Ten Gassers echo fun at the Blue Suede Cruise,

NORWALK, Ohio – Prepare for family stories and garage projects when ten Nostalgia AA Gassers match race at the Wanda AkzoNobel Blue Suede Cruise July 19-21, 2013 at Summit Motorsports Park inHank the Crank Wetmore and driver Ted Turley Jr. tested this 33 Willys last summer. Norwalk, Ohio.

The Wanda AkzoNobel Blue Suede Cruise turns back the clock to 1972 and earlier – perfect for the 2013 Golden Anniversary of Summit Motorsports Park!

We’re celebrating fifty years of fun all year.

And what’s more fun than Gassers charging off the tree, launching into wheelies and strutting the artistry of their unique lines, glowing colors and hand lettering?

Well, maybe hearing the stories of innovators and old builders like Chuck Finders, and tales of the restoration process from the find to the maiden motor trip.

For more information about the Nostalgia AA Gassers, click on: Old-school fun is gaining speed!

The Wanda AkzoNobel Blue Suede Cruise begs for someone to tell stories while strolling the pits or browsing the car show. Bring the whole family. Pass the treasures along.
Ron Bizio.
Need advice on a recent find? In the Manufacturers’ Midway, industry experts share tips to ease the process on your current build, or the next one.

For example, do you need a fabulous paint job? Check out the Website for Wanda Brand by clicking on: That candy color glow.

Get the goods on steering products, shocks and springs by clicking on Flaming River, whose products are available through Summit Racing Equipment in Tallmadge, Ohio.Jim Oddy's Junk Yard Dog.

If you’re curious about the nuts and bolts of a restoration; or if a dream car build of your own glares at you from your bucket list, then check out the Cruisin’ Times Model A building competition, which concludes at the Wanda AkzoNobel Blue Suede Cruise, by clicking on: I want to do that!

The two gentlemRed coupe.en competing in Cruisin’ Times must finish in nine months and drive their new hot rods under their own power to Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio.

Another man documented on the Web a start to finish build which required about eight years. Click on: That’s my speed.

By the way, did any kids ask their grandparents to go on a date to the Wanda AkzoNobel Blue Suede Cruise?
Classical Gas.
Here’s a tip: On Saturday, July 20, 2013, Jay and The Americans perform live in concert. Then we’ll shoot off some Bader family signature fireworks. You know what those are for…Sit back in your grandstand seat, pull your loved ones close and enjoy the view!
Micky Hale
Kids younger than age 15 get in free! So did you do chores to earn money for your grandparent’s ticket? It just might bring tears of pride and happiness to the eyes of someone special. Adult admission is $15 for one day or $35 for the weekend.

Check out the old photos on the Summit Motorsports Park page of Facebook.com, and in the photo albums on the home page of this Website. Those represent stirrings of nostalgia seen in real life at the Wanda AkzoNobel Blue Suede Cruise.
Hemi J
The 2013 season marks the Golden Anniversary of Summit Motorsports Park. We’re celebrating those fifty years of fun all year!

Beyond Berserk.


Biggie Rat.

Altizer, Finders, Kibler

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