Bear Motorsports Junior Dragster presented by Wiseco's

Future Stars of Tomorrow

The Awards:
All class winners; runner-ups and semi-finalists each receive medals!  Winner
(Trophy)+ Contingency, Runner-Up and Semi's trophies.

Courtney Grisez 2016 Advanced Champion!

  • 13 to 18 years old whose cars meet Advanced class criteria restricted to 7.90 or slower e.t. and85 mph or slower.
  • Drivers 13 to 18 years old whose car does NOT meet Advanced class criteria restricted to 8.90 or slower e.t.
  • No pullbacks! 
  • TruSTART will be utilizedMichael Crowell 2016 Intermediate Champion!


  • 10 to 12 year olds
  • Dial-in restricted to 8.90 e.t. or slower
  • No pullbacks! 
  • TruSTART will be utilized


  • 6 to 9 year-oldsZachary Doell 2016 Novice Champion!
  • 6-7 yrs dial-in restricted to 13.90 e.t. or slower
  • 8-9 yrs dial-in restricted to 11.90 e.t. or slower
  • No pullbacks!
  • TruSTART will be utilized

Click here for additional track rules

There are nearly $500,000 worth of reasons why you should join our Finish Line Club!  For just $65, racers can start earning points towards the most prestigious points program in the country, the Edelbrock $53,100+ points fund, and has an opportunity to participate in seven additional racing programs.  Making this the largest Points Fund in Sportsman Racing History!  For more details about the Edelbrock Super Series Points Program, race schedule and all the benefits of joining the Finish Line Club (FLC), click here.

Fund Raising Project for the Eastern Conference Finals

The 50/50 schedule is posted for parents to sign up to help raise money for the Eastern Conference Finals.  One spot per FAMILY, only one person needs to sign up, but the MORE help, the more money will be raised!  

When signing up please make sure you are available to work the ENTIRE shift. If you do not work the whole shift it will only count as 1/2 a shift. Money raised will be split evenly between each family (regardless of number of racers) who sell tickets at least 3 times (at least one big race - big races will be listed with *) between now and the ECF in Bristol. If you only volunteer once or twice, your share will be prorated. You do not have to participate in order to attend the ECF with SMREMP.

NEW PROCEDURE:(To get credit for your shift)
*** You MUST sign up on the website sign-up sheet prior to the day you are working.
***You MUST sign-in at customer service the day that you work and pick up your bucket.
***You MUST sign out at customer service with your time, return your bucket, and write down how much you collected that day.

Your signature is your responsibility. You will not be given credit for your hard work if you don't follow the proper procedures. Please think of this as "clocking in" at work. Last year, prior to Bristol, we had way too many discrepancies because people did not sign-up online. This year we are hoping to avoid all of that by implementing the signatures and online sign-up.

NEW FALL 2017 Sign up Link:!/showSignUp/30E0A48AFAC2BA0FA7-fall

Points as of October 7, 2017

Bear Motorsports Advance Jr Dragster presented by Wiseco

Bear Motorsports Intermediate Jr Dragster presented by Wiseco

Bear Motorsports Novice Jr Dragster presented by Wiseco

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