Fun Night stirs rivalries.

Meet me in the staging lanes. I'll beat you on the track!

NORWALK, Ohio – It's not easy to beat John Weisz on a motorcycle.

Tall and lean on a mean machine, John Weisz leaves little room to negotiate a win light.

But at $7 Fun Night on Wednesday, August 21, 2013 at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio, the unusual happened.

In Motorcycle, Tom Borders, Norwalk, Ohio, snatched the final round on a holeshot by a total of four thou'!

John Weisz nailed the trip down the lanes, landing his red Aprilia on the stripe on his 10.70 dial with a two. Tom Borders answered on a black Suzuki on his 9.70 dial with an eight. But Tom Borders launched in 0.053 second, compared with 0.063 second for Weisz.

In Mickey Thompson High School, a Camaro-Camaro final round flashed the win light to Spencer “The Instigator” Lacy, Norwalk, Ohio, in a 1998 Camaro when Anthony Davis, Clyde, Ohio, broke out, cruising the lane too quickly in his 1977 Camaro.

Could there be a grudge brewing in Stock?

After Spencer Lacy's second-week-in-a-row win, the final round of his grandfather, Len Searl, Norwalk, Ohio, mirrored the final round of the week before.

Len Searl pulled out of the staging lanes in his red 1998 Camaro with Lance Oberg, Sheffield Lake, Ohio right behind him in a teal Mustang.

Len Searl pulled out of the tree 0.006 second quicker in the double breakout battle. But Lance Oberg claimed the win because he missed the dial by -0.002 second compared with Len Searl, who finished under dial by 0.034 second.

So the match yielded an opposite result this week in Mickey Thompson Stock.

A showdown of hard-working brutes took it to the lanes in Truck and Van.

Dan Geary, Medina, Ohio, maneuvered his teal 1997 Chevy 1500 pickup with a tall truck cap down the lanes on his 17.50 dial with a five, but Jason Sybert, Bowling Green, Ohio, handed the win over when he broke out by five thou' in a black 1995 GMC.

Mod Stock turned out a fine collection of muscle cars for the contest.

The win light flipped at the tree when Ben Adkins, Shelby, Ohio, launched a royal blue Pontiac a little early, hitting a red light by -0.005 second, and gifting Jerry Jamison, Berlin Heights, Ohio, with a victory in a black 1983 Mustang.

In Super Stock, John Gregory, Elyria, Ohio, snagged a holeshot victory over Jon Sarrett, Sullivan, Ohio, who won the lanes by 0.001 second, but lost at the tree by a reaction time difference of 0.049 second to 0.013 second.

$7 Fun Nighters, way to rumble!

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