Need a trustworthy mechanic to talk traction and winter wiper blades?

Ask Summit Racing Equipment and

NORWALK, Ohio -- Most hard core drag racers know the Summit Racing Equipment catalogue like the seat of a favorite ratchet in their hand.Once upon a Halloween Classic at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio

They’re the ones with drag racing Christmas ornaments on the tree every year.

And a cylinder head pencil holder on their desk.

An article by David Fuller, “Winter Weather Alert: Get Ready for Winter Driving with These Helpful Tips, reaches out to the rest of us.

Yes, winter weather hit weeks ago.

But those of us becoming acquainted with Summit Racing Equipment, just found the article. Summit’s Web presence is huge!

And Summit Racing Equipment sells the products mentioned in this article

Learning a new subject and a lingo launches you into the game


The mechanical common sense the hard cores take for granted, others can learn with reads like these.

Here’s the Web citation for David Fuller’s article,

A staff article, “Monday Mailbag: Winter Survivial Tips for Diesels,” explains effects of cold weather on diesel fuel and parts, and available remedies.

Find the Monday Mailbag article at

The great information on, and, helps newbies, moms and kids connect with the sport of wrenching and drive their own vehicles with more confidence.Rickie Jones drives a Summit Racing sizzler!

Thank you Summit Racing Equipment!

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