Summit Motorsports Park welcomes thousands of racers through its gates each year. However, we understand there may be a few more who would like to tackle the Summit Motorsports Park quarter mile, but need a better idea of what a day at Summit Motorsports Park would entail. The following is a list of frequently asked questions to ease your visit (and racing) at the track.

What kinds of things are there for my kids to do?
We pride ourselves in being family friendly- and therefore kid-friendly as well. Summit Motorsports Park has a creative playground adjacent to the staging lanes so children are never very far from their parents. We also hold “Kid’s Games” throughout the year at select events, occupying between two and three hours with a number of special activities just for the kids- and always with creative stuff they can take home! We also hold a “Kid’s Night” once a year where we plan an entire day around the kids; racecar rides, Velvet ice cream, activities, games- and giveaways, too!

What is there for my wife to do?
Summit Motorsports Park is located within a ten-minute drive from unique shops located in Downtown Milan, the birthplace of Thomas Edison and home to a number of antique shops, and Uptown Norwalk, rich with many different Main Street Shops and Restaurants. We also have our own Quarter Mile Clothing Company your wife may love to browse the latest fashions.

What food do you offer at the concession stands?
We offer a wide variety of food and beverages all day long.  We serve burgers using only the highest quality Black Angus Beef, and are proud of our signature items such as Nitro Nachos,our four cheese 8” personal pan pizza by Freschetta, and a whole lot more!

Do you use LED bulbs?
Yes! Summit Motorsports Park installed the NHRA-Sanctioned LED bulbs at the start of the 2005 season.

What is the run order for a ACCEL Super Series Saturday Points Meet?
We do not release the run order for any meet until our first call for time trials.

What gate do I use to come in for most events?
For ACCEL Super Series Saturday Points Meets, we use the gate located on Route 601 (Budweiser Gate) on the East side of the track.

What is Linder’s Lot and when do I go there?
Linder’s Lot is a holding area where we line up rigs who arrive early for special events. To ensure participants are handled quickly, efficiently, and with as little hassle as possible, we employ a system where rigs line up in Linder’s Lot after receiving a ticket with a number. When our gates are scheduled to be open, those tickets are taken in order, and the lot is released in that same order- giving everyone the equal footing that if you arrived first, you will have your first chance at a spot.

If Linder’s Lot opens at 8am, can I get there a 6am and sit on the edge of the highway?
No! The Highway Patrol has issued Summit Motorsports Park several warnings that if they encounter rigs lined up along the highway, they will issue tickets. They installed signs all along Route 18 proclaiming the area as a “no parking” zone. They will (and have!) issued tickets to rigs waiting to get in. Our suggestion is to arrive only at the scheduled time to open.

How do Eliminations work?
We will always publish two times for each race- when time trials begin; and when eliminations begin. We strive very hard to start eliminations at the scheduled time. Although sometimes things happen that push back the start, we maintain our schedule very closely. When Eliminations begin, it is the responsibility of the driver to listen for class calls from the announcer. We do not follow patterns! Eventually, we will announce “round robin” mode, which means as long as you continue to win, come right back to the staging lanes.

Do you use crosstalk?
Crosstalk is used in Quick Time Super Pro and Wiseco/Cycle Tech Super Bike. We will also utilize crosstalk at any Summit Motorsports Park produced event where delay boxes are permitted.

What happens if it rains?
Drag Racing is a sport that relies on a dry racing surface for competition. To combat precipitation on the drag strip, Summit Motorsports Pak uses a combination of five machines, including a state of the art Jet Engine to dry the track. President Bill Bader, Jr. is persistent at track drying, and will make every effort possible to dry the surface following a rain delay. Sometimes, though, Mother Nature prevents a race from completing. If an event is cancelled due to inclement weather, the promoter of the race, i.e. Summit Motorsports Park, NHRA, Tri-Power Pontiac or NMRA/NMCA, etc. will make the call regarding rain checks- and only at the time of cancellation. We will not speculate or predict what will happen if a race is cancelled. We are optimists!! Every race will be run to completion!

Do you really play Polka Music?
Why of course, its a Summit Motorsports Park Tradition! (But not all day long.)

