Show Cars, Poncho Perfection Display Class, And The Largest Pontiac Swap Meet In The Country!

The Ames performance Tri Power Pontiac Nationals car show starts on Saturday and ends on Sunday (August 3-5, 2018).  All entries are judged for quality and cleanliness, using a 100 point judging system. 

The awards Ceremony will take place on Sunday afternoon. 

Entry is $45/weekend or $30 Sunday only.  The weekend admission includes two tickets to the Ames Performance Hospitality for two (2).

Ames Performance presents the “Best in Class” awards to the 5 Best of Categories: Full Size, Grand Prix, GTO/Judge, Firebird/Trans Am and Open.  Stock & Street Clases are combined to determine highest scoring vehicles.  Winners receive a FREE entry into next year’s event. 

Specialty Awards and Editor’s Choice Awards are selected from the Car Show Field and presented Saturday Afternoon on the starting line.  All vehicles need to be registered and in place by Saturday 1:00 p.m. or Sunday 12:00 p.m. to be considered for judging.  


All vehicles are looked at or “teched” to establish the class they should be in. We judge the vehicles for quality and cleanliness.

Cars are parked together by type or model. Example: We let all the Stock & Street Class GTO’s park in the same place. This way friends can park by each other even if their cars are not competing in the same class. It also makes it easier to park cars because we designate an “area” for all of one type of car to park. Please be aware that the car parked next to you may not be in your class. The judges have to work a little differently because they have to locate the cars in the classes they are judging.

When the car is ready to be judged, place the window card and judging form on driver’s side dash with the judging form standing up behind the window card.  The judges will reach in to get the judging form.

  • Hood and trunk open
  • Convertible tops up
  • T-tops should be installed
  • Sun roofs should be closed
  • Driver’s side window should be down
  • No ‘For Sale’ signs may be displayed in the windows.  For Sale signs may be laid on the seat or in the trunk.

Please do not disturb the judges while they are judging. They are all great people who like cars but we have a limited amount of time to get judging done. The judges will be available after the awards ceremony on Sunday for any questions you may have. They will be happy to go over your car with you. Thank you for your cooperation.

We will continue to allow them as long as they are PROPERLY STAKED DOWN.
Damage caused by an improperly secured tent/canopy is your responsibility.  
If we have any problems with tents, they will no longer be allowed on the show field.

  1. Super Duty Promotions (SDP) judging committee is the final authority on all rules and interpretations.
  2. SDP reserves the right to split/combine classes as the participation level warrants.
  3. All show cars must be driven onto the show field under their own power.
  4. No mirrors, stanchions, ropes, or other show props allowed until after the vehicle has been judged.
  5. Any protest on the classing of a vehicle should be addressed at the Car Show Registration tent.

If there are any problems or questions, please let us know as soon as possible. It is hard to correct an error after the event is over. We work very hard to make this a great car show and your cooperation is appreciated.

For more information regarding the Car Show, click here

Factory Stock - the cars you expect to see at a car show. They will be classed by model and/or year. Complete restorations allowed.  Engines and transmissions should be correct year and type.   No modifications that significantly alter the appearance of the car are allowed. The car should appear stock. The owner is expected to document any unusual option or model.    Factory Super Duty cars can appear in “as raced” condition.

Street - these cars are close to original appearance.  Modifications to include after market maintenance parts, excessive use of chrome or painted components, carbs, air cleaners, manifolds, heads or headers, wheels and tires, upholstery, radios, spoilers, air dams, roll bars, etc. Engine swaps are to be decided individually at tech.

Custom/ Pro Touring / Pro Street - More modification than Street, fully customized or Pro Street types.   If not equipped with the original factory installed engine or a traditional Pontiac engine - Contact Super Duty Promotions at (567) 227-9011 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for eligibility in the class.

A cars judging score must be over 50 points to qualify for a trophy.

