Mickey Thompson Fun Night follows the stars!

We race on the same track as John Force, Robert Hight, Bob Motz, Dan Runte, and Larry Spiderman McBride!

NORWALK, Ohio – An impressive parade of trucks and vans trailed through the staging lanes and beyond at Mickey Thompson $7 Fun Night on August 14, 2013 at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio.

This must be all about Bob Motz, Dan Runte and Randy Moore.

Bob Motz, the King of Quake, screams down the dragstrip in his Jet Kenworth at 211 mph. We're still repairing the billboard he burned down on his last pass here!

And attempts to break the quarter mile 100 mph barrier in a Monster Truck fell short by 8 mph Saturday by Dan Runte in the Summit Racing Bigfoot and Randy Moore in the War Wizard at the Auto Plus Night Under Fire presented by Kelly Services.

While no one in Mickey Thompson Truck and Van cruised the quarter mile at 100 mph or faster, Clarence Stanley, Collins, Ohio, who won the Mickey Thompson Truck and Van class, claims the title of Baddest Truck Out There at least for an evening in his light blue Chevy S-10.

Before the final round at Mickey Thompson $7 Fun Night, Clarence Stanley logged 97 mph runs twice, and won the rounds while doing it.

Heath Hammersmith, Norwalk, Ohio also hit 97 mph in his 2013 F150, but broke out by half a second in the process.

It's all for fun.

One of the families that goes rounds together, Len and Rhonda Searl, Norwalk, Ohio, added their grandson, Spencer “The Li'l Instigator” Lacy into the staging lanes mix some years back with a Junior Dragster.

Now that Spencer towers over his grandparents – well, over most people – they taught him how to mash gas in the Mickey Thompson High School Class in a 1998 Camaro.

A proud moment arrived when Spencer Lacy won Mickey Thompson High School over Hunter Swanger, Crestline, Ohio.

Two rounds later, Grandpa Len Searl won Mickey Thompson Stock in a red 1998 Camaro on a close matchup with Lance Oberg, Sheffield Lake, Ohio, in a teal Mustang GT.

When asked the secret to their double class wins, Len Searl didn't mention time spent at the track, money invested or number of rounds logged.

“It's just family support, I guess,” Len Searl said.

In Mickey Thompson Mod Stock, Matt Henry, Avon, Ohio, picked up a win in a 1978 Fairmont when his dark horse competitor broke out by 0.005 second.

Then John Weisz, Bellevue, Ohio, launched his black Suzuki Hayabusa in 0.036 second and won Mickey Thompson Motorcycle on a holeshot over Brandon Weber, Sulphur Springs, Ohio on an orange Yamaha.

What do you get when you line up two fine racers with two sassy cars on a Mickey Thompson $7 Fun Night?

A sweet honey of a drag race!

In Mickey Thompson Super Stock, Brian Hurst, Milan, Ohio pulled up to the tree in a red and orange Nova, across from Nick Hastings, Shelby, Ohio in a white Mustang.

Nick Hastings launched in 0.007 second, with Brian Hurst at 0.018 second, a 0.011-second difference. At the top end, Nick Hastings crossed the stripe on his dial with an eight. Brian Hurst added 0.011 to his dial, for a three thou' difference.

Nick Hastings bagged the well-fought win.

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