What if I miss my class call?
Make-up runs are not permitted. This is the main reason it is imperative that you listen closely to the PA announcer. If you miss your call during eliminations, you will not be permitted another run. We have turned a few disgruntled drivers away- but are sure they never missed another one! Our PA is broadcast on FM 88.5 for your convenience.

Can I bring my four-wheeler and let my kids ride around on it?
No, for obvious safety reasons, only individuals aged sixteen years and older can operate vehicles of any kind on the track property.

What kind of race gas do you sell?
We sell Sunoco blue 110 leaded and Sunoco purple 112 leaded. We also sell methanol (straight alcohol). Prices can change without notice, please contact the track for updated pricing.

Do you really sell a pound of ice cream for a dollar?
Yes- another great Summit Motorsports Park Tradition!

Are we allowed to bring our own alcohol beverages to the track?
No. The State of Ohio now classifies Summit Motorsports Park in the same category as Cleveland Browns Stadium or Progressive Field; therefore making it unlawful to bring alcohol onto our property. For your convenience, we sell beer near the concession stands.

How many time trials can I get?
Time trials are subject to change depending on the number of participants. Our suggestion is to be here on time so you can get as many as possible! If I get there right at 5:00pm- can I still get a time trial? (Points Races) No, we do not allow time for time trials for latecomers.

What kind of technical inspection do you perform?
Each vehicle that races at Summit Motorsports Park must go through a technical inspection. After review, they will receive a tech sticker good for six months. Our inspections are thorough and complete, and we maintain safety is our number one priority.

If I’m coming for just one day but there is another event going on that weekend- when do I have to leave?
This is an important question! If you are here to race one day (for example) the ACCEL Super Series, but there is another event being held the next day, you will need to leave when the competition is completed on that day. Following competition, we conduct a sweep of the pit area, inviting those who only have one-day tickets to purchase the next day. If they do not wish to stay, they need to leave when racing is completed.

What radio station do you transmit?
88.5 FM. Can I bring glass containers? No. Glass containers of any kind are not permitted on Summit Motorsports Park grounds. Broken glass does a terrible number on rubber tires! Can I bring the family pet? Sure, all pets are welcome! But we recommend you put them on a leash and clean up after them, too!

Do you have restrooms or porta johns?
Both! Our full service restroom and showers are located on the East side of the track, and are staffed as long as we are open and competition is underway. Porta Johns are located at certain points throughout the property for your more “immediate” needs.

How about camping?
Racers are welcome to camp for free in their pit area.

Can we stake in the asphalt?
In 2007 we completed a $7 million dollar expansion project, which included paving approximately 25 acres of pit parking.  We thank you in advance for NOT staking in our asphalt.  This will help preserve the life of our pit area, so that you may continue to enjoy for years to come.  Use water or concrete barrels when necessary.  A $100 fine per stake will be issued if someone is caught doing this.  We also request that you put blocks under all jacks and leveling feet. 

If I'm not parked near an electrical outlet can I use an extension cord?
There are electrical boxes throughout the park for you, our guest, to use at no additional charge.  We ask that you do not stretch cords across roads or overhead to plug into these outlets.

How about campfires?
We permit them only in the grass areas (west side of the race track) and we encourage you to contain them with fire rings- be prepared to provide your own fire ring! They are in short supply!

Do you have showers?
Where do you buy the shower tokens/ tickets? Yes, we have showers. Tokens can be purchased at the main window of our concession stand.

What time does ice cream open?
It varies at different events, but generally by Noon.

Where do I pay?
You will purchase both your tickets to enter and your race entry at the gate before you park.

How do I sign up?
To race, all you need to do is purchase a tech card from one of our ticket sellers and turn it in either at your technical inspection, or the rear of staging during your time trials.

Do you sell firewood?
We have local individuals sell firewood only during select events. Stop by guest service to find out.

Do you have a motorhome pump station?
Our sanitation service, Kurtzman Sanitation, is on the property on most days of the larger events to accommodate pumping needs.

When do you start payout?
What round is the money round? Depending on the event, payout is announced frequently on the PA system. Listen carefully or stop by customer service to be sure!  Please be certain to bring some form of ID with you. 

What is the track’s elevation?  

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