O-1 Oakland Brass Era 1908-1915
O-2 Oakland 1916-1932

P-0 Pontiac Pre War 1926 thru 1942*
P-1 Pontiac Post War 1946 thru 1954*
P-2 Pontiac 1955 thru 1960*
P-3 Pontiac 1961 thru 1965*
P-4 Pontiac 1966 thru 1970*
P-5 Pontiac 1971 thru 1986*
P-6 Pontiac 1987 to End   FWD Bonneville, G8, RWD Safari station wagon
*Includes: Station wagon, Commercial, Safaris, 2+2, Bonneville, Laurentian and Parisienne

GP-1 Grand Prix 1962 - 1968
GP-2 Grand Prix 1969 - 1972 incl. Hurst SSJ
GP-3 Grand Prix 1973 - 77 incl. 50th Anniversary
GP-4 Grand Prix 1978 - 1987 incl. 2+2
GP-5 Grand Prix 1988 - 1996 incl STE, GTP, Pace cars
GP-6 Grand Prix 1997 -  End   incl STE, GTP, Pace cars

GT-1 GTO 1964 - 1965*
GT-2 GTO 1966 - 1967*
GT-3 GTO 1968 - 1970*
GT-4 GTO 1971 - 1974*
GT-5 GTO 2004 - 2006

JD GTO Judge All*
* Documentation Required  

FB-1 Firebird 1967 - 1969
FB-2 Firebird 1970 1/2 - 1981 incl. Formula
FB-3 Firebird 1982 - 1992 incl. Formula
FB-4 Firebird 1993 - 2002 incl. Formula

FH Firehawk All
CTA Comp T/A All

TA-1 Trans Am 1969 - 1974 incl. Super Duty
TA-2 Trans Am 1975 - 1981 incl. Pace car & Anniversary
TA-3 Trans Am 1982 - 1992 incl. GTA
TA-4 Trans Am 1993 - 2002 incl. GTA

F-1 Fiero Coupe/ SE
F-2 Fiero GT

SP Tempest/ LeMans 1961-1981 Includes Can Am, Beaumont

GA-1 Grand Am 1973 - 1980 RWD
GA-2 Grand Am 1985 - 1992 FWD
GA-3 Grand Am 1993 -  End  inclulding G6

V-1 Ventura II/ Phoenix 1971 - 1979 includes All Acadian RWD

CP  Astra,Sunbird,Phoenix (FWD),T-1000, J-2000, 6000, LeMans after 1981,
      Sunfire & Canadian models Firefly,Tempest, G3, G5

SOL Solstice All

SU All years Aztek, Transport, Montana, Vibe, Torrent

SD Super Duty, Authentic ‘62 & ‘63 All  Documentation required; Stock appearing OR As raced

RC  Race car, any Pontiac bodied competition car NHRA, NASCAR, SCCA, etc   

SS  Show Special

GM-1 GMC  All Thru 1972*
GM-2 GMC  All  1973 to current*
*All GMC Vehicles eligible

ST-1 Full size Pontiacs
ST-2 GTO/ Judge/ Tempest & including the LeMans thru 1981
ST-3 Firebird/TA
ST-4 Grand Prix
ST-5 Pontiac Open includes all Grand Am

CUSTOM  / PRO TOURING   No Wheel tubs All vehicles
C-1 Full Size Pontiacs & Oakland
C-2 GTO/Judge/Tempest & including the LeMans thru 1981
C-3 Firebird/TA
C-4 Open   

PRO STREET    Wheel tubs permitted
PRO All Pro Street vehicles Cars & Trucks

If a friend is picking up your trophy on Sunday, please give them the window card from your vehicle.

Don Keef's Poncho Perfection Display Class is an opportunity for enthusiasts to park and show off their Pontiacs rides in a designated area on the show field without being judge.  Admission is $20 Saturday OR Sunday.  Participants will receive a window card for display and a special dash plague.  (This entry does not include admittance to the Ames Performance Saturday Night Buffet.)  

Swap Meet - Register early!  In 2017 Swap Meet spaces were SOLD OUT!
The Ames Performance Tri-Power Pontiac Nationals hosts
the largest Pontiac Swap Meet in the Country!  It is setup so the Pontiac enthusiast can find that elusive part they need for their vehicle.  Only USED or NOS parts are permitted for sale.  Old literature, Old Pontiac items and memorabilia will be permitted for sale.  A weekend admission is $60 and includes one 15’x 30’ space and one weekend admission.  An additional 15’x 30’ space is $20 and does not include a second admission.

For a complete list of Swap Meet Rules please visit the Pontiac Nationals Website.

If you wish to sell tools, car care products, lubricants, specialty car products, t-shirts & apparel, handcrafts, belts, diecast, sunglasses, etc. you must contact Super Duty Promotions for a Midway Vendor space.

A Car Corral will be set up for anyone wishing to sell a car. A weekend car & driver admission is $40.  No tow vehicles will be permitted in the car corral area.  NO parts can be sold in the car corral area.  Tents and canopies are also not permitted in this area.

Click here for more information about the Ames Performance Tri Power Pontiac Nationals.

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