRC True Street attacked the track, the top two qualifiers battled through the final round.

The win light flashed to John Shepherd, North Lawrence, Ohio piloting a 2011 GTR to a reaction time of 0.861 seconds, an elapsed time of 8.945 seconds and 166 mph, compared with Corey Parish, Sunbury, Ohio in a 2003 Mitsubishi EVO with a reaction time of 0.533 seconds, and an elapsed time of 10/501 seconds at 131 mph.

In Bracket I final round eliminations, Rick Ciolli, Austintown, Ohio flew to a solid victory on a 1992 Eagle over Anthony Smith, Vassar, Mich., in a 1999 Grand Prix.

The Bracket II final round handed a double breakout victory to Mark Akins, Hermitage, Pa., in a 2003 WRX over Fred Pettry, Lodi, Ohio in a 2007 Audi.

Jansen Fischer, Kettering, Ohio owned the Max Effort Drag Racing qualifying in a 2003 EVO 8 with an elapsed time of 12.486 and 111 mph.

Many fans at the Sport Compact Nationals fell in love with daily drivers, then the sport.Hawaii.

“These are my wheels,” Russell Sprague, 26, Elyria, Ohio, said teasingly while sitting on a skateboard.

“I'm into cars,” said Steve Boyeas, 23, North Olmsted, Ohio.

Steve's brother, Nick Boyeas, 21, North Olmsted, Ohio, races in Bracket II and IDRC.

“I drive a Mazda RX 7. It's a 1987, Arctic silver,” Nick Boyeas said. “I've had it three years. It's the only rotary at this event.”

Kris Mahlich, 22, Elyria, Ohio, a mechanic, owns a Honda Prelude, but doesn't race.

“I came to watch my buddies,” Kris Mahlich said, logging his fourth Sport Compact Nationals. “We come every year. It's always fun.”

Jake Troxtell, 21, Lorain, Ohio, a computer science and networking major at Lorain County Community College, drives a 1997 Honda Civic, and appreciates the event close to home featuring tons of imports.

Friends with a view.That was my first car,” Jake Troxtell said. “It was bought for me, so I just stuck with it.”

Jordan Johnson, 20, Marion, Ohio, a mail carrier for the United State Post Office, admired the view: sport compact cars.

A pound of ice cream for a buck played into favorite attractions of the event for Tad Geyer, 27, Marion, Ohio, who makes catalytic converters for Honda at CYT in Cardington, Ohio.

Accustomed to the crowd at the Auto Plus Night Under Fire presented by Kelly Services on August 10, 2013 at Summit Motorsports Park, Tad Geyer adjusted to the laid back atmosphere.

For RACE RESULTS from the Sport Compact Nationals presented by Buschur Racing on May 26, 2013 at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio, click on: I love sport compacts!

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Russell Sprague, Steve Boyeas, and Nick Boyeas.

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