Elaine Larsen rides her wild stallion of a Jet Dragster

At a track where she crashed a year earlier

NORWALK, Ohio -- After a first crash, many people agree with 

Elaine Larsen jacked up the courage in this video

a statement by Junior Dragster driver Monica Roberts from Michigan.

“It’s not that easy to get back on the horse,” Monica said.

Jet Dragster pilot Elaine Larsen documents the process in a Larsen Motorsports video, Episode 8 in the “Playing With Fire” series.

In a previous story on SummitMotorsportsPark.com, Elaine Larsen said she was born to drive Jet Dragsters, which reach speeds of more than 300 mph in a quarter mile.

This video not only proves the statement, but launches further.

Sometimes -- possibly all the time -- following a true calling requires courage, determination and overcoming the odds.

Meet Elaine Larsen and the Larsen Motorsports Team at the Elaine Larsen races against three other Jet Dragster drivers: Jill Canuso and the Queen of Diamonds; Ernie Bogue and the Beast from the East; and Lou Pereira and the Terminator.50th Anniversary Celebration Auto Plus Night Under Fire August 10, 2013 at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio.

Buying tickets in advance is highly recommended.

Back in the saddle                  Elaine Larsen enjoys meeting fans!

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