NDRL Summer Jam sweetens the Blue Suede Cruise.

Four classes offered in the Briggs & Stratton racing at the event.

NORWALK, Ohio – The Nostalgia Drag Racing League takes to the track to preserve some sensations – like the rumble of a finely tuned racing engine or a billowing smokey burnout – in the hearts and memories of generations.

Similar to a pantry shelf of Grandma's best strawberry jam, which begs to be shared, the NDRL hot rods must be experienced.

“We built the group when the Good Guys quit drag racing in the Midwest,” said Troy Wilson, president of the Nostalgia Drag Racing League, Brownsburg, Ind. “This is our third season. We wanted to guarantee we would have a place to race at quality quarter-mile facilities.”

The Briggs & Stratton Summer Jam names the portion of the Wanda AkzoNobel Blue Suede Cruise organized by the Nostalgia Drag Racing League. Find NDRL on the Web at nostalgiadragleague.com.

“We give every race a name,” Troy Wilson said. “Our trophies will all say, 'The Briggs & Stratton Summer Jam.'”

Of NDRL members signed up to run in five 2013 points races, vehicles include models from 1979 and earlier.

“Everything fits the nostalgia theme,” Troy Wilson said. “There are front engine dragsters, altereds; some Funny Car bodies, Gassers. That's a wide array of cars.”

Most NDRL events attract about 50 sweet rides.

“I have a sneaking feeling the Blue Suede Cruise will be the biggest event we put on all year,” Troy Wilson said. “I expect 75 to 80 cars. Our group will bring in four classes: Pro 7.0; Pro 7.50; Pro Comp; and Pro Gas.”

Troy Wilson usually drives an altered in Pro Comp, he said. Contact Troy Wilson by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">'+addy_text28545+'<\/a>'; //--> , or visit him at the Wanda AkzoNobel Blue Suede Cruise.

The NDRL variety allows car lovers to see rare vehicles in action.

“The older fans can come out and see the cars that they saw when they were kids, back when cars had a personality and cars had class,” Troy Wilson said. “It lets the older fans relive their childhood, and remember guys like Don Prudhomme and Don Garlits.”

The younger fans find out what they're missing.

“It's not every day they can pull up to their local track and see 200 mph front engine dragsters side by side,” Troy Wilson said.

But take a closer look, and find Nostalgia Drag Racing draws people into relationships.

“We are racers,” Troy Wilson said. “But at the end of the day we're one big racing family. It's not uncommon to see the racers working on each others' cars. We've had cookouts together with 100 people.”

The meal invitation starts with a message. People chip in for hamburger and buns, and share their best dish for a potluck.

“At the end of it, everybody is wishing they had their looser pants on,” Troy Wilson said. “We all race together; we travel together; we Facebook together. It's always a good time.”

One race, Troy Wilson helped a competitor in the Pro Comp class with a broken transmission on a front engine dragster. The race went on.

“Before final qualifying, I had a front tire go flat,” Troy Wilson said. “When I got back he was there at the pit. He old me, 'We're going to settle this on the race track, not with you being broke down.'

“He won,” Troy Wilson said, and laughed. “It was good. As many of the people I've befriended in this deal, Don and his mechanic, Rich, are my close friends.

“It is a really good group of people,” Troy Wilson said. “It really is. Most of these guys are older. I'm 40, and I'm one of the young guys in the group.

“These old cars are more appealing to me for the simplicity of it, I guess.”

Troy Wilson recommends checking out awesome photos and perspective in Nostalgia Drag World Magazine, launched with an April issue, at nostalgiadragworld.com.

Two Nostalgia Drag World Magazine photographers hope to capture the fun, frivolity and art of the Wanda AkzoNobel Blue Suede Cruise.

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