Rossler Wrench of the Year: Ron Kerns.

NORWALK, Ohio -- Drivers often share responsibility of maintenance, technical support, and overall strategy with a crew chief.

This award is presented, along with a $500 check from Rossler Transmissions, to an individual whose attention to the overall race operation met with great success.  

What is a Wrench? Some would say he is the crew chief, the tuner, the chief  mechanic, the race team leader. He could be just a friend or relative who is always there to help you out. 

Our Wrench of the Year raised his children 100% immersed in the sport of drag racing.

He stands behind the growth of three drivers, season after season, with unwavering support, regardless of the broken parts, red lights, stripes given back, and moody tantrums.

As a first priority, no matter the cost, our wrench provides safe, consistent and immaculate race cars.

When others need a spare part or a helping hand this wrench shows up ready to help THEM win.

He expends an immeasurable amount of time, an immense amount of love, and a lot of patience to keep a multi-car, multi-driver, all-girl race fleet up and running. And he’s been doing it for 15 years.

His dedication, commitment and passion keep the sport of drag racing ever growing!

Please welcome “the best coach ever” from Milan, Michigan, the 2012 Rossler Transmissions  Wrench of the Year, Ron Kerns.

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