We're Blowing Stuff Up at Night Under Fire!

Do you know anyone who purposely blows himself up for pure kicks?  We do and we are bringing him to Summit Motorsports Park to help us put a “bang” into our 50th Anniversary Celebration at the Auto Plus Night Under Fire presented by Kelly Services Saturday August 10, 2013.  Benny “The Bomb” Koske will arouse the crowd as he blows himself up in a motorhome!Benny "The Bomb" Will Blow Himself Up at NUF!

Benny “The Human Bomb” Koske has been blowing himself up since the early 80’s.  This was not his chosen career path; he got into the business purely accidental if you will.  He previously worked for a firm that was involved in the space program, which sent two people into space and then they laid him off.  So what does a guy do when he needs a job?  He becomes a car stunt man!

While on a tour in Canada, Benny witnessed a Russian man blow himself up in a chair.  From that, he got the idea he could perform that same trick, bigger, better and definitely more exciting. Benny began blowing himself up in handmade coffins made out of thin boards.  He performed this act at fairs and ballparks. While in Vegas a fan approached him and suggested that he should change up his act and start blowing himself up in a car and take this new act to racetracks so he could perform in front of a larger audience.  And the rest is history.      

Throughout the years, Benny “Boom Boom” Koske has had many close calls and has even spent 30 days in a burn unit when a stunt went terribly wrong.  But the adrenaline rush is what keeps him going.  He may be in his mid 70’s, but as long as he can physically perform the act, he will continue thrilling his fans.

Tickets are on sale now for our 50th Anniversary Celebration with good seats going quickly each day.  Race fans can call our office at 419-668-5555 during business hours or purchase tickets online at www.SummitMotorsportsPark.com/nuf.  When ordering online, you will have the ability to print out your own tickets by using the E-Ticket option.  

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