Camping & MotorHome

Tent and motor home camping areas are available during MOST spectator events at Summit Motorsports Park.

  • To guarantee you have a spot, we highly recommend that you secure a camping spot in advance, as many of our events sell out.  
  • Due to the limited amount of camping and motor home spaces available, 'DAY OF' sales cannot be guaranteed.


  • The speed limit in the pits is 10 miles-per-hour.  All motor vehicle operators must have a valid state driver’s license
  • The owner of the Camping/Motorhome site will be responsible for all members of his/her party
  • After 1:00am, any noise complaints from neighbors in all camping/motorhome areas are grounds for immediate removal. Exception: Family Camping quiet hours are between 11pm and 7am
  • To gain access to a Camping/Motorhome space, you must have a Camping/Motorhome pass and a daily admission ticket.  Only full event ticket holders will be permitted on the Trackside Motorhome or Family Camping sites after racing is completed
  • Campfires are permitted.  Guest must provide their own fire ring
  • You are expected to leave your site as clean as you found it
  • All roadways and walkways must be kept clear
  • Arrival and departure times must be observed.  Please refer to the website for specific move-in hours for a particular event.
  • Alcohol may be consumed responsibly on your site, but is not allowed to be brought into the grandstands or race areas.
  • Illegal activities or activities that violate local laws and Camping/Motorhome rules are not permitted.  Lewd behavior, offensive signs, public intoxication and/or profanity will not be tolerated.  Violators will be arrested and removed from the facility as well as forfeiting all renewal rights.  NO REFUNDS!
  • Pets must be kept on a leash and must not present as a nuisance to other guests.  Please clean up after them. 
  • No glass containers of any kind are permitted on the grounds
  • No fireworks of any kind are permitted on the grounds
  • State and county health department rules must be obeyed.  Dumping waste water onto the park ground is NOT permitted.
  • The Summit Motorsports Park Campground/Motorhome Manager may exercise his/her discretion in the enforcement and application of these rules.
  • All RV's, travel trailers, tents and pop-ups must allow no less than 10 feet between units end to end and 15 feet between units side to side, per the Ohio Health Department of Campgrounds.


  • We permit the following vehicle types in our primitive camping areas:  truck campers (loaded into the bed of a pick-up truck), pop-up trailers also known as tent or folding camping trailers, and tents.  No hard-sided campers are permitted.
  • Up t 3 tents are permitted per site as long as they comply with distance requirements by the Ohio Health Department of Campgrounds (see above)
  • One passenger vehicle or two motorcycles are permitted per campsite; extra vehicles must park in spectator parking
  • The Family Campground is reserved for families with children and everyone is required to behave accordingly. 
  • Quiet hours will be strictly enforced between 11pm and 7am, VIOLATORS ARE SUBJECTED TO REMOVAL.
  • NO GENERATORS are permitted in the Family Camping area.


  • TRACKSIDE electric and non-electric motorhome area and Wilson's Fence Row Camping:  Recreational vehicles are permitted including Class A, B, & C, travel trailers, fifth wheels, sport utility or toy haulers with living quarters only, and truck campers.  The following are not permitted: canvas slide-outs or pop-up areas on travel trailer, truck campers or motorhomes.  No pop-up folding camping trailers, tents, car trailers or toy haulers without living quarters.
  • We have upgraded our trackside electric motorhome sites to 50 amp power service.  Please plan accordingly as we only have a very limited supply of adapters for sale.  Trackside Electric requires you to have the proper electrical cords and adaptors in the correct configuration.  All 50amp/60amp campers and motorhome units must have a 50amp extension cords directly from the unit to the electrcal box, no other configuration is permitted. 
  • Up to one additional motor vehicle or two motorcycles are permitted to park in your Motorhome site. *Golf carts, ATV, etc. count as one vehicle. 
  • No additional trailers are not permitted on the site; this includes trailers to haul a golf cart or other pit conveyances.
  • Motorhomes should be parked, pulled in or backed in and centered on the motorhome designated motorhome number
  • One framed, properly secured canopy is permitted on the motorhome site in addition to attached awnings






In order to make everyone’s experience at the race track a pleasant one we ask our fans to follow the following guidelines.

  • When entering the grandstands, please have your ticket available and ready to show the usher.
  • Fans may not stand in aisles, on stairways, landings, handicap ramps & especially in front of wheelchairs.
  • People taking pictures can do so but must immediately return to their seat so as to not block the vision of others.
  • Coolers in the stands are limited to 14” and must be placed under the seats.  Again, glass bottles are not permitted within the park.
  • Umbrellas/obstructions - Items that would obstruct other guests view are prohibited.
  • Seat cushions, bleacher seats – are permitted, but cannot exceed 18”.
  • Due to recent fire and safety concerns, lawn chairs and/or seating alternative to bleachers is no longer permitted in the grandstands or anywhere in the seating bowl.
  • Animals are not permitted in the grandstands.  For their safety and others, animals must remain either in your pit area or campsite. 
  • Please refer to the "Guest Code of Conduct"


Track Info

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Seating Map

Provided at the request of our guests, this map shows both sides of our grandstands in the 'seating bowl'. Please note:

  • Where you see the wheelchair icons, those are spaces saved for people needing to sit in wheelchairs throughout the show. There are LIMITED SEATS in that row. Additional companion seating is located in the first row behind the wheelchair seating. In order to purchase a seat in the first row, one must purchase a wheelchair seat first.  To purchase, please contact our office during business hours @ (419) 668-5555.
  • No Alcohol areas - located in the last Garlits Grandstand (2C) on the Budweiser side of the racetrack. Or Section (3D) on the Summit side. If phoning our office to purchase tickets, specify the side of the racetrack you'd like to sit on as well as the no alcohol section, if that is where you'd like to sit.
  • The following sections have been converted from reserved seating to general admission seating for Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Nationals.
    Summit Side:  Thomas Section 4A, 4B, 4C
  • Due to recent fire and safety concerns, lawn chairs and/or seating alternative to bleachers is no longer permitted in the grandstands or anywhere in the seating bowl.
  • The Budweiser grandstands face west. This means as the sun sets, if you are sitting on the Budweiser side, the sun might be in your face. (That is, we HOPE it is... it means the weather must be nice!) If you think having the sun in your face would bother you, be certain you select seats on the Summit side.
  • Our pit parking area for show cars, changes from race to race depending on the overall space required etc. If you wish to sit on the side closest to the 'show cars' i.e. jet cars, funny cars etc., verify with our office prior to purchasing your tickets, which side will 'host' the professional category cars.
    If you have a question about something we have not covered here, please bring it to our attention. Perhaps by addressing your topic in this section, we will provide an answer regarding the same issue for another guest. Phone our office: 419 668-5555 Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

 Click here to See Our Seating Map!




We're minutes south of Interstate 80. Take Exit 118 (U.S. 250) south and look for the signs. We're at the intersection of State Routes 18 and 601, two miles east of Norwalk, Ohio. We're about an hour west of Cleveland and an hour east of Toledo.

To view larger map or create your own navigation instructions in Google Maps, click here.


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