Evan's Weekly Recap - May 6, 2017

Saturday May 6th.

Despite every other racetrack this side of the Mississippi calling off mid-week we were determined to at least get something down the racetrack. Early in the week we were looking at 100% chances of rain all weekend, but as we converged on Saturday it looked more promising.

In Edelbrock Super Pro the same name just keeps popping up; Steven Schmidt. He took home the feature win in our first complete Edelbrock Super Series and is making a very strong case going forward. In two rounds on Saturday he was 4.610 on a 4.61 and 4.602 on a 4.60, with one of those passes being a .001 package.

It was round one where Steven laid down his .001 package to the dismay of Vito Gambino who was 6.034 on a 6.03 and an equal .001 to Steven; yeah you read that right, there are only four possible laps that could beat Vito’s .005 package, and it just so happens Steven Schmidt was lucky enough to have one; making Vito Gambino hands down our unluckiest loser of the day. But hey, what do you do?

Although we did not complete the event Steven was able to pad his lead at the top and will hopefully be able to continue at this pace.

In Edelbrock Pro Brian Graham was able to keep the ball rolling from his win on Wednesday Night battling it out all the way through third round. He was either .030 or .020 all night and was enough Heather Saalman, Ron Kerns and Lucas Buckley, all of which are very tough customers.

Our other Edelbrock Pro standout was young Austin Lenz who forfeited his prom weekend to chase the largest and richest sportsman points fund in the county. In the first round, he was 6.548 on a 6.54, in the second round was .008 and 6.549 on a 6.53 and wrapped it up in third round going 6.543 on a 6.54 dial.

In Wiseco Cycletech Superbike Nick Shaw was able to add to his lead at the top by going two rounds, in a class what is going to be tight until the very bitter end.

In Edelbrock Sportsman delivered on time by TFC Transportation newcomer to the class Stephen Crowell went two rounds taking out Don Varga in round number one and then the classes presenting sponsor in round number two.

Jim Ring also had himself a good afternoon going double 0 something in both round number one and round number two.

Edelbrock Stock had very little participation due to the forecast, however former Jr. Dragster driver Jacob Norman made an appearance going two rounds and taking out an Edelbrock Stock champion in Scott Chitty.

Bear Motorsports Novice Jr. Dragster Presented by Wiseco was 100% comprised of Michigan racers. The final round was Roman Iocoangeli against Nick Peters. Roman took the win after Nick broke out, but being down in the ET shack I was able to witness what this sport was all about. Roman arrived at the ET shack first, I handed him his slip and he went on his way; then Nick followed shortly behind and after handing him his ET slip his car shut off. As the young man hopped out of the car he started pushing it towards the scales. After helping him get his Jr. about 15-20 feet he tells me he’s got it and essentially dismisses me from the project, but it was as I let go and walked away I noticed a young Jr. driver, still dressed in his race gear from head to toe, running around the corner towards Nick yelling “I’ll help you Nick!” as the young man arrived I realized it was Roman Iocoangeli. The young men exchange time slips and roman exclaims, “Come on, lets go get our money and trophies!”.

Sometimes I think we can all get too caught up in the idea of winning or the idea of being the best we forget why it is were doing this, it’s little moments like this that help to restore my faith in humanity.

In Bear Motorsports Intermediate Jr. Dragster Presented by Wiseco both our winners and runner-up made the move all the way to the top of the leaderboard and ultimately Ava Tiburzi took home the win after an .010 light and running 8.961 on the 8.93. Zak Etzel put up a fight but unfortunately was not able to get the win light, although it was enough to move him right up to number two behind young Ms. Tiburzi.

Adam Retford put in the work in the Bear Motorsports Advanced Jr. Dragster presented by Wiseco category as he worked his way all the way down the finals against Peyton Jimenez. Adam left the line with a .015 light but unfortunately for Peyton she was a little too eager to leave and left too early. Both drivers putting in the work were rewarded by moving up the leaderboard as Adam Retford now sits number two in the points, followed in third by Peyton Jimenez.

In Edelbrock NHRA Jr. Street another Crowell had themselves a day, this time of the Michael variety. He was .0 something every round and was eventually rewarded with a Jr. Street win as he continued with the great lights into the final round where he faced Hailey Short, who unfortunately was a little anxious to leave and left too soon.

Despite not being able to complete the entirety of the program it was amazing to see the amount of people that decided to brave such an awful forecast, and it means an awful lot sacrificing your weekend to wait and see what happens out here. We’ll see you back this Saturday for hopefully much dryer conditions!

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