Grudge match!

Mickey Thompson $7 Fun Night stokes the friendships.

NORWALK, Ohio – The odds stacked against seeing the same two teens in the same cars lining up in the final round of Mickey Thompson High School two weeks in a row at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio.

Yet Darlene Ouellette, Collins, Ohio nosed her yellow 2012 Camaro up to the starting line with a score to settle against Cody Supeck, also from Collins, in an orange 1970 Chevelle.

A week earlier Cody Supeck won the contest at the tree when Darlene Ouellette hit a red light.

On the July 24, 2013 Mickey Thompson Fun Night, Darlene and Cody dialed 13.80, and both launched clean off the tree.

This time the finish line chose the victor: Cody Supeck won the rematch by landing on the finish line stripe closer to his dial, with a difference of 0.036 second compared with 0.105 second for Darlene Ouellette.

The Mickey Thompson High School saga continues. Next week, will Darlene and Cody feud in the lanes again? Or will some other young upstarts steal the show? The Mickey Thompson season continues every Wednesday through September 25, 2013.

In other $7 Fun Night action, the Mickey Thompson Stock final round turned out a battle of the '70s, with C.J. Yaeger, Lodi, Ohio in a white 1976 Oldsmobile Omega versus Bob Spishak, Collins, Ohio in a 1979 Buick LeSabre.

At the top end, Bob Spishak logged 85 mph and broke out by 0.067 seconds, tossing the win light to C.J. Yaeger.

You know Clarence Stanley from Collins, Ohio. Last season he established a reputation for hearty smokey burnouts and going rounds in his light blue Chevy S-10.

In the final round of Mickey Thompson Truck and Van, Clarence Stanley's S-10 took on a big black GMC 1500 – with a Harley-Davidson decal in the back window – driven by Jason Sybert, Bowling Green, Ohio.

The little Chevy clocked 98 mph on the way to the win light, which landed in Clarence Stanley's lane when Jason Sybert broke out by 0.064 second.

In Mickey Thompson Mod Stock, four thou' separated Andrew Taylor from his second win in a row.

Andrew Taylor, Norwalk, Ohio, hit a red light at the tree by 0.004 second in his red 1989 Formula Firebird, gifting Kim Moritz, Port Clinton, Ohio, with a win in a red Mustang.

Mickey Thompson Motorcycle returned a family to the staging lanes.

Richard Tennant, Sheffield Village, Ohio, raced often before children. Now that the oldest of four, a daughter, earned her driving permit, the family watched Richard's prowess on a blue Suzuki Hayabusa.

“She wants to race motorcycles,” Richard Tennant said. “I don't know. We'll see.”

The family cheered as Richard Tennant bagged the win in the final round. Eric Foght, Sulphur Springs, Ohio, revved his blue ZX14 Kawasaki Ninja and launched -0.088 second early, tripping the red light win for Richard Tennant.

In an '80s Ford versus Chevy match-up in Mickey Thompson Super Stock, Andy Innes, New London, Ohio, in a 1982 Camaro won at the tree on a red light gift by Dale Boyer, Norwalk, Ohio, in his 1987 Ford Thunderbird.

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