Wednesday Fun Night Starting Line Smack Down!

We’re just a week from the first Wednesday ‘Fun Night’ of the new racing season and we are excited to introduce a new program, “Starting Line Smack Down” that rewards the racer with ‘the best reaction time’!  

Every Wednesday ‘Fun Night’, before eliminations, the first 20 ‘stock legal’ racers, who sign up in the Quarter Mile Clothing Store, will make one hit at the tree, to test their reaction skills.  

The best reaction time wins 50% of the purse collected and will also earn a ‘free entry' to the end of the year run-off.  The runner-up will earn a ‘free entry' to the end of the year run-off as well.  (A participant can only earn one entry to the year-end run-off and entries are non transferable.)

Any street legal vehicle is eligible.  Remember a stock vehicle cannot have open headers or slick tires.  It only costs $5 to participate.  Sign up and payout will take place at the Quarter Mile Clothing Store.

The remaining 50% of the purse collected each week accumulates towards the year-end bonus.  All the weekly winners and runner-ups will face off for the championship.  The overall winner will receive 85% of the total purse collected and the runner-up will take home the remaining 15%! 

Its time to prove what you’ve been boasting all along to all your buddies!  

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