Phenomenon racing at Mickey Thompson $7 Fun Night!

Fun, friends and win lights.Steve Fleming, Wellington, Ohio stages his 1955 F100.

NORWALK, Ohio – When a race car runs sweet, sometimes you just can't hold her back.

This phenomenon explains a double breakout in Mickey Thompson Mod Stock as well as a double red-light in Mickey Thompson Stock at Mickey Thompson $7 Fun Night on June 19, 2013 at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio.

Or maybe it's the Mickey Thompson Fun Nighters you can't hold back, especially on a beautiful summer evening.

The Mickey Thompson Mod Stock class produced a Monte Carlo matchup, East versus West, between Phil Derise, Avon, Ohio and T.J. Jordan, Bellevue, Ohio.

Since Phil Derise logged an elapsed time 0.032 seconds faster than his dial, and T.J. Jordan crossed the stripe 0.047 seconds faster than his dial, Phil Derise won the double breakout battle by a difference of 0.015 seconds. This time.

Who hits a red light first matters in bracket racing.

In Mickey Thompson Stock, because Bryan Yaeger, Lodi, Ohio dialed an 18.66, he left the line before Len Searl, Norwalk, Ohio, who dialed a 12.00 for his 1998 Camaro.

Both go-get-'em racers tripped red lights. But Bryan Yaeger fouled first, so Len Searl collected another Mickey Thompson Stock win.

Now hasn't that Taylor Young been collecting win lights in her 1991 Mustang! She raced to the semi-finals in Aeromotive Street Ford on Sunday at the McLeod NMRA Ford Nationals.

Three days later Taylor Young goes after Mickey Thompson High School and reaches the finals, where she broke out by 0.011 seconds and flipped the win light to Jake Phillips, LaGrange, Ohio in a 2002 Grand Prix.

In Mickey Thompson Truck Mickey Thompson visits with huge trucks!and Van, Jeff Meckling, Genoa, Ohio in a 1972 Dodge truck tripped the red light, gifting number 1548 with the win.

Was the sound of a hard-charging 2000 Hayabusa ridden by Todd Donnell, Upper Sandusky, Ohio, or a burning desire for a win light the cause of a 0.010-second breakout by Justin Miller, Elyria, Ohio on a 2003 Hayabusa in Mickey Thompson Motorcycle?

Either way, Todd Donnell collected the final-round Mickey Thompson Motorcycle win.

In Mickey Thompson Super Stock, Mark Moreland, Pioneer, Ohio left early and lit the lane for Number Y374.

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The No Box Bonanza June 21-23, 2013 at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio adds a new dimension to the track, with stock and street cars from all over competing for great prizes!

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