It’s never too late to get healthy!

Once the race season is over, most racers perform a thorough maintenance routine on their race cars; which includes freshening up the motors and/or replacing parts.  If we were truly honest with ourselves, we would have to admit we take better care of the health of our race cars than we do our own health.  We typically neglect our bodies.  It is not too late to change this bad habit.  This off season, make the commitment to improve your own health.

Even though we live in a society where prescription pills are prescribed to fix everything, but do they really heal us or improve our health?
Vanessa Lowe would like to show you a natural alternative method that should improve your health.

Vanessa uses an innovative biofeedback scan.  One simply places their hand on a scanner, after a few minutes, the program will report what a person’s body is lacking and what it needs.  She will thoroughly go over the results with you.
Racers will have the opportunity during the upcoming Cometic Gasket Halloween Classic presented by Harland Sharp to set up a time and/or stop in to consult and ask questions with Vanessa on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (October 23-25) from 6pm til 8ish or done each night.

Vanessa is a life coach; trained in reflexology, somatic emotional release, muscle testing, essential oils, vitamins, minerals and herbs, kinesiology just to name a few.  She also uses energy work to heal. In 1999, she received the status of Reiki Master.  Through various courses and working with Nature’s Sunshine and others, she has extensive knowledge of herbs, vitamins and minerals.

Call Vanessa Lowe at 419-677-9696 for more information and to let her know you plan on stopping by.